1766. Correlates of Protection from Influenza
Session: Symposium: Correlates of Protection Against Disease Caused by Virus Infection
Saturday, October 20, 2012: 3:00 PM
Room: SDCC 25 ABC
A discussion of data from studies in humans on the prevention of influenza and associated immune responses that correlate with protection.
Robert B . Belshe, MD, FIDSA, St Louis University School of Medicine, St. Louis, MO

Robert Belshe is Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics and Molecular Microbiology, and Director of the Center for Vaccine Development at Saint Louis University. He is Principal Investigator of the NIH funded Vaccine and Treatment Evaluation Unit at the University. He is an expert in clinical trials design and execution, and his laboratory focuses on antibody responses to viral vaccines, particularly influenza. He chaired the NIH/industry cooperative Phase 3 pivotal licensing studies on live attenuated influenza vaccine, he conducted the vaccinia dilution studies for the NIH biodefense initiative and most recently he chaired the NIH and GSK Herpevac Trial for Women.

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