1792. to discuss recently identified natural products that disassemble biofilms and efforts to develop synthetic analogues as biofilm dispersing agents
Session: Symposium: Biofilm Biology in Infectious Diseases
Saturday, October 5, 2013: 3:00 PM
Room: The Moscone Center: 120-125
Ilana Kolodkin, PhD, Weizmann Institute of Science, Rehovot, Israel

Currulum Vitae – ILANA KOLODKIN GAL MARCH 2013 Education/Positions held 2012- Senior Researcher in the Dept. of Molecular Genetics, Weizmann institute of Science July 2009- Post-doc fellow, Losick lab, Dept. of Molecular and Cellular Biology, Harvard. My Post-doc is done within an active collaboration with Prof. Kolter, Department of Microbiology and Molecular Genetics, Harvard Medical School. 2004-2009 PhD in the Department of Molecular Biology, The Hebrew University of Jerusalem, under the supervision of Prof. Hanna Engelberg-Kulka. Direct Ph.D track. 2000-2003 Bachelor of Science (B. Sc). in Biology and in Medical Science from Tel Aviv University, Tel Aviv. Selected important publications 1. Engelberg-Kulka H, Amitai S, Kolodkin-Gal I, Hazan R. (2006) Bacterial programmed cell death and multicellular behavior in bacteria. PLoS Genet. 2:e135. Review. 3. Kolodkin-Gal I, Hazan R, Gaathon A, Carmeli S, Engelberg-Kulka H. (2007) A linear pentapeptide is a quorum-sensing factor required for mazEF-mediated cell death in Escherichia coli. Science 318:652-5. 4. Kolodkin-Gal I, Engelberg-Kulka H. (2008) The extracellular death factor: physiological and genetic factors influencing its production and response in Escherichia coli. J. Bacteriol. 190:3169-75 . 5. Kolodkin-Gal I, Sat B, Keshet A, Engelberg- Kulka H. (2009) Communication Factor EDF and mazEF are Determinants in the Mode of Action of Antibiotics in Escherichia coli. PLoS Biology, Dec 16;6(12):e319 6. Amitai S, Kolodkin-gal I, Sacher A, Engelbeg-Kulka H. (2009) Escherichia coli MazF leads to simultaneous selective synthesis of both "death proteins" and "survival proteins". PLoS genetics, 5: e1000390. 7. Kolodkin-Gal I, Engelberg-Kulka H. (2009) The stationary sigma factor S is responsible for the resistance of Escherichia coli stationary cells to mazEF-mediated cell death J. Bacteriol. 191:3177-82 8. Hanna Engelberg-Kulka, Idan Yelin and Kolodkin-Gal I. (2009) Activation of a built in bacterial programmed cell death system as a novel mechanism of action of some antibiotics. Communicative & Integrative Biology 2:3, 1-2; May/June 2009. Addendum 9. Kolodkin-Gal I, Verdiger R, Shlosberg-Fedida A, Engelberg-Kulka H. (2009) A differential effect of E.coli toxin-antitoxin systems on cell death in liquid media and biofilm formation. PLoS One. 26;4(8):e6785. 10. Kolodkin-Gal I, Romero D, Cao Shugeng ,Clardy J and Kolter R , Losick R. 2010) D-amino acids trigger biofilm disassembly. Science 328: 627-629. 11. Anna L. McLoon *, Kolodkin-Gal I*, Rubinstein SM , Kolter R , Losick R. (2011) Spatial Regulation of Histidine Kinases Governing Biofilm Formation in Bacillus subtilis. J Bacteriol 193:679-85 *Equal contribution 12. Studying the inhibitory effects of D-amino acids on Staphylococcus aureus biofilm development. Allon Hochbaum*, Ilana Kolodkin-Gal*, Roberto Kolter4, Joanna Aizenberg, Richard Losick . J Bacteriol 193: 5616-22* Equal contribution 13. A Self-produced Trigger for Biofilm Disassembly that Targets Exopolysaccharide * Ilana Kolodkin-Gal, *Shugeng Cao, Liraz Chai, Roberto Kolter, John Clardy and Richard Losick. Cell. 49(3):684-92. *Equal contribution 14 .Osmotic pressure can regulate matrix gene expression in Bacillus subtilis. Ilana Kolodkin-Gal*, Rubinstein SM* Liraz Chai, Roberto Kolter, Richard Losick and David A, Weitz. *Equal contribution. Mol Microb. In press 15.Synthesis and Activity of biomimetic Biofilm Disruptors Thomas Böttcher , Ilana Kolodkin-Gal, Roberto Kolter, John Clardy and Richard Losick. JACS, In press 16. Respiration Control of Multicellularity in Bacillus subtilis by a Complex of the Cytochrome Chain with a Membrane-Embedded Histidine Kinase. Ilana Kolodkin-Gal, Alexander K.W. Elsholz, Christine Muth, Peter R.Girguis, Roberto Kolter, and Richard Losick. Genes and Development, revised 17. Under minor revision: Quorum Sensing Peptides Mediate Interspecies Bacterial Cell Death. Sathish Kumar* ,Ilana Kolodkin-Gal*, and Hanna Engelberg-Kulka. *Equal contribution. Mbio Awards 2010 HFSP LTF-post doctoral fellowship 2009 Awarded National Postdoctoral Program for Advancing Women in Science award for outstanding achievements in studies and research 2009 Awarded 2009 Katzir Award of the Hebrew University for the best Ph.D student in Empirical Science. 2009 Awarded summa cum laude in PhD in Microbiology. 2009 EMBO LTF- post-doctoral fellowship 2009 Awarded 2009 Faculty prize for PhD thesis. 2007 Dean's award for excellence during Ph.D. studies. 2006 Israeli Academic Woman Organization Award. Patents 1. Kolodkin-Gal I , Engelberg-Kulka H. Antibacterial peptides and methods of treating disease using same. Patent No. PCT/IL2008/000039. 2. Kolodkin-Gal I , Engelberg-Kulka H. Identification of Bacillus subtilis and Pseudomonas aeriginosa peptides inducing bacterial cell death. Declaration of invention. 3. Richard Losick, Jon Clardy, Roberto G. Kolter, Ilana Kolodkin, Diego Romero, and Shugeng Cao. D -amino acids as anti-biofilm agents.    Provisional Patent Application No. 61/293/414 4. Richard Losick, Jon Clardy, Roberto G. Kolter, Ilana Kolodkin, Liraz Chai, and Shugeng Cao. Norspermidine act as an antibiofilm agent. Preliminary Assessment of Patentability

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