Poster Abstract Session:
128. Clinical Studies of Bacterial Infection
Saturday, October 22, 2011: 11:45 AM-1:45 PM
Room: Poster Hall B1

Topical Category: C. Clinical studies of bacterial infections and antibacterials including sexually transmitted diseases and mycobacterial infections (surveys, epidemiology, and clinical trials)

Tracks: Pediatric ID, Adult ID


Medical vs. Medical and Surgical Treatment for Brucella Endocarditis: a Review of the Literature
Maryam Keshtkar-Jahromi, MD, MPH ; Seyed-Mostafa Razavi, MD ; Marzieh KeshtkarJahromi, MD ; Sharareh Gholamin, MD ; Mian Hossain, PHD ; Mohammed Sajadi, MD

Combat Casualties Evacuated from Iraq and Afghanistan who Develop Pneumonia
Clinton K. Murray, MD ; Nicholas Conger, MD ; Bradley Lloyd, MD ; Michael Landrum, MD ; Susan Fraser, MD ; Ping Li, MS ; Amy Weintrob, MD ; Anuradha Ganesan, MD ; Duane Hospenthal, MD, PhD ; Gaskins Kisha, MPH ; Eugene Millar, PhD ; Francoise Seillier-Moiseiwitsch, PhD ; David Tribble, MD, DrPH

The Use Procalcitonin as a Predictor of Infections in Post-surgical Spinal Infections
Katharine Cronk, MD, PhD ; Ana Moran, MD ; Omar Gonzalez, MD ; Nicholas Theodore, MD

Procalcitonin as an Indicator of Bacterial Infection in Seasonal and Pandemic Influenza
Marnie Rosenthal, DO, MPH ; Andreea Nagy ; Albert Rojtman, MD

Comparing Biomarkers Procalcitonin (PCT)  and Pro-adrenomedullin (proADM)  as a Predictor of Response to Antibiotics in Critically Ill Cancer Patients with Bacteremia and Sepsis
Ray Hachem, MD ; Labib Debiane, MD ; William Shomali, MD ; Ramez Bahu, MD ; Iba Al Wohoush, MD ; Ying Jiang, MS ; Alex Hanania ; Sammy Raad ; Anne-Marie Chaftari, MD ; Issam Raad, MD

Can Procalcitonin (PCT) Distinguish Infectious Fever from Tumor-Related Fever in Non-Neutropenic Cancer Patients (NNCP)?
William Shomali, MD ; Ramez Bahu, MD ; Ying Jiang, MS ; Alex Hanania ; Sammy Raad ; Ray Hachem, MD ; Anne-Marie Chaftari, MD ; Issam Raad, MD

Procalcitonin as a diagnostic tool to distinguish bacterial pneumonia in patients with pulmonary infiltrates
Ingrid Roig, MD ; Adriana M. Rueda, MD ; Mahwish Mushtaq, M.D ; Charles Stager, PhD ; Charlie Lan, D.O ; Daniel Musher, MD, FIDSA

Partner and Relationship Characteristics Associated with Bacterial Vaginosis
Katherine J. Hensel, MPH ; Tara M. Randis, MD, MS ; Susan Whittier, PhD ; Shari E. Gelber, MD, PhD ; Adam J. Ratner, MD, MPH

Incidence of Genital Warts Among Adolescents and Young Adults Prior to Human Papillomavirus Vaccination.
Deepa Camenga, MD ; Eileen Dunne, MD MPH ; Mayur Desai, PhD ; Julianne Gee, MPH ; Lauri Markowitz, MD ; Ajit deSilva, MPP ; Nicola Klein, MD, PhD

Persistence of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria (ASB) in Young Healthy Women
Thomas Hooton, MD, FIDSA ; Pacita Roberts, MS ; Ann Stapleton, MD

Bacterial Vaginosis among African American Women Who Have Sex with Women in Jackson, Mississippi
Christina Muzny, MD ; Imran Sunesara, MBBS, MPH ; Jane Schwebke, MD ; Leandro Mena, MD

Impact of Disease Burden of Meningitis. Why Vaccinate?
Teresa Zitto ; Horacio Lopez ; Daniel Grilli ; Gabriela Vidal

Successful Treatment of Serious Clostridium septicum Infections
Mary Clarisse Kilayko, MD ; Emilia Sordillo, MD, PhD ; Bruce Polsky, MD

Human Infection with the Relapsing Fever Spirochete Borrelia miyamotoi
Alexander Platonov, PhD, DSci ; Ludmila Karan ; Nadezhda Kolyasnikova, PhD ; Natalya Makhneva ; Marina Toporkova, PhD ; Victor Maleev, MD, PhD ; Durland Fish, PhD ; Peter Krause, MD

Clinical Significance of Healthcare-Associated Infections in Community-Onset Klebsiella pneumoniae Bacteremia
Younghee Jung ; Hye-Yun Sin ; Nak-Hyun Kim, MD ; Jeong-Hwan Hwang, MD ; Jinyong Park, MD ; Kyoung-Ho Song, MD ; Pyoeng Gyun Choe, MD ; Wan Beom Park, MD, PhD ; Eu Suk Kim, MD, PhD ; Sang-Won Park, MD ; Hong Bin Kim, MD, PhD ; Nam-Joong Kim, MD ; Myoung-don Oh, MD, PhD

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