Poster Abstract Session:
45. Global Bacterial and Fungal Infections
Thursday, October 18, 2012: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: SDCC Poster Hall F-H

Topical Category: G. Global Health

Tracks: Adult ID, Global ID


An Outbreak of Group A Beta-hemolytic Streptococcus in a Military Facility in Peru: Foodborne or Super Spreader?
Mariana Ramos, MD ; Ruben Valle, MD ; Luis Loayza, DMD ; Sofia González, MD ; Jose Quispe ; Maruja Bernal ; Erik Reaves, MD, MPH ; Drake H Tilley, MD, MPH & TM ; Giselle Soto, MD, MPH ; Hugo Gallo, MD ; Daniel Bausch, MD, MPH&TM

Clinical Presentation of Acute Brucellosis
Antoine Haddad, MD ; Selim Abou Kheir, MD ; Maroun Soueidy, MD ; Raymond Rehbane, MD ; Pierre Abi Hanna, MD, MPH
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    Disease Burden and Epidemiology of Typhoid Fever in Sulaimania, Iraqi Kurdistan
    Jonathan Dworkin, MD ; Rebeen Saeed, MD ; Hawar Mykhan, MD ; Dlawer Farhad, MD ; Kocher Omer, MD ; John Palardy, BA ; Shwan Kanan, MD ; Marguerite Neill, MD

    Antimicrobial sensitivity testing and its clinical implications in salmonella infections
    Sweta Shah, MD ; Falguni Parikh, MD ; Ashavari Devadige, B.Sc , DMLT
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  • 239
    Prevalence and Predictors of Cervicitis in Female Sex Workers in Peru
    Simon Pollett ; Martha Calderon ; Kristen Heitzinger ; Vicky Solari ; Silvia M Montano, MD, MPH ; Joseph R Zunt, MD, MPH

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    Imported Melioidosis: A Case Report and Literature Review of Cases in Japan
    Masumitsu Hatta, MD, PhD ; Hiroyuki Kunishima, MD, PhD ; Yuichiro Kimura, MD, PhD ; Tatsuro Fukuhara, MD, PhD ; Toshiaki Kikuchi, MD, PhD ; Nobuko Seki, MT ; Makoto Katsumi, MT ; Machiko Endo, MT ; Yuko Abe, MT ; Mitsuaki Nagasawa, MT ; Miho Kitagawa ; Akira Watanabe, MD, PhD ; Toshihiro Nukiwa, MD, PhD ; Masakazu Ichinose, MD, PhD ; Mitsuo Kaku, MD, PhD
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    Current Statins Use and Association with In-hospital Mortality among Patients with Cultured Proven Melioidosis
    Sasisopin Kiertiburanakul, MD, MHS ; Watthanapong Suphamongkholchaikul, MD ; Prapit Teparrakkul, MD ; Wirongrong Chierakul, MD
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    Increasing incidence of Burkholderia pseudomallei in Northern Australia
    Amy Crowe, MBBS ; Joshua Davis, MBBS FRACP ; Nicholas Anstey, MBBS FRACP ; Rob Baird, FRACP FRCPA ; Tsin Yeo, MBBS FRACP ; Catherine Marshall, MBBS FRACP ; Matthew Pitman, MBBS ; Robert Commons, MBBS ; Suman Majumdar, MBBS ; Bart J. Currie, FRACP
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  • 245
    Successful Treatment of Madura Foot with Posaconazole
    Amit M Sharma, M.D. ; Namita Sharma, M.D. ; Amritpal Nat, M.D. ; Manpreet Singh, MBBS ; Timothy Endy, MD, MPH

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