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59. HIV Challenges and Complications
Friday, October 21, 2011: 12:15 PM-2:15 PM
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Topical Category: H. HIV/AIDS and other retroviruses

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Predictors of Vitamin D deficiency among HIV patients in an urban ambulatory clinic
John Nnadi, MD ; Frontini Maria, PHD ; Tehmina Khan, MD ; Sam Bairu, MD ; Jigar Chotalia, MPH ; Rebecca Clark, MD, PhD

High Prevalence of Tuberculosis in a Cohort of HIV-infected Children in Northeast Thailand
Pagakrong Lumbiganon, MD. ; Pope Kosalaraksa, MD. ; Piangjit Tharnpaisarn, RN

Clinical Outcome and Its Predictive Factors of Human Immunodeficiency Virus Infected Patients with Immunologic Failure despite Viral Suppression: Study from a Tertiary Referral Centre in Hong Kong
Tommy Hing-cheung Tang, MRCP (UK) ; Wilson Lam, MRCP (UK) ; Tak-chiu Wu, MRCP (UK) ; Man-po Lee, FRCP ; Patrick Chung-ki Li, FRCP

A Rare Case of Atypical Mycobacterium Associated Spinal Cord Compression
Laurie Matt, MD, MPH ; Colleen Calvey, MD ; Kamel Muakkassa, MD ; David Watkins, MD ; Eric Speakman, MD ; Nairmeen Haller, Ph.D

Prevalence and Patterns of Echocardiographic Abnormalities in HIV-Infected, Black Individuals in an Inner City Teaching Hospital in Washington DC
Samad Rasul, MBBS/MD ; Shweta Ramsahai, MD ; Rajesh Chintala, MD ; Faria Farhat, MD ; Hemant Boolani, MD ; San Thaw Dar Aye, MD

A Seven-Year Review of AIDS and Non-AIDS related Malignancies in a Large HIV/AIDS Center in New York
Venkata K. Pokuri, MD ; Costantine Albany, MD ; George Jr Psevdos, MD ; Josephine Paredes, MD ; Victoria Sharp, MD

Ocular Disease in Hospitalized Adults with HIV Infection
Lorena Perez-Povis, MD ; Josephine Lontok, MD ; William Short, MD, MPH ; Randi Silibovsky, MD ; Christopher Fecarotta, MD ; Christopher Miller, MD ; Cassandra Thomas, MD ; Katherine Belden, MD

Correlating age-at-diagnosis of lung cancer in the HIV/AIDS population
Justine Cohen, DO ; John Stern, MD ; David Henry, MD

Cross Sectional Study of Vitamin D Levels and Immunologic Outcomes in HIV Infected Adults
Allison Bearden, MD, MPH ; Cybele Lara Abad, MD ; James Sosman, MD ; Neil Binkley, MD ; Nasia Safdar, MD, PhD

Pandemic 2009 H1N1 Influenza in HIV Patients, Case Control Study
Lisa Bocelli, DO ; Anne-Lise Paisible ; Bruce Barton, PhD ; Susan Nelson, RN, MSPH, CIC ; Mireya Wessolossky, MD

Clinical Characteristics of Pneumocystis jirovecii Pneumonia with Pulmonary Cystic Lesions in HIV Patients
Yu Min Kang, MD ; Pyoeng Gyun Choe, MD ; Kyoung-Ho Song, MD ; Eu Suk Kim, MD, PhD ; Hong Bin Kim, MD, PhD ; Nam-Joong Kim, MD ; Wan Beom Park, MD, PhD ; Myoung-don Oh, MD, PhD

Early Versus Delayed Initiation of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) in Patients with HIV Infection and Concurrent Cryptococcal Meningitis: A Systematic Review of Randomized Controlled Trials
Basile Njei, MD, MSPH ; Emmanuel kenta-Bibi, MD, MPH, MSMed ; Alain Lekoubou, MD ; Nelvis Njei, PharmDs ; Eugene-Justine Kongnyuy, MD, MPH, PhD

Strongyloides Stercoralis in AIDS: Recognition and Management
Linda Nabha, MD ; Sonya Krishnan, BS ; Gregg Roby, RN ; Roshan Ramanathan, MD ; Rojelio Mejia, MD ; Thomas Nutman, MD, FIDSA ; Irini Sereti, MD

Adiponectin Levels and Coronary Artery Disease among HIV-Infected Men
Louise Norton ; Stephanie Brodine, MD ; Sheila Medina, MPH ; Hector Lemus, PhD ; Vincent Ricchiuti, PhD ; Gilbert Boswell, MD ; Nancy Crum-Cianflone, MD MPH

HIV+ve Patients Who Develop Fragility Fractures Spend More ART Days on TDF and/or ATV than HIV+ve Patients Without Fractures
Senu Apewokin, MD ; James H. Willig, MD, MSPH ; Michael J. Mugavero, MD, MHSc ; Michael S. Saag, MD, FIDSA

Herpes Zoster among HIV Patients in the Current HAART Era
Leah Blank, MPH ; Michael Polydefkis, MD MHS ; Richard Moore, MD, MHS ; Kellly Gebo, MD, MPH

HIV-infected and HIV-hepatitis C-co-infected Veterans have much higher rates of vitamin D deficiency and insufficiency compared to hepatitis C-infected veterans in South Texas
Mariejane Braza, MD ; Hemant Kulkarni, MD ; Park Won, DO ; Kathryn Dzintars, PharmD ; Amy Webb, MD ; Gregory Anstead, MD, PhD

Efficacy of NGX-4010 (Qutenza), a Capsaicin 8% Patch, Applied for 30 Minutes in Patients with HIV-Associated Neuropathy: Results of Integrated Analyses
Stephen Brown, MD ; David Simpson, MD ; Graeme Moyle, MBBS, MD ; Bruce Brew ; Giovanni Schifitto ; Nicholas Larbalestier ; Chloe Orkin ; Martin Fisher ; Jeffrey Tobias, PhD ; Trudy Vanhove, MD, PhD

Treatment of High Grade Anal Lesions in High Risk Patients: Outcome at an Urban Community Health Center
Sabrina Assoumou, MD ; Lori Panther, MD, MPH ; Yang Feng ; Rebecca Gelman, Ph.D. ; Dana Fugelso, MD, MPH ; Kenneth Mayer, MD

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