V-1628. HBV Superinfection in Chronic HCV Carriers: Clinical and Virological Long-term Follow-up Study
Session: Poster Session: Hepatitis
Sunday, October 26, 2008: 12:00 AM
Room: Hall C
Methods: A clinical and virological long-term follow up was performed in 29 HCV chronic carriers with HBV superinfection (Case BC group) and in 29 anti-HCV negative patients with acute hepatitis B (AHB) (Control B group), pair-matched for age (+/- 5 years), sex and risk factors for HBV infection
Results: At the first observation, patients in Case BC group and in Control B group showed similar HBV viral load (mean±SD: 7.1x108±2.5x109 vs 1.6x108±4.5x109) and a similar trend towards negativization. Severe AHB was more frequent in Case BC group than in Control B group (34.5% vs. 6.9%, p<0.05). Of the 28 patients in the Case BC group alive at the end of the acute illness (one died for subacute progressing hepatitis) 24 (85.7%) were followed-up for 2-6 years, median 5: 21 patients became HBsAg negative, 2 progressed to HBsAg positive chronic hepatitis and 1 underwent liver transplantation. Data on HCV-RNA, before the development of AHB and thereafter every twelve months, were available for 19 patients. All these patients became HCV-RNA negative during AHB; plasma HCV-RNA was still undetectable in 16 (84.2%) after one year, in 9 (47.4%) after two years and in 6 (31.6%) after 3-6 years The 6 patients who persistently remained HCV-RNA negative during the follow-up were compared with the 13 showing reactivation of HCV replication: during AHB, no difference was observed in HBV viral load (p=0.4), but ALT serum values were higher in the first sub-group of patients (mean±SD: 5,291±3,809 vs 2,208±1,482, p<0.01). Conclusions: HBV superinfection in HCV chronic carriers was associated with a strong inhibition on HCV replication, especially in six with marked hepatonecrosis who clerared chronic HCV infection
Caterina Sagnelli1, Addolorata Masiello1, Evangelista Sagnelli2, Gilda Tonziello1, Mariantonietta Pisaturo1, Nicola Coppola1, Vincenzo Messina3 and  E. Sagnelli, None., (1)Second University of Naples, (2)Second University of Naples, Naples, Italy, (3)A.O. San Sebastiano e Sant'Anna Caserta

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