V-1656. Effect of Oral Ribavirin Treatment to the Viral Load and Progress of the Disease in Crimean Congo Hemorrhagic Fever
Session: Poster Session: Miscellaneous Viruses
Sunday, October 26, 2008: 12:00 AM
Room: Hall C
Background: There is currently no specific antiviral therapy for CCHF approved for use in humans. In this study we aimed to investigate the effect of oral ribavirin treatment to the viral load and progress of the disease. Methods: Study population composed of the patients a definitive diagnosis of CCHF by means of clinical presentation plus the detection of viral RNA by RT-PCR. Each ribavirin case who were treated with oral ribavirin 4 g/day for 4 days, then 2.4 g/day for 6 days, were matched with 4 controls according to initial viral load and duration of symptoms to maximize power of the analysis. Finally, 8 case patients (oral ribavirin) and 32 control patients (only supportive treatment) included in the study. Daily measured viral loads,hematological and biochemical laboratory parameters were analyzed. Results: Age (40 vs. 48, p= 0.285), gender (male 50% vs. 59%,p= 0.463), days from the appearance of symptoms to admission (4.5 vs. 5 days, p= 0.400)and initial complaints were similar between ribavirin and control patients. Admission laboratory parameters in case and control patients were as follows:platelet count 45500/ml vs. 58781/ml, p= 0.428, AST level 343 U/l vs. 367 U/l, p= 0.861, ALT 142 U/l vs. 181 U/l, p= 0.650, aPTT 39.1 s vs. 41.1 s, p= 0.743. At the admission viral load was 9.16e+08/ml in case patients and 7.02e+08/ml in control patients (p= 0.812). At follow up the decrease in viral load, ALT and AST levels and the increase in platelet count did not show any statistically significant difference on daily basis. Ribavirin cases received more fresh frozen plasma (11 vs 6 packs, p= 0.265) and thrombocyte suspensions (17 vs 13 packs,p= 0.597) than control cases, but the difference is not statistically significant. One (12.5%) patient in ribavirin group and 5 (15.6%) patients in control group died (p= 0.694). Conclusions: Oral ribavirin treatment in CCHF did not have any effect on viral load and the couse of the disease.
Ayhan Kubar1, Ayse Erbay2, Esragül Akinci3, Hürrem Bodur3, Nurhayat Bayazit3, Pınar Onguru3, Selim Eren3 and  A. Erbay, None., (1)Gulhane Military Medical Academy, (2)Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital, Ankara, Turkey, (3)Ankara Numune Education and Research Hospital

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