548. Are Healthcare Workers in the USA Switching to Hand Sanitizer? A Six-Year Multicenter Trend Analysis
Session: Poster Session: Hospital-acquired and Transplant Infections
Friday, October 30, 2009: 12:00 AM
Room: Poster Hall A
Background: Centers for Disease Control (CDC, 2002) and World Health Organization (WHO, 2006) guidelines recommend sanitizer as a preferred method for hand hygiene (HH) when hands are not visibly dirty. This multicenter study documents sanitizer use in relation to overall HH product use in ICUs and Non-ICUs in the USA during 2004-2009 (first quarter (Q1)).
Methods: The volume of soap and sanitizer used each month, and patient census, was submitted by each unit to our HH data analysis center. We determined the number of HH occurrences per patient per day (HH/bed day) for each product, and compared sanitizer use to overall use for a reporting period. In addition, we averaged the sanitizer HH occurrences for the six year period to determine HH frequency.
Results: 137 ICUs submitted 722 data points, and 446 Non-ICUs submitted 2322 data points. Figure 1 shows the portion of HH occurrences using sanitizer in an ICU was 46.4% in 2004 and decreased to 42.1% in 2008 and 38.6% for 2009 Q1. For Non-ICUs, sanitizer use was 46.3% in 2004, and decreased to 38.4% in 2008 and 32.1% for 2009 Q1. ICU average frequency was 19 HH/bed day and Non-ICU frequency was 11 HH/bed day for the entire period.
Conclusion: Our results strongly suggest sanitizer was used in less then 50% of HH occurrences, and decreased over the study period. This was despite sanitizer being identified as the preferred HH method by CDC and WHO. The frequency averages of HH occurrences suggest low HH compliance in the USA. The increase incidence of C. difficle, MDRP, and H1N1, and belief by HCWs that soap is the better method to clean hands, may contribute to the lack of adoption of sanitizer in the USA.
John Govednik, MS1, Maryanne McGuckin, ScEd1, Richard Waterman, PhD2 and  J. J. Govednik, None..
R. Waterman, None..
M. McGuckin, None., (1)McGuckin Methods International, Ardmore, PA, (2)Analytic Business Services, Huntingdon Valley, PA