612. Activity of JNJ-Q2, a Novel Fluoroquinolone, Tested against Neisseria gonorrhoeae, Including Ciprofloxacin-Resistant Strains
Session: Poster Abstract Session: Novel Antimicrobial Agents
Friday, October 21, 2011
Room: Poster Hall B1
Background: JNJ-Q2, a novel 4-fluoro-quinolone (FQ), has been shown to be effective in a Phase II study for ABSSSI. Here we tested its’ in vitro activity against N. gonorrhoeae (GC) isolates, including genetically defined CIP-resistant (R) strains.

Methods: Among 75 GC isolates, approximately one-third of strains were susceptible (S) or intermediate (I) or R to CIP using CLSI breakpoint criteria (68.0% R using EUCAST criteria). Genetically defined CIP-R strains (31) had mutations in the quinolone resistance determining region (QRDR) including gyrA (positions 91 and/or 95) and parC (positions 86, 87, 88 or 91). MIC values were determined using CLSI agar dilution methods on GC agar with defined growth supplement. Comparators included CIP, penicillin (PEN), ceftriaxone (CRO), tetracycline (TET) and azithromycin (AZI).

 Results: All GC were inhibited by ≤0.25 µg/ml of JNJ-Q2 with a range of 0.004 – 0.25 µg/ml (MIC50/90, 0.03/0.25 µg/ml). This activity was eight-fold (MIC50) and 32-fold greater (MIC90) compared to CIP. Only 3.0% of strains were PEN-S, 6.1% were TET-S and using EUCAST criteria, 13.6% were R to AZI. All strains were CRO-S, the most potent agent (MIC90, 0.06 µg/ml) followed by JNJ-Q2 (MIC90, 0.25 µg/ml). JNJ-Q2 was eight- to 16-fold and 32- to 64-fold more active compared to CIP among CIP-I and CIP-R strains, respectively.

Conclusion: JNJ-Q2 is a very potent FQ when tested against contemporary multidrug-R (MDR) GC. Comparative activity shows greater activity against emerging MDR strains. The data suggests JNJ-Q2 has the potential to be a valuable new agent for GC, particularly in light of concerns with emerging antibiotic resistance.   

No. (cum. %) of isolates inhibited at JNJ-Q2 MIC (µg/ml)

Organism (no. tested)








N. gonorrhoeae (75)

1 (1.3)

7 (10.7)

15 (30.7)

29 (69.3)

1 (70.7)

14 (89.3)

8 (100.0)

CIP-S (24)

1 (4.2)

7 (33.3)

15 (95.8)

1 (100.0)




CIP-I (27)

0 (0.0)

0 (0.0)

0 (0.0)

26 (96.3)

1 (100.0)



CIP-R (24)

0 (0.0)

0 (0.0)

0 (0.0)

2 (8.3)

0 (8.3)

14 (66.7)

8 (100.0)

Subject Category: C. Clinical studies of bacterial infections and antibacterials including sexually transmitted diseases and mycobacterial infections (surveys, epidemiology, and clinical trials)

Douglas Biedenbach, BS, MT1, J Almenoff2, Rachel Prochaska3, Ronald Jones, MD1 and David J. Farrell, Ph.D.1, (1)Microbiology, JMI Laboratories, North Liberty, IA, (2)Furiex Pharmaceuticals, Wilmington, NC, (3)JMI Laboratories, North Liberty, IA


D. Biedenbach, None

J. Almenoff, None

R. Prochaska, None

R. Jones, None

D. J. Farrell, None

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