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127. Clinical Mycology
Saturday, October 22, 2011: 11:45 AM-1:45 PM
Room: Poster Hall B1

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Target Audience: Academicians

Topical Category: M. Mycology including clinical and basic studies of fungal infections

Tracks: Pediatric ID, Adult ID


Evaluation of Vitamin D Levels in Patients with Coccidioidomycosis, a Case Control Study
Arash Heidari, M.D. ; John Dickey, M.D. ; Nooshin Jahangiri, M.D. ; Bahareh Ghafarizadeh, M.D. ; Greti Peterson, M.D.

Histoplasmosis Complicating Tumor Necrosis Factor-α (TNF) Blocker Therapy
Paschalis Vergidis ; Chadi A. Hage ; Maha A. Assi ; Kenneth S. Knox ; Randall C. Walker ; L Wheat, MD

Incidence and Risk Factors for Cryptococcosis in Older Americans
John Baddley, MD, MSPH ; Kevin Winthrop, MD, MPH ; Nivedita Patkar ; Elizabeth Delzell, PhD ; Fenglong Xie ; Lang Chen, PhD ; Tim Beukelman, MD ; Jeffrey Curtis, MD

Temporal trends, Clinical Characteristics and Outcome of Histoplasmosis in an Endemic Tertiary Care Center in Kentucky, 2000-2009
Thein Myint, MD, MBBS ; Richard N Greenberg, MD ; Julie A. Ribes, MD, PhD ; Brian S. Murphy, MD, MPH ; Majdi N. Al-Hasan, MD, MBBS

Non-Candida yeast Bloodstream infections (NCYBIs) in Cancer Patients (pts)
Maria N. Chitasombat, MD ; Russell Lewis, PharmD ; Diamantis Kofteridis, MD ; Dimitrios Kontoyiannis, MD, ScD, FACP, FIDSA

Study of prevalence, risk factors and outcomes of abdominal pseudocyst(APC) in patients with coccidioidal meningitis(CM) and ventriculoperitoneal shunts(VPS)
Aarthi Narasimhan, MD ; Ali Rashidian, MD ; Graciela Faiad, MD ; Robert D. Libke, MD ; Simon Paul, MD ; Naiel Nassar, MD ; Shobha Sharma, DO

The Changing Epidemiology of Healthcare-Associated Candidemia over Three Decades
Daniel J. Diekema ; Sophie Arbefeville, MD ; Linda Boyken ; Jennifer Kroeger, MS ; Michael A. Pfaller, M.D.

Candida Osteomyelitis: Epidemiology, Management and Outcomes of 122 Reported Cases
Maria Gamaletsou ; Dimitrios Kontoyiannis, MD, ScD, FACP, FIDSA ; Barry Brause ; Thomas Walsh, MD, FIDSA

Computed Tomography Comparison Of 3 Invasive Pulmonary Mold Infections In Neutropenic Patients: Aspergillus, Fusarium and Mucor
Elias Maroun, MD ; Ayesha Farooq, BS ; Sally Alrabaa, MD ; Ryan Murtagh, MD ; Asima Cheema, MD ; John Greene, MD

Morbidity and Mortality of Non-HIV-Infected Patients with Pneumocystis Pneumonia and Concomitant Pulmonary Cytomegalovirus Infection
Tark Kim, MD ; Song Mi Moon, MD ; Hyun Jung Park, MD ; So-Youn Park, MD ; Heungsup Sung, MD, PhD ; Mi-Na Kim, MD, PhD ; Sung-Han Kim, MD, PhD ; Sang-Ho Choi, MD, PhD ; Jin-Yong Jeong, PhD ; Jun Hee Woo, MD, PhD ; Yang Soo Kim, MD, PhD ; Sang-Oh Lee, MD

Morbidity and Mortality of Blastomycosis in Children
Paul Ahn, MD ; Evan Anderson, MD ; Preeti Jaggi, MD ; Ram Yogev, MD ; Stanford T. Shulman, MD, FIDSA

211 Cases of Candida Osteomyelitis: 17 Case Reports and a Review of the Literature
Amy Slenker, MD ; Scott Keith, Ph.D. ; David Horn, MD

Clinico Mycological Study on the Pattern of Dermatophytic Infections in Central Kerala,South India
Ceena Jacob, M.B.B.S. ; Teny Mathew John, M.D. ; Sadeep M.S., M.D. ; Sobhana Kumary, M.D. ; Sabeena Jayapalan, M.D. ; George Kurian, M.D. ; Amith Jacob, M.B.B.S. ; Amrutha Mary George, M.B.B.S.

Routine CSF analysis based on coccidioidal CF antibody titers:  evidence based practice or dogma?
George R. Thompson III, MD ; Sharon Wang, DO ; Robert Bercovitch, MD ; Michael Bolaris, MD ; Addie Spier ; Rodrigo Lopez, MD ; Antonio Catanzaro ; Jose Cadena, MD ; Peter Chin-Hong, MD ; Brad Spellberg, MD, FIDSA

Features of Cryptococcosis in Non-Immunocompromised Patients
Kyle Brizendine, MD ; John Baddley, MD, MSPH ; Peter Pappas, MD

Candida Endocarditis at a Large Tertiary Center
Christopher S. Ledtke, MD ; Nabin K. Shrestha, MD, MPH ; Thomas G. Fraser, MD ; Steven Gordon, MD, FIDSA ; David van Duin, MD, PhD

The Gastrointestinal Tract (GIT) Is The Source Of Candidemia In Immunocompromised Patients With Hematologic Malignancies
Zainab Shahid, M.D. ; Naveen Sanath kumar, M.D ; Jameel Muzaffar ; Monica Grazziutti, MD ; Sajjad Haider, M.D. ; Lakshmikanth Katragadda, M.D. ; Alejandro Restrepo, M.D. ; Marcio Nucci, MD ; Elias Anaissie, MD

Fusarium Endophtalmitis in Three Patients with Hematological Malignancies, and a Brief Review
Georgina Nasr, MD ; Peter Pavan, MD ; Sharad Malvade, MD, MPH ; Mo Mai, MD ; John Greene, MD

Epidemiology and Outcome of Candida bloodstream Infection at a Tertiary Care Center in Cleveland-Ohio
Rana Traboulsi, MD ; Elyse LeeVan ; Michael Jacobs, MD ; Mahmoud Ghannoum, PhD ; Robert Salata, MD

Intensive Study of Patients with Primary Pulmonary Coccidioidomycosis
Susan Hoover ; Suzette Chavez ; John Galgiani ; David Nix

Medical-Surgical Management of Coccidioidal Spinal Infections: A Case Series
Yashar Kalani, MD, PhD ; Marie Grill, MD ; Ana Moran, MD ; Nicholas Theodore, MD ; Omar Gonzalez, MD

The clinical impact of breakthrough candidemia at a territorial hospital in Japan
Muneyoshi Kimura, MD ; Hideki Araoka, MD ; Masaru Baba ; Akiko Yoneyama, MD

Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of Cryptococcus gattii infection, Oregon, 2004-2010
Lynn Fitzgibbons, MD ; Emilio DeBess, DVM ; Kevin Winthrop, MD, MPH ; Brian Wong, MD ; Paul Cieslak, MD

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