72. Viral Load and Clinical Disease: My Herpesvirus Load is 1400 copies/mL – What Should I Do?
Session: Symposium: Diagnosis and Management of Herpesvirus Infections in Immunosuppressed Patients
Thursday, October 20, 2011: 2:45 PM
Room: 205ABC
(Semi-)quantitative nucleic acid testing (QNAT) is entering the clinical virology laboratory, but not all assays for all viruses have reached the level of significance as known for HIV, HCV, HBV or CMV. Despite these limitations and the lack of formal approval by regulatory authorities, QNAT information is considered in clinical practice and management. The pros and cons of QNAT will be discussed together with the audience using case vignettes.

Hans H. Hirsch, MD, MSc, Univ. Hosp., Basil, Switzerland

Hans H. Hirsch studied medicine in Germany and South Africa, and biochemistry in the USA. Dr Hirsch trained in medical microbiology at the University of Basel, as well as in internal medicine and specialized in infectious diseases. Dr Hirsch’s research interests include cell biology, pathophysiology and immunology of virus infections. In 2000 he was awarded the Nils-Alvall-Medal of the German Study Group for Clinical Nephrology for his work on polyomavirus BK in kidney transplantation, which was followed in 2003 by the Swiss Pfizer Research Award for Clinical Infectious Diseases. In 2004 Dr Hirsch was appointed extraordinary Professor of Medical Microbiology by the Medical Faculty of the University of Basel, where he now also heads the Division of Diagnostics and the Laboratory for Molecular Diagnostics of the Institute for Medical Microbiology at the University of Basel. He also works as a senior physician in the Clinicst of Infectious Diseases & Hospital Epidemiology at the University Hospital in Basel.

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