198. Polypeptides Expression in Human Brucellosis
Session: Poster Abstract Session: Antigen and Antibody Based Diagnostics
Friday, October 21, 2011
Room: Poster Hall B1
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  • Background:  Brucellosis constitutes a major public health threat in Saudi Arabia

    Methods: Sera of patients with acute and chronic brucellosis were evaluated by immunoblotting for the detection of human IgG response using solubilized brucella proteins.

    Results: Immunoblot analysis showed specific IgG response against soluble Brucella proteins of approximate molecular masses of 18 to 120 kDa.  The number of reactive polypeptides was dependent on the course of disease progression.  In patients with acute brucellosis, serum IgG immunoblot response was mostly directed against polypeptides of approximate molecular masses of 102, 73, 66, 46, 43, 33, 31, and 27 kDa.  In contrast, sera from patients with chronic persistent brucellosis reacted with polypeptides of approximate molecular masses of 81, 73, 66, 46, 43, 33, and 32 kDa.  In chronic relapsing brucellosis, the serum IgG immunoblot response was mostly directed against a limited number of polypeptides of approximate molecular masses of 73, 66, 46, and 43 kDa.  In all patients, polypeptides of 73, 66, 46, 43, and 33 kDa were predominately recognized. After the course of antibiotic therapy and full recovery, most of the recognized polypeptides were resolved except for polypeptides of approximate molecular masses of 43 and 66 kDa. No reactivity was seen to any polypeptide when the blot was probed with sera from Brucella-negative humans as well as with sera from sick control patients who had nonbrucellar manifestations.

    Conclusion:These results suggest that the consistent appearance of common polypeptides may contain important antigenic determinant(s) suitable for the design of specific serological assay or subunit vaccine against human brucellosis. Further, the immunoblot profile may be of great value in the differentiation of acute from chronic brucellosis.

    Subject Category: D. Diagnostic microbiology

    Abdullah AL Hokail, MD, ABIM, Medicine, King Faisal Specialist Hospital & Research Centre, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia and Mohamed Elfaki, Ph.D., Biological & Medical Research Department,, King Faisal Specialist Hospital and Research Center, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


    A. AL Hokail, None

    M. Elfaki, None

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