273. Human Rhinovirus Detection by Multiplex PCR Assays: An Experience in a Single Tertiary Medical Center
Session: Poster Abstract Session: Diagnostic Microbiology; Novel Molecular Methods
Thursday, October 3, 2013
Room: The Moscone Center: Poster Hall C
Background: Human rhinovirus (HRV) is one of the most common etiologic agents of acute respiratory infections and a multiplex PCR assay is widely used as a sensitive and rapid tool in detection of respiratory viruses.A new HRV lineage, HRV-C has been identified in infants and immunocompromised patients by molecular methods. In this study, recently developed multiplex real-time PCR kit (Anyplex II RV16 [RV16]; Seegene, South Korea) and multiplex endpoint PCR kit (Seeplex RV12 ACE detection kit [RV12]; Seegene) were performed and identification of human  rhinovirus was evaluated.

Methods: A total of 208 respiratory specimens were tested by Anyplex II RV16 and Seeplex RV12 ACE, simultaneously. The specimens with discrepant identifications were re-tested and sequencing was performed to confirm the final results.

Results: Of 208 specimens, HRV was identified in 20 specimensand 13 specimens (18.7% and 18.6% of the total respiratory viruses detected) by Anyplex II RV16 and Seeplex RV12 ACE, respectively. Thirty-nine specimens showed discrepant results including 10 specimens with detection of rhinovirus only in Anyplex II RV16. Re-test of 35 specimens revealed 8 specimens with rhinovirus detected by Anyplex II RV16, but not by Seeplex RV12 ACE and 2 specimens were of coinfection (identification of more than 1 virus). The rhinoviruses identified by Anyplex II RV16 were all typed as rhinovirus C by sequencing.The specimens with identification of rhinovirus C were collected from immunocompromised patients who had acute respiratory illnesses implying clinical significance of the respiratory virus identification.

Conclusion: HRVs were identified in about 10% of the patients with acute respiratory infection.Rhinovirus C comprised 40% of the detected HRVs, which was detected byAnyplex II RV16, a novel multiplex real-time PCR kit. Considering the importance of virus identification in respiratory infections, detection of rhinovirus C is of value, which needs to be further evaluated.

Ji Yeon Sung, M.D., Yae Sil Seok, M.T., Eun Kyung Ra, M.T., Moon-Woo Seong, M.D. and Sung Sup Park, M.D., Laboratory Medicine, Seoul National University Hospital, Seoul, South Korea


J. Y. Sung, Seegene: Manufacturer, Research support

Y. S. Seok, Seegene: Manufacturer, Research support

E. K. Ra, Seegene: Manufacturer, Research support

M. W. Seong, Seegene: Manufacturer, Research support

S. S. Park, Seegene: Manufacturer, Research support

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