Poster Abstract Session:
122. Stewardship: Implementing Programs
Friday, October 4, 2013: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: The Moscone Center: Poster Hall C

Tracks: Epidemiology and Infection Control


Antimicrobial Stewardship Programs in Minnesota Hospitals
Lindsey Lesher, MPH ; Jane Harper, BSN, MS, CIC ; Linn Warnke, RN, MPH ; Jean Rainbow, RN, MPH ; Ruth Lynfield, MD
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    Implementing an “Antibiotic Timeout” as an Antimicrobial Stewardship Initiative at an Academic Medical Center
    Kurt Stevenson, MD, MPH ; Jessica E. West, MSPH ; Meredith Deutscher, MD ; Mark Lustberg, MD, PhD ; Matthew Exline, MD ; Leslie Andritsos, MD ; Kimberly Tartaglia, MD ; Curt Walker, PhD ; Whitney Whitis, BS ; James M. Martin, BS

    Healthcare Providers’ Use of an Antibiotic Time Out for Antibiotic Stewardship in Inpatient Settings
    Jorie Butler, PhD ; Charlene Weir, PhD ; Christopher Graber, MD, MPH ; Matthew Samore, MD ; Makoto Jones, MD, MS ; Peter Glassman, MBBS, MSc ; Matthew Bidwell Goetz, MD

    A Cluster Randomized Trial of Two Strategies to Improve Antibiotic Use in Patients with Complicated Urinary Tract Infections
    Veroniek Spoorenberg, Drs, MD ; Marlies E.J.L. Hulscher, Professor ; Ronald B. Geskus, PhD ; Theo M. De Reijke, MD, PhD ; Brent C. Opmeer, PhD ; Jan M. Prins, Professor, MD ; Suzanne Geerlings, MD, PhD
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    Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Development in a Long-Term Care Facility
    Jane Harper, BSN, MS, CIC ; Lindsey Lesher, MPH ; Aaron DeVries, MD, MPH ; Linn Warnke, RN, MPH ; Ruth Lynfield, MD

    Potential Benchmarks for Empiric Antibiotic (ABX) De-escalation: Frequency at a tertiary care medical center with an established antimicrobial stewardship program (ASP)
    Peter Liu, MD ; Christopher Ohl, MD ; James Johnson, PharmD ; John Williamson, PharmD ; James Beardsley, PharmD ; Vera Luther, MD
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  • 985
    Comparative-effectiveness of a Multifaceted Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in a Large, Urban, Healthcare System
    Katherine Shea, PharmD ; Theresa Jaso, PharmD ; Jack Bissett, MD ; Gordon Huth, MD ; Christopher R. Frei, PharmD, MSc

    Missed Opportunities for Cultures During Operating Room Procedures
    Mankpondehou Djevi, MD ; Gregory A. Filice, MD

    Development of Generic Quality Indicators for Antibiotic Treatment in Hospitalized Adults
    Caroline M.A. Van Den Bosch, MD ; Marlies E.J.L. Hulscher, Professor ; Stephanie Natsch, PhD ; Jan M. Prins, Professor, MD ; Suzanne Geerlings, MD, PhD

    Antimicrobial Stewardship for Catheter-Associated Urinary Tract Infections:  Early Impact of Guideline Implementation
    Christine Ciaramella, PharmD ; Marco Scipione, PharmD ; Yanina Dubrovskaya, PharmD ; Donald Chen, MD ; Steven Bock, RN ; John Papadopoulos, PharmD ; Sapna Mehta, MD

    A Modified Audit and Feedback Approach Increases Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Visibility in a Resource-limited Setting
    Pavani Reddy, MD ; Peter Stotland, MD MSc, FRCSC ; Irv Feferman, MD ; Neelesh Jain, MD ; Sumit Raybardhan, BSc Phm, MPH

    Outcomes of a Pharmacist-Driven Antimicrobial Stewardship Program in a Long-Term Acute Care Hospital Network
    Joseph Gastaldo, MD ; Kurt Streepy, RPh, CGP ; Chris Marshall, RPh, MBA ; Amanda Dawson, PhD ; Antony Grigonis, PhD ; Amy Sandhu-Kahn, RPh ; Mary Burkett, RN, MS ; Lisa Snyder, MD, MPH

    Impact of an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP) on Antimicrobial Use and Infectious Disease (ID) Consultation
    Haley Morrill, PharmD ; Aisling Caffrey, MS, PhD ; Russell J. Mcculloh, MD ; Dennis Riley, RPh ; Patricia Cristofaro, MD ; Melissa Gaitanis, MD ; Kerry Laplante, PharmD
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  • Risk Factors For Treatment of Asymptomatic Bacteruria: Does an Educational Intervention Reduce Unnecessary Treatment?
    Annie Brooks, PharmD ; Neal Irfan, PharmD ; Siraj Mithoowani, BSc ; Daniel J Lee, BHSc ; Alexander Carducci, BSc ; Steve Celetti, MS ; Allan Cheng, BSc ; Dominik Mertz, MD, MSc

    Global Impact Of An Antimicrobial Stewardship Program At A 430 Bedded Tertiary Care Hospital In The United Arab Emirates (UAE)
    Rayhan Hashmey, MBBS ; Asad Khan, MBBS ; Aqeel Saleem, MBBS ; Kholoud Jamal ; Dalal Mansouri ; Yousuf Naqvi, MBBS
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  • Early Development of a Provincial Antimicrobial Stewardship Support Model:  A Needs Assessment Survey of Ontario Hospitals
    Pavani Reddy, MD ; Colleen Nisbet, RN MHSc ; Liz Van Horne, CIC ; Sudha Kutty ; Karen Sequeira ; Camille Lemieux, BSc Phm, MD ; Gary Garber, MD, FACP, FIDSA

    Utilizing Procalcitonin Levels to Augment a Pharmacist Driven Antimicrobial Stewardship Program
    Jeff Brock, Pharm D. MBA ; Kelly Percival, Pharm D. ; Aneesa Afroze, MD
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  • Modified reporting of positive urine cultures from non-catheterized inpatients as a strategy to reduce antimicrobial therapy for asymptomatic bacteriuria: a controlled time series analysis
    Jerome Leis, MD ; Gabriel Rebick, MD ; Nick Daneman, MD, MSc ; Wayne Gold, MD, FRCPC ; Pauline Lo ; Susan Poutanen, MD FRCP(C) ; Mirek Otremba, MD ; Kaveh Shojania, MD ; Allison McGeer, MD, MSc, FRCPC, FSHEA

    Development of an Antibiotic Spectrum Score (SpSc) to Measure Antibiotic De-escalation (AD) Based Upon Perceptions of Antibiotic Stewards (AS) Obtained Through a Modified Delphi Method
    Karl Madaras-Kelly, PharmD, M.P.H. ; Richard E. Remington, M.S. ; Makoto Jones, MD, MS ; Nicole Hill, PhD ; Benedikt Huttner, MD ; Matthew Samore, MD

    Impact of Two Different Antimicrobial Stewardship Methods on Frequency of Streamlining Antimicrobials Agents in Patients with Bacteremia
    Jennifer Lukaszewicz, PharmD ; Jimish Mehta, PharmD ; Ebbing Lautenbach, MD, MPH, MSCE ; Keith Hamilton, MD ; Shawn Binkley, PharmD ; Daniel Timko, PharmD, BCPS ; Steven Morgan, PharmD, BCPS, AQID ; David Pegues, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA
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  • Answering the Call for Antimicrobial Stewardship in Oregon
    Robert F. Arao, MPH ; Ann Thomas, MD, MPH ; Zintars G. Beldavs, MS ; Melissa Parkerton, MA ; Lynne Strasfeld, MD ; Shahrzad Mohammadi, MPH ; Graeme Forrest, MBBS
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  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Initiative to Evaluate Indications for Antimicrobial Ordering
    Jeremy Taylor, PharmD, BCPS ; Jessica E. West, MSPH ; Meredith Deutscher, MD ; Mark Lustberg, MD, PhD ; David Smeenk, RPh ; Crystal Tubbs, Pharm D ; Kurt Stevenson, MD, MPH

    Knowledge of How to Manage Asymptomatic Bacteriuria Improves with Level of Training
    Aanand Naik, MD ; Sylvia Hysong, PhD ; Deborah Horwitz, MS, PA-C ; Nancy J. Petersen, MD, MPH ; Barbara W. Trautner, MD, PhD

    The Safety of Cefazolin for Pre-operative Prophylaxis in Patients with Reported Beta-lactam Allergies
    Rupali Jain, PharmD ; Meredith Holmes, PharmD ; Bala Nair, MD ; Drew Ayars, MD ; E. Patchen Dellinger, MD ; Gene Peterson, MD ; Paul Pottinger, MD
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  • Antimicrobial Stewardship Program Development and Enhancement in Small Hospitals and Rural Hospitals, California 2011-2012
    Kavita K. Trivedi, MD ; Mary Nennig, RN, BSN ; N. Neely Kazerouni, DrPH, MPH ; Jon Rosenberg, MD
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  • Urinary Tract Infections in Male Veterans with HIV
    Caitlin Eccles-Radtke, MD ; Dimitri M. Drekonja, MD, MS ; Thomas S. Rector, PhD

    Lessons Learned from Implementation of Clostridium difficile focused Antibiotic Stewardship
    Belinda Ostrowsky, MD, MPH ; Shakara Brown, MPH ; Philip Chung, PharmD, MS ; Raphael Ruiz, PhD ; Elisa Koppelman, MSW ; Carol Van Deusen Lukas, Ed.D. ; Yi Guo, PharmD ; Hillary Jalon ; Zeynep Sumer ; Cynthia Araujo ; Ismail Sirtalan, PhD ; Claire Brown, MD ; Paul Riska, MD ; Brian P. Currie, MD, MPH

    Impact of an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program (ASP) on Antimicrobial Usage and Incidence of Clostridium difficile Infections (CDI) at a Teaching Hospital
    Jennifer Anthone, PharmD ; Renuga Vivekanandan, MD ; Cezarina Mindru, MD ; Karim Ali, MD ; Mir Ali, MD ; Edward Horowitz, MD ; Marvin Bittner, MD ; Gary Gorby, MD ; Chris Destache, PharmD ; Laurel Preheim, MD

    Clinical Utility of Rectal Swabs as a Predictor of Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcal Infections Requiring Antibiotic Treatment
    Niyati Vakil, PharmD ; Alexander Levine, PharmD ; Christopher Lyman, PharmD ; Hsin Lin, PharmD ; Kelly Newman, PharmD ; Daniel Yeh, MD ; David Hooper, MD ; Christy Varughese, PharmD

    Effectiveness of a pharmacist managed vancomycin dosing protocol in achieving therapeutic levels in a Community Medical Center
    Sweta Patel ; Luigi Brunetti, PharmD, MPH ; Robert Segal, MD ; Julie Kalabalik, PharmD, BCPS ; Ronald Nahass, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA
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  • Does Size Matter? Variation in Antimicrobial Use in the Largest not for Profit Health System in the United States
    Roy Guharoy, PharmD, MBA ; Diane Mends, MHA ; Michelle Heavens, BSN, MHA ; Mohamad Fakih, MD, MPH
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  • Antibiotic Prescribing for Acute Respiratory Infections Increases as the Clinic Session Wears On
    Jeffrey Linder, MD, MPH, FACP ; Jason Doctor, PhD ; Mark Friedberg, MD, MPP ; Harry Reyes Nieva ; Caroline Birks, MD ; James Falcone ; Yelena Kleyner ; Daniella Meeker, PhD ; Craig Fox, PhD
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  • The Value of ID Consultation for Staphylococcus aureus (SA) Bacteremia
    Brittany Fries, PharmD ; Diana Salazar, MD ; Carmelo Licitra, MD ; Antonio Crespo, MD ; Kauser Akhter, MD ; Mary T. Busowski, MD ; Mark R. Wallace, MD

    Provider Attitudes and Behaviors for Antibiotic Prescribing in the Emergency Department (ED)
    Larissa May, MD, MSPH ; Gillian Brooks ; Paige Armstrong, MD, MS ; Rahul Bhat, MD ; Gregory Moran, MD ; Kristen Breslin, MD, MPH ; Lisa Schwartz, EdD ; Sara Cosgrove, MD, MS, FIDSA, FSHEA ; Richard Rothman, MD, PhD ; Cynthia Rand, PhD

    Assessment of physicians’ knowledge and practice regarding antibiotic use for asymptomatic bacteriuria
    Myung Jin Lee, MD ; Younghee Jung, MD ; Moonsuk Kim, MD ; Shinhye Cheon, MD ; Chung-Jong Kim, MD ; Nak-Hyun Kim, MD ; Kyoung-Ho Song ; Pyoeng Gyun Choe, MD ; Ji-Hwan Bang, MD, PhD ; Wan Beom Park, MD, PhD ; Eu Suk Kim ; Sang-Won Park, MD, PhD ; Nam Joong Kim, MD, PhD ; Myoung-Don Oh, MD, PhD ; Hong Bin Kim

    Biweekly Case Audit with Concurrent Intensivist Feedback to Improve Antimicrobial Use in a Medical Intensive Care Unit
    Sarah Rebecca Peglow, MD ; Rosie D. Lyles-Banks, MD, MHA ; Haris Khan, BA ; David N. Schwartz, MD
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  • Tailored Empiric Antibiotic Prescribing Tool Addresses Gaps in Infectious Diseases Knowledge and Improves Trainee Prescribing Choices
    Priya Nori, MD ; Belinda Ostrowsky, MD, MPH ; Yi Guo, PharmD ; Philip Chung, PharmD, MS ; Shara Epstein, MD ; Jean Mensz, MD ; Shakara Brown, MPH ; Iona Munjal, MD

    Reducing Co-administration of Proton Pump Inhibitors and Antimicrobials Through an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program at a Large Urban Community Hospital
    Suzanne Gill, BscPhm ; Grace Ho, BscPhm, ACPR ; Janine Mccready, MD, FRCPC ; Pieter Jugovic, MD, FRCPC ; Jeff Powis, MD, MSc, FRCPC
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  • Physicians’ Justifications for Prescribing Antibiotics to Patients with Acute Respiratory Infections
    Mark Friedberg, MD, MPP ; Jeffrey Linder, MD, MPH, FACP ; Caroline Birks, MD ; Daniella Meeker, PhD ; Jason Doctor, PhD

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