744. Meningococcus: Insights into Complex Inheritance from a GWAS
Session: Symposium: ID Genomics: Out of the Basic Science Isolation Room and Into the ID Clinic
Friday, October 21, 2011: 3:45 PM
Room: 104ABC

Michael Levin, MD, Imperial College London, London, United Kingdom

Michael Levin is Professor of Paediatrics and International Child Health and Director of the Wellcome Centre for Clinical Tropical Medicine at Imperial College. He trained in medicine in South Africa and in paediatrics in the UK before specialising in infectious diseases. He was Consultant in Infectious Diseases at Great Ormond Street hospital before being appointed as Professor of Paediatrics at Imperial College London in 1990. His research has focused on life threatening infections of childhood including meningococcal disease, childhood tuberculosis. Malaria, and Kawasaki disease, and severe respiratory infections. Professor Levin currently heads an international EU funded consortium studying novel diagnostic methods for tuberculosis in Africa working with colleagues in Malawi and South Africa. He recently led an ESPID funded consortium studying the genetic basis of meningococcal disease, and is a co-investigator on the FEAST trial, with Professor Maitland, an MRC funded Phase III trial of fluids as supportive treatment for critical illness in African children. The results of this trial have recently been published in NEJM (May 2011). Professor Levin's research group continues to study the pathophysiology and genetics of life threatening childhood infections, focusing on meningococcal disease, Kawasaki disease, and mycobacterial infection. The group are applying gene expression profiling and proteomic methods to understand pathophysiology of severe childhood ilnees, and are undertaking genome wide SNP studies linked to expression studies of meningococcal disease, Kawasaki disease and tuberculosis.

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