1176. Meet-the-Professor
Session: Meet-the-Professor Session: Virulence Mechanisms as Antimicrobial Targets: Opportunities and Challenges
Saturday, October 5, 2013: 7:00 AM
Room: The Moscone Center: 250-262
Steve Projan, PhD, MedImmune, LLC, Gaithersburg, MD

Steve Projan joined MedImmune in 2010 as S.V.P. R&D and Innovative Medicines Head for Infectious Diseases & Vaccines following two years at Novartis as Global Head of Infectious Diseases and 15 years at Wyeth. Prior to Dr. Projan’s work in industry he had a 14 year academic career at the Public Health Research Institute and has over 110 publications to his credit. At Wyeth Dr. Projan was the Biology Team Leader of the Glycylcycline Discovery Team that produced tigecycline, an antibacterial drug for the treatment of drug resistant bacterial infections. Last year 2012, MedImmune received marketing approval for the first quadrivalent influenza vaccine (“FluMist Quad”) Dr. Projan was named “Pharma Executive of the Year” at the Vaccine Industry Excellence Awards. Dr. Projan attended and graduated from M.I.T. (S.B. 1974) and Columbia University (M.A., M.Phil. & Ph.D. 1980). In 2004 Dr. Projan was named a Fellow of the American Academy of Microbiology.

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