Poster Abstract Session:
51. Antimicrobial Therapy: Clinical Studies
Friday, October 21, 2011: 12:15 PM-2:15 PM
Room: Poster Hall B1

Topical Category: A. Antimicrobial agents and Resistance

Tracks: Adult ID, Pediatric ID


Comparative Clinical Effectiveness of Fidaxomicin for the Treatment of Clostridium difficile Infection
Courtney A. Gidengil, MD, MPH ; Mark Hanson, PhD ; Richard Hillestad, PhD ; John Caloyeras, BA ; Soeren Mattke, MD, DSc

Antibacterial Effect of Oxidized Cellulose and Povidone Iodine: in Vitro Study and Potential Applications in the Prevention of Surgical Site Infection
Gilles Touati, M.D., Ph.D. ; Misbaou Barry, M.D., Ph.D. ; M Belmekki, m.D. ; M. Biendo, M.D. ; Philippe Strohl, Ph.D.

Clinical Outcome of Piperacillin/tazobactam Extended Infusion Compare to Standard Infusion in Intensive Care Unit Patients with Documented Infections
Connie Lio, PharmD ; Philip Chung, PharmD ; Julie Chen, PharmD ; Jalpa Sojitra, RPh ; Belinda Ostrowsky, MD, MPH ; Yi Guo, PharmD

The Effects of Daily Chlorhexidine Bathing on Cutaneous Bacterial Isolates
Viju Soma, MD ; Xuan Qin, PhD ; Amanda Adler, BA ; Jessica Berry, BS ; Danielle Zerr, MD, MPH

Side Effects and Outcomes of 94 Patients Treated with Daptomycin as Salvage Therapy for  Orthopaedic Infection
Alexander DeHaan, MD ; Kimberly Felder, PA-C ; Lynn Marshall, Ph.D ; Darin Friess, MD ; Penelope Barnes, MBBS, Ph.D

Optimizing Empiric Therapy for Urinary Tract Infection in the Emergency Department
Ann Villella, PharmD ; Nitin Bhatia, PharmD ; Melissa Barton, MD ; Wasif Hafeez, MD ; Judy Moshos ; Keith Kaye, MD, MPH, FIDSA ; Jason Pogue, PharmD

Consequences of Failure of Initial Antibiotic Therapy in Acute Bacterial Skin and Skin Structure Infections (ABSSSI) in US Hospitals, 2000-2009
Ariel Berger, MPH ; Gerry Oster, Ph.D. ; John Edelsberg, MD, MPH ; Xing-Yue Huang, B. Pharm, Ph.D. ; David Weber, MD, MPH, FIDSA

Inappropriate Recommendations for Empirical Treatment of Patients with Complicated Urinary Tract Infections in the Dutch National Guideline
Veroniek Spoorenberg, MD ; Marlies E.J.L. Hulscher, PhD ; Suzanne Geerlings, MD, PhD ; Jan M. Prins, Professor, MD

Patterns of Initial Antibiotic Therapy in Hospitalized Patients with Complicated Skin and Skin Structure Infections (cSSSI) in the US: 2007-2010
Ariel Berger, MPH ; Amanda J Boening, PharmD ; Peggy McKinnon, PharmD ; Gerry Oster, Ph.D. ; David Weber, MD, MPH, FIDSA

Imipenem and Ciprofloxacin Pharmacokinetics (PK) in Critically-Ill Burn Patients Treated with Continuous Venovenous Hemofiltration (CVVH)
Jason M. Cota, Pharm.D. ; Clinton K. Murray, MD ; Kevin K. Chung, MD ; Elsa C. Coates, RN ; Kevin S. Akers, MD

Ertapenem Usage for Documented Infections at a Comprehensive Cancer Center
Sminil N. Mahajan, MD ; Roy Chemaly, MD, MPH ; Kenneth V. I. Rolston, M.D.

Clinical Outcomes of Extended Infusion Doripenem in the ICU: Experience at a Community, Teaching Hospital
Mena Abaskharoun, PharmD, MBA ; John Salaki, MD, FACP ; Stacy Hardeo, PharmD, BCPS

Clinical Experience with Aerosolized Antimicrobial Therapy in an Academic Tertiary Care Hospital
Shin-Pung Jen, PharmD ; Shobha Swaminathan, MD ; Rajendra Kapila, MD ; Helen Horng, PharmD

Efficacy of Doripenem Compared with Meropenem as Therapy of Febrile Neutropenia among Patients who Became Febrile while on Cefepime or Piperacillin-tazobactam
Christina Ratliff, PharmD ; Christopher Ohl, MD ; LeAnne Kennedy, PharmD ; James Beardsley, PharmD ; Vera Luther, MD ; James Johnson, PharmD ; John Williamson, PharmD

Clinical Outcomes in Patients Receiving Tigecycline for Gram-negative Bacteremia
Liza Bautista, MD ; Loveleen Somal, MD ; Pramodini Kale-Pradhan, PharmD ; Karen Hagglund, MS ; Daniel Lalonde ; Paul Padesky ; Joel Fishbain, MD

Outcome Analysis of Hospital-Acquired Pneumonia Patients Meeting the ATS/IDSA Diagnostic Criteria in the ATTAIN Studies of Telavancin
Steven L. Barriere ; Ethan Rubinstein ; Alan Hopkins ; G. Ralph Corey ; Nkechi Azie ; Martin E. Stryjewski

Cefazolin (CEZ) therapy for methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus (MSSA)bacteremia: the only treatment available in Japan
Takayo Shoji, MD ; Yusuke Ainoda, MD. ; Takahiro Fujita, MD. ; Yuji Hirai, MD PhD ; Kyoichi Totsuka, M.D.PhD

The Impact of Initial Antibiotic Therapy (Linezolid, Vancomycin, Daptomycin) on Hospital Length of Stay for Skin and Soft Tissue Infections
Ewa M. Szczypinska, MD ; Alexander Velazquez, MD ; Diana Salazar, MD ; Beata Raczynski, RN-BSN ; C. Andrew DeRyke, Pharm.D. ; Mark R. Wallace, MD

Efficacy and Safety of Colistin for the Treatment of Ventilator-Acquired Pneumonia: A Systematic Review and Meta-analysis
Diana F. Florescu, M.D. ; Fang Qiu, MS ; Cezarina Mindru, MD ; Megan McCartan, PharmD, BCPS ; Paul Fey, PhD ; Andre C. Kalil, MD

Clinical outcomes and emergent renal dysfunction associated with colistin use over four years
Julie Collins, M.D. ; Kevin Haynes, Pharm.D, M.S.C.E. ; Jason Gallagher, Pharm.D., B.C.P.S.

Duration of Antibiotic Therapy for Bacteremia: A Systematic Review
Thomas Havey, MD ; Robert Fowler, MD, MSc ; Nick Daneman, MD, MSc

Evaluation of Cefepime 1 Gram every 6 hours for Treatment of Gram-Negative Bacteremia
Matthew R. Helgeson, Pharm.D. ; Deba S. Rihani, Pharm.D. ; Robert A. Waite, Pharm.D. ; Mark R. Wallace, MD ; C. Andrew DeRyke, Pharm.D.

Excessive Antibiotic Exposure in Uncomplicated Skin and Soft Tissue Infections in the Ambulatory Care Setting
Hermione Hurley, MBChB ; Bryan Knepper, MPH, MSc ; Connie Price, MD ; Claire Swartwood, PharmD ; Philip Mehler, MD ; William Burman, MD ; Timothy Jenkins, MD

Impact of Using Guideline-Concordant Antibiotics in 3203 Patients Hospitalized with Pneumonia: Prospective Cohort Study
Leyla Asadi, MD ; Dean T. Eurich, PhD ; John-Michael Gamble, MSc ; Jasjeet K. Minhas, MSc ; Thomas Marrie, MD ; Sumit R. Majumdar, MD, MPH

Pilot study of fosfomycin trometamol compared with trimethoprim-sulfamethoxazole for acute uncomplicated cystitis in women
Ann Stapleton, MD ; Pacita Roberts, MS ; Marsha Cox, MS ; Thomas Hooton, MD, FIDSA

Can We Use Data from Escherichia coli Strains Isolated One Month prior to an Escherichia coli Urinary Tract Infection to Guide Empiric Antibiotic Treatment?
Marielle Beerepoot, MD ; Casper den Heijer, MD ; Suzanne Geerlings, MD, PhD ; Jan M. Prins, Professor, MD ; Ellen Stobberingh, PhD

Outpatient Parenteral Antibiotic Therapy (OPAT) with Telavancin:  A Multi-Center Experience
Robin H. Dretler, MD ; John S. Adams, MD ; Michael P. Dailey, MD ; Lucinda J. Van Anglen, PharmD

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