Poster Abstract Session:
129. Linkage, Adherence, and Other HIV Care Issues
Friday, October 19, 2012: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: SDCC Poster Hall F-H

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Target Audience: Academicians

Topical Category: H. HIV/AIDS and Other Retroviruses

Tracks: HIV-STD-TB


Antiretroviral Medication Errors in Hospitalized Patients with HIV Infection
Elizabeth A. Neuner, PharmD ; Jennifer Sekeres, PharmD ; Ramona Davis, PharmD ; Alan J. Taege, MD

Medication Errors in Inpatient Highly Active Anti-Retroviral (HAART) Therapy
Natasha N. Pettit, PharmD, BCPS ; Benjamin D. Brielmaier, PharmD ; Emily Landon, MD ; Jennifer C. Pisano, MD ; Allison H. Bartlett, MD

Reducing Antiretroviral Medication Errors Utilizing an Electronic Medical Record in Hospitalized HIV-Positive Patients
Jean Lee, PharmD ; Nnaemeka Egwuatu, MD, MPH ; Andrea Goodrich, PharmD ; Kymberlee Moline, PharmD, MSA ; Terry Kirkpartick, RPh, MS ; David Baumgartner, MD ; Minerva Galang, MD
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  • Frequent Emergency Department Use among Released Prisoners with HIV: Characterization Including a Novel Multimorbidity Index
    Jaimie Meyer, MD ; Jingjun Qiu, MD, MS ; Nadine Chen, MD, MPH ; Gregory Larkin, MD, MA ; Frederick Altice, MD
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  • Telehealth Collaborative Care:  A Model Medical Home for Persons with HIV Infection in Rural and Low Prevalence Settings
    Michael Ohl, MD ; Dena Dillon, Pharm D ; Nancee Waterbury, Pharm D ; Jo Sissel, RN

    NW AETC ECHO: An Innovative Model of Integrated Distance Learning and HIV Case Consultation
    Christian Ramers, MD, MPH ; Kenton Unruh, PhD ; John Scott, MD ; Laurie Conratt, MBA ; Natalia Martinez-Paz, MPA, MA ; Mary Annese, MPA ; David Spach, MD
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  • Linkage to HIV Care for Black Women Living with HIV Infection, District of Columbia, 2005 - 2009
    Yzette Lanier, PhD ; Jenevieve Opoku, MPH ; Rowena Samala, MPH ; Tiffany West, MPH ; Gregory Pappas, MD ; Madeline Sutton, MD, MPH

    Predictors of Linkage and Retention in HIV Care in an Urban Charity Hospital in New Orleans
    Lauren Richey, MD, MPH ; Jason Halperin, MD, MPH ; Ishani Pathmanathan, MD, MPH ; Nicholas Van Sickels, MD ; Paula Seal, MD, MPH

    Predictors of Retention in Care in Cohort of HIV-Infected Ethnic Minority Patients
    Eloise Austin, MD ; Galant Au Chan, MD, MPH ; Marcus Pereira, MD, MPH ; Magdalena Sobieszczyk, MD, MPH

    Defining Linkage to Care Among HIV-Infected Individuals
    Sara Keller, MD, MPH ; Michael Eberhart, MPH ; Kathleen Brady, MD
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  • Factors Associated with Loss to Follow-up among HIV-Infected Patients at an Urban, Hospital-Based Outpatient HIV Clinic
    Timothy Friel, MD ; Anthony Nerino ; Lynn Nagel ; Jean D'Aversa ; Anthony Strobel ; Judith Sabino ; Dorothy Faulkner

    Diagnosis of HIV and Engagement in HIV Care Among Newly HIV-diagnosed Mexican-born Individuals Compared to Newly HIV-diagnosed US-born Individuals
    Sarah Rowan, MD ; Jose Castillo-Mancilla, MD ; William Burman, MD ; Monica Carten, MD ; Elizabeth Connick, MD ; Steven Johnson, MD ; Mark Thrun, MD ; Daniel Reirden, MD ; Elaine Daniloff ; Edward M. Gardner, MD
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  • Disclosure of HIV Status to Social Networks is Strongly Associated with Increased Retention and Improved Clinical Outcomes Among an Urban Cohort in New Orleans
    Jason Halperin, MD, MPH ; Ishani Pathmanathan, MD, MPH ; Nicholas Van Sickels, MD ; Paula Seal, MD, MPH ; Lauren Richey, MD, MPH
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  • Non-Adherence is Associated with Current Smoking Status in an HIV-infected Cohort
    Chad Duffalo, M.D. ; Christine Wanke, MD ; Sally Skinner ; Alice Tang, PhD, ScM

    Factors Associated with Antiretroviral Therapy Non-adherence in a Midwestern HIV Clinic
    Toshibumi Taniguchi, MD ; Turner Overton, MD ; Nur Onen, BSc, MBChB ; Enbal Shacham, PhD
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