Poster Abstract Session:
71. Pharmacokinetics and Adverse Drug Reactions
Friday, October 21, 2011: 12:15 PM-2:15 PM
Room: Poster Hall B1

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Target Audience: Academicians

Topical Category: A. Antimicrobial agents and Resistance

Tracks: Adult ID


Effect of change in aminoglycoside usage on aminoglycoside resistance patterns
Chris Kosmidis, MD ; Maria Giannopoulou, MD ; Konstantina Tzanetou, MD ; Anastasia Flountzi, MD ; Antonis Markogiannakis, PhD ; Dimitris Goukos, MMSc ; George Petrikkos, MD ; George L Daikos, MD

Ex-Vivo Evidence of the ‘Skip Well’ Phenomenon in Patients Receiving Polymyxin B (PB)
Purba Gupta, MD ; Martin Bäcker, MD ; Monica Ghitan, MD ; Khawar Khurshid, MD ; Manali Pednekar, MD ; Farah Chinwalla, DO ; Roopali Sharma, PharmD ; Jerome Salvani, MD ; David Landman, MD ; John Quale, MD

Does In-Vitro Resistance of Streptococcus Pyogenes to Erythromycin Produce Clindamycin Resistance?
Bridgen Christine, Pharm.D. ; Daniel Keays, C.L.S. ; Harminder Sikand, PharmD

Antimicrobial Therapy Optimization by Institute-specific Pharmacodynamics Profiling
Anthony Leung, DO, FACP, FASCP ; David Nicolau, PharmD, FCCP, FIDSA ; Joseph DiPersio, PhD ; Timothy R. Pasquale, PharmD

Acute Kidney Injury Associated with Trimethoprim/Sulfamethoxazole
Traci Fraser ; Andres Arturo Avellaneda Ojeda ; Edward Graviss, PhD, MPH ; Daniel Musher, MD, FIDSA

Mechanistic Characterization of Adverse Events of Voriconazole and Telithromycin
Daniel Bertrand, Ph.D. ; Sonia Bertrand ; Prabhavathi Fernandes, PhD ; David Pereira, PhD

Long Recognized but Possibly Forgotten – Adverse Reactions to Trimethoprim-Sulfamethoxazole (TMP-SMX)
Jennifer Goldman, MD ; Steven Leeder, PharmD, PhD ; Mary Anne Jackson, MD, FIDSA

Acute Kidney Injury Associated with Outpatient IV Antibiotic Therapy
Shashikala Ameneni, MD ; Loretta Simbartl, MS ; Stephen Kralovic, MD, MPH ; Charuhas Thakar, MD ; A. George Smulian, MD

Renal Toxicity Related to Antibiotic-Containing Orthopedic Cement
Mark Shelly, MD ; Judianne Slish, Pharm. D., BCPS ; Lynne Brown, RN, MBA ; Polly Moore, RN ; Melissa Schiff, MD ; Gail Quinlan, RN, MSN

Pharmacokinetics (PK) of Colistin Methanesulfonate (CMS) and Formed Colistin in End-Stage Renal Disease (ESRD) Patients Receiving Chronic Hemodialysis (HD)
Pornpan Koomanachai, MD ; Gong Chen, PhD ; Hee Ji Lee, PhD ; Jovan Jacob, M Pharm Chem ; Anupop Jitmuang, MD ; Somkiat Wasuwattakul, MD ; Suchai Sritippayawan, MD ; Jian Li, PhD ; Roger L. Nation, PhD ; Visanu Thamlikitkul, MD

Piperacillin-tazobactam, Carbapenems, and Levofloxacin for Clearance of Carbapenem-resistant Klebsiella pneumoniae from the Urine
Michael J. Satlin, MD ; Christine J. Kubin, PharmD ; Jill S. Blumenthal, MD ; Andrew B. Cohen, MD, DPhil ; E. Yoko Furuya, MD, MS ; Stephen J. Wilson, MD, MPH ; Stephen Jenkins, PhD ; David P. Calfee, MD

Multi-faceted Intervention to Improve the Rate of Therapeutic Drug Monitoring of Voriconazole
Rachel Rivera, MD ; James Lewis, PharmD ; Susan Spencer ; Alton Powell ; Amruta Parekh, MD, MPH ; Thomas Patterson, MD, FIDSA ; Jason E. Bowling, MD

Can Therapeutic Drug Monitoring Reduce Voriconazole Adverse Events?
Wan Beom Park, MD, PhD ; Nak-Hyun Kim, MD ; SeungHwan Lee ; Kye-Hyung Kim, MD ; Na Ra Yun, MD ; Kyung-Sang Yu ; Nam Joong Kim, MD ; In-Jin Jang ; Myoung-don Oh, MD, PhD

Can a Statistical Model Predict the Risk of Vancomycin-Induced Nephrotoxicity (VIN)?
Safia Kuriakose, PharmD ; Erica Tenholder, PharmD, BCPS ; Evan Horton, PharmD ; Seth T. Housman, PharmD, MPA ; Jane Garb, MS ; Daniel Skiest, MD

Plasma Linezolid Concentrations Are Correlated with Thrombocytopenia and Anemia
Yoko Nukui, MD, PhD ; Shuji Hatakeyama, MD, PhD ; Koh Okamoto, MD ; Takehito Yamamoto, MS ; Akihiro Hisaka, PhD ; Hiroshi Suzuki, PhD ; Hiroshi Yotsuyanagi, MD, PhD ; Kyoji Moriya, MD, PhD

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