Poster Abstract Session:
196. Influenza
Saturday, October 20, 2012: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: SDCC Poster Hall F-H

Topical Category: N. Infection Epidemiology and Prevention and V. Clinical Virology

Tracks: Epidemiology and Infection Control, Pediatric ID, Adult ID


Impact of Temperature and Humidity on the Incidence of Influenza in Hospitalized Patients with Lower Respiratory Tract Infections
Timothy L. Wiemken, PhD, MPH, CIC ; Paula Peyrani, MD ; Sandra Chaves, MD, MSc ; Alicia Fry, MD, MPH ; Julio A. Ramirez, MD

Impact of Hospitalization due to Influenza on Frailty in Older Adults: Toward a Better Understanding of Influenza Burden of Disease
Shelly McNeil, MD ; Jennie Johnstone, MD ; Mike Rockwood ; Donna MacKinnon-Cameron, MMath ; Melissa Andrew, MD, PhD

Changes in the Clinical & Molecular epidemiology of respiratory viruses in a tertiary care center during the 2009-2012 consecutive winter seasons
Zacharoula Oikonomopoulou, MD ; Petros Karakitsos, MD PhD ; Archontis Zampogiannis ; Ioannis Mastoris, MD ; Konstantinos Leventakos, MD ; Aikaterini Chranioti, PhD ; Christina Kottaridi ; Achilleas Attilakos, MD, PhD ; Diamantis Plachouras, MD, PhD ; Theodoros Kelesidis, MD ; Polydoros Tofas, MD ; Poluxeni Nikolaidou-Karpathiou, MD PhD ; George Petrikkos, MD, PhD ; Sotirios Tsiodras, MD, PhD

Patterns of Influenza Seasonal Activity over Time
Roger Baxter, MD ; Paul Lee ; Bruce Fireman, MA

Risk factors and vaccine failures associated with influenza related death in severe ICU hospitalized cases in Greece, during the 2011-12 season
Agoritsa Baka, MD ; Georgia Spala, MD ; Anastasia Andreopoulou ; Ourania Kalkouni, MD ; Maria Pantelikizi, RN ; Georgios Katzourakis ; Sotorios Tsiodras, MD, PhD, Assistant Professor
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    Natesha Ambs, MD ; Nupporn Priyawat, MD ; Julie Pepe, Ph.D ; Lin Li, MD ; Deanne Leonard, MD ; Pavan Patel, MD ; Vincent Hsu, MD MPH FACP
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  • Where Do The Bacteria That Cause Pneumonias During Influenza Come From?
    G. Dennis Shanks, MD, MPH ; John Brundage, MD, MPH

    Lower Respiratory Tract (LRT) Infection with Pandemic 2009 Influenza A (H1N1) without detectable virus in the nasopharynx
    Daniel Smyth, MD, FRCPC, DTMH ; Thomas J Louie, M D ; Bonita Lee, MD, MSc ; Kevin Fonseca, PhD ; Steven J. Drews, PhD ; Kanti Pabbaraju ; Anita Wong ; Sallene Wong ; Raymond Tellier, MD

    Performance of a new lateral flow immunochromatographic assay for rapid detection of Influenza A and B in nasal wash samples
    Jill Johnson, B.S. Biology, MA ; A. Chantal Caviness, MD, MPH, PhD ; Ashley P. Alvarado ; Adrianne Rector, B.S. Molecular Genetic Technology/ MB (ASCP) ; Renee Webb, B.S. / MT (ASCP) ; Paula A. Revell, PhD ; Gail J. Harrison, MD

    Evaluation of Culture, RT-PCR, and Rapid Testing for detection of Influenza A and B in Nasal Washes
    A. Chantal Caviness, MD, MPH, PhD ; Jill Johnson, B.S. Biology, MA ; Adrianne Rector, B.S. Molecular Genetic Technology/ MB (ASCP) ; Renee Webb, B.S. / MT (ASCP) ; Paula A. Revell, PhD ; Ashley P. Alvarado ; Gail J. Harrison, MD
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  • Antiviral Therapy and Mortality in Adults Requiring Hospitalization for Seasonal Influenza: Evidence from Population-Based Surveillance in Toronto
    Allison McGeer, MD, FSHEA ; Karen Green, MSc ; Kazi Hassan, MD, MSc ; Agron Plevneshi ; Donald Low, MD

    A Mathematical Model of Swine-to-Human Variant Influenza Transmission
    Karen K. Wong, MD, MPH ; Manoj Gambhir ; Lyn Finelli, DrPH, MS ; David L. Swerdlow, MD ; Carrie Reed, DSc, MPH

    Impact of medical and behavioral factors on influenza-like Illness, healthcare-seeking, and antiviral treatment during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic — United States, 2009–2010
    Matthew Biggerstaff, MPH ; Michael A. Jhung, MD, MPH ; Carrie Reed, DSc, MPH ; Shikha Garg, MD, MPH ; Lina Balluz, PhD, DSc ; Alicia Fry, MD, MPH ; Lyn Finelli, DrPH, MS

    Performance Characteristics of Influenza-like-illness Case Definitions in Predicting Influenza in Hospitalized Canadian Adults
    Shelly McNeil, MD ; Oren Krajden, BSc ; Sanela Gajic, BA ; May Elsherif, MD ; Karen Green, MSc ; Allison McGeer, MD, FSHEA ; Donna MacKinnon-Cameron, MMath ; Christina Wang

    Epidemiology of The Hospitalizations Related To Virus Varicella Zoster Infection In Spain
    Laura Garcia-Garcia ; Alba González-Escalada ; Alejandro Alvaro-Meca ; Patricia Marín-García ; Angel Gil de Miguel ; Ruth Gil-Prieto

    Impact of Regional Migration and Living Situation on Viral Respiratory Tract Infection on a Freshman Campus
    Monica Jimenez, MPH ; Stephanie Dobos, BA ; Sara Hoffman, BSN ; Bradly P. Nicholson, PhD ; Lawrence Park, PhD ; Christopher Woods, MD, MPH

    Construction of a Comprehensive Interactive Genome Library for Detection, Characterization, and Drug-Resistance Surveillance of Influenza Viruses in a Developing Country
    Edsel Maurice Salvana, MD ; Sharie Ganchua ; Brian Schwem, PhD ; Francisco Heralde III, PhD ; George Bryan Trinidad ; Monica Ma ; Mark Agmata ; Enrique Tayag, MD ; Vito Roque, MD ; Maria Fe Tayzon, MD ; Carmencita Padilla, MD ; Raul Destura, MD
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  • Oseltamivir-resistant 2009 pandemic influenza A (H1N1) infections during 2011-2012, United States
    Su Su, MSc, MPH ; Larisa Gubareva, PhD ; Colleen Lysen, MS ; Anwar Abd Elal, BS ; A. Angelica Trujillo, MS ; Alexander Klimov, PhD ; Alicia Fry, MD, MPH
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  • A Novel Approach to Estimating Global Seasonal Influenza Mortality
    A. Danielle Iuliano, PhD, MPH ; Fatimah S. Dawood, MD ; Po-Yung Cheng, PhD ; Eduardo Azziz-Baumgartner, MD, MPH ; Ivo Foppa ; Manoj Gambhir ; David K. Shay, MD, MPH ; Joseph Bresee, MD ; Marc Widdowson, PhD

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