70. Virology: Hepatitis A, B, and E
Friday, October 22, 2010: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM

Target Audience: Academicians

Topical Category: V. Virology including clinical and basic studies of viral infections, including hepatitis

Tracks: Adult ID, Investigative ID

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An Hepatitis A Imported Strain Which Spread All Over France
Jean Beytout, MDPhD; Anne-Marie Roque-Afonso; Elisabeth Couturier; Henri Laurichesse; Olivier Lesens; Elisabeth Dussaix; Cecile Henquell

Incidence of Acute Hepatitis A Virus Infection in Brazil: a Nationwide Investigation
A. Pelegrini; R. S. Ferreira; L. C. D. Coelho; R. P. Saick; B. C. F. Cantarelli; C. F. H. Granato

Locally Acquired Acute Hepatitis E Virus Infection – Texas, 2009
Rania A. Tohme, MD, MPH; Eyasu H. Teshale, MD; Roger Sanchez; Gary Heseltine, MD, MPH; Jan Drobeniuc, MD; Bryan Alsip, MD, MPH; Saleem Kamili, PhD; Dale Hu, MD, MPH; Scott D. Holmberg, MD, MPH

Viral Hepatitis Among Drug Users in Methadone Maintenance
Christopher M. Young, BS; Carmen L. Masson, PhD; Rashmi Singh, MD; Mandana Khalili, MD; Ashly E. Jordan, BA; Courtney McKnight, MPH; Randy M. Seewald, MD; Henry Bodenheimer, MD; Albert Min, MD; James L. Sorensen, PhD; Don C. Des Jarlais, PhD; David Perlman, MD; Patricia Friedmann, MA

The Chronic Hepatitis Cohort Study (‘CHeCS'): Methods and Population Characteristics
Scott D. Holmberg, MD, MPH; Anne C. Moorman, BSN, MPH; Lora Rupp, MSE, MBA; Mei Lu, PhD; Philip R. Spradling, MD; Eyasu H. Teshale, MD; David Nerenz, PhD; Joseph A. Boscarino, PhD, MPH; Cynthia Nakasato, MD; Allison Naleway, PhD; Stuart C. Gordon, MD

Hepatitis B Virus Transmission and Universal Vaccination Program Efficiency in Uzbekistan
Dinara Khudayberganova; Dildora Sekler, PhD; Fuat Kurbanov, PhD

Immune Response to Hepatitis B Vaccine in Children with Cancer
Rodolfo Villena, MD; Marcela Zubieta, MD; Carmen Hurtado, ; Alejandra Silva; Jazmine Fernández; Miguel O’Ryan; Carmen Salgado; Milena Villarroel, MD; Javier Brahm; Patricia Alonso; María Elena Santolaya, MD

Distribution of HBV Genotypes Among Acute Hepatitis B Cases in 6 US Counties, 1999-2005
Eyasu H. Teshale, MD; Sumathi Ramachandran, PhD; Guo-liang Xia, MD; Justina Groeger, MPH; Deborah Holtzman, PhD; Vaughn Barry, MPH; Jian Xing, PhD; Dale Hu, MD, MPH; Yury Khudyakov

Trends in Incidence of Acute Hepatitis B in 6 US Counties, 1999-2005
Eyasu H. Teshale, MD; Justina Groeger, MPH; Vaughn Barry, MPH; Henry Roberts, PhD; Dale Hu, MD, MPH; Deborah Holtzman, PhD
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