899. Prophylaxis (Px) and Response to Treatment (Tx) of Invasive Mold Infections (IMI) in Hematopoeitic Cell Transplantation (HCT)
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Saturday, October 22, 2011
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  • Background: Breakthrough IMI despite antifungal Px and poor responses to Tx continue to be a problem in HCT.

    Methods:  Chart review of HCT patients were identified by pathology and microbiology database as having a probable or proven IMI as defined by the European Organization for Research and Treatment of Cancer/Mycoses Study Group from 1998 to 2008. Evaluation included: Px, Tx, and response to Tx at 90-days post onset.

    Results: 214 cases were evaluable: 83% probable and 17% proven. 73% of cases were due to Aspergillus (IA), and 8% Zygomycetes (ZY). 90% were allogeneic HCT. 30% (65/214) of IMI cases were not on Px prior to onset.  However, IMI cases due to multiple organisms, 82% (9/11) were not on Px prior to onset. For ZY, 88% (15/17) were not on ZY active Px.

    Breakthrough IMI


    N=156 (%)


    N=17 (%)

    No Px

    47 (30)

    1 (6)

    Echinocandin (EC)

    36 (23)

    5 (29)


    36 (23)

    6 (36)

    Amphotericin B product (AB) 

    28 (18)

    1 (6)

    Voriconazole (V) 

    5 (3)

    4 (24)

    Posaconazole (P) 

    4 (3)


    Overall 90-day response to Tx for all IMI was 29% (61/214).  Overall response for IA was 30% (46/156). Tx for ZY: overall response was 18% (3/17), and 25% (3/12) if AB was in the regimen. Response rates for other IMI were 20% or less, and most were treated with an azole.  

    Response to Tx





    V (alone or with EC)

    AB (alone or with EC)



    26/36 (72%)

    4/16 (25%)



    AB alone

    No AB in regimen



    3/9 (33%)

    0/5 (all 5/5 died)



    Conclusion: IMI occurred in cases where no Px was used or where Px may not have provided adequate coverage, specifically, there were no breakthrough ZY on P Px. Response rates were highest if V regimen was used for IA and AB regimen for ZY.

    Subject Category: M. Mycology including clinical and basic studies of fungal infections

    Jane Kriengkauykiat, PharmD1, Bernard Tegtmeier, PhD1, Sanjeet Dadwal, MD1 and James Ito, MD2, (1)City of Hope, Duarte, CA, (2)City of Hope National Medical Center, Duarte, CA


    J. Kriengkauykiat, None

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