Poster Abstract Session:
60. Public Health
Thursday, October 3, 2013: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: The Moscone Center: Poster Hall C

Tracks: Adult ID, Pediatric ID


Economic Impact of a Public Health Response to a Measles Case — New York, 2012
Nina Ahmad, MD ; Donna Demeter ; James Nerone ; Debra Blog, MD, MPH ; Cynthia Schulte, RN, BSN ; Elizabeth Rausch-Phung, MD ; Preeta Kutty, MD ; Ismael Ortega-Sanchez, PhD

National Surveillance for Acute Gastroenteritis Outbreaks through the National Outbreak Reporting System, United States, 2009–2010
Aron J. Hall, DVM, MSPH ; Mary E. Wikswo, MPH ; Karunya Manikonda, MPH ; Virginia A. Roberts, MSPH ; Jonathan S. Yoder, MSW, MPH ; L. Hannah Gould, PhD
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    Sparing of Pregnant Women During a Large Listeriosis Outbreak — Colorado, August–October 2011
    Maho Imanishi, VMD, MPH ; Janell Routh, MD, MHS ; Marigny Klaber, MSc ; Michelle Vanselow, MD ; Weidong Gu, MD, PhD ; Kelly Jackson, MPH ; Loretta Sullivan-Chang, MD, MPH ; Neena Jaine, MD MSTPH ; Gretchen Heinrichs, MD ; Bernadette Albanese, MD, MPH ; Barbara E. Mahon, MD, MPH ; Benjamin Silk, PhD, MPH
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    Detecting Hidden Outbreaks of Domestically-Acquired Typhoid Fever — United States, 1999–2010
    Maho Imanishi, VMD, MPH ; Anna Newton, MPH ; Gladys Gonzalez-Aviles, MS ; Magdalena Kendall, MPH ; Karunya Manikonda, MPH ; Nikki Maxwell, MSPH ; Jessica Halpin, MS ; Molly Freeman, PhD ; Tracy Ayers, MS ; Gordana Derado, PhD ; Barbara E. Mahon, MD, MPH ; Antonio R. Vieira, DVM, PhD, MPH ; Eric D. Mintz, MD, MPH
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    West Nile Outbreak in Dallas County, Texas, 2012
    Wendy M. Chung, MD, MSPH ; Sibeso N. Joyner, MPH ; Sonya M. Hughes, MPH ; Christen M. Buseman, PhD, MPH ; Elizabeth Smith, RN ; Taye Derse, MD, MPH ; James P. Luby, MD ; Robert W. Haley, MD

    Findings from the First Year of Population-Based Active Surveillance for Legionellosis -- United States, 2011
    Kathleen Dooling, MD, MPH ; Karrie-Ann E Toews, MPH ; Lauri Hicks, DO ; Laurel Garrison, MPH ; L. Rand Carpenter, DVM ; Erin Parker, MPH ; Susan Petit, MPH ; A. Thomas, MD, MPH ; Ruth Lynfield, MD ; Stepy Thomas, MSPH ; Robert Mansmann, MPH ; Benjamin White, MPH ; Greg Giambrone, MS ; Rene Najera, MT, MPH ; Gayle E. Langley, MD, MPH

    Trends in Racial Disparities in Seroprevalence of Herpes Simplex Virus Type 2 among Persons Aged 14-49—United States, 1988-2010
    Robyn Neblett Fanfair, MD, MPH ; Akbar Zaidi, PhD ; Lashan Taylor, DrPH, MPH, MS ; Fujie Xu, MD, PhD ; Lauri Markowitz, MD

    Adult Herpes Zoster and Post-herpetic Neuralgia from Two Active Surveillance Sites, 2006-2010
    Rachel Civen, MD, MPH ; Kendra Viner, PhD, MPH ; Stephanie R. Bialek, MD, MPH ; Chengbin Wang, PhD ; Dana Perella, MSPH ; Laurene Mascola, MD, MPH

    Recurrent Group B Streptococcus (GBS) Infections among Non-Pregnant Adults, Minnesota (MN), 1998-2009
    Corinne Holtzman, MPH ; Catherine Lexau, PhD, MPH, RN ; Kathryn Como-Sabetti, MPH ; Richard Danila, PhD MPH ; Ruth Lynfield, MD

    Rapid and Coordinated Response to Human Rabies in a Maryland Transplant Recipient — 2013
    Maria Said, MD, MHS ; David Blythe, MD, MPH ; Kimberly Mitchell, MPH ; Fred Gordin, MD ; Virginia L. Kan, MD ; Timothy Burgess, MD, MPH ; Shawn Clausen, MD, MPH ; Richard Franka, DVM, PhD ; Katherine Feldman, DVM, MPH

    Incidence of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in the Outpatient Setting of the Veterans Health Administration, 2011
    John M. Mclaughlin, PhD, MSPH ; Kristina Kintziger, PhD, MPH ; Stephen Kagan, MD, FACP ; Stephanie Baer, MD
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    Trends in Tuberculosis Incidence among Nursing Home Residents, California, 2000-2009
    Katherine Robsky, MPH ; Amit Chitnis, MD, MPH ; Gisela Schecter, MD, MPH ; Pennan Barry, MD, MPH

    What’s Going Around? The Use of Electronic Health Records to Perform Context-Specific Real-Time Syndromic Surveillance
    Jessica P. Ridgway, MD ; Eric C. Brown, PhD ; Chad Konchak ; Ari Robicsek, MD
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    A Mobile Phone App to Enhance Communication between ID Physicians and Members of the Public Health Community
    Dolan Murphy, BS ; Matthew Adamczyk ; James F. Cremer, PhD ; Susan E. Beekmann, RN, MPH ; Philip M. Polgreen, MD

    Epidemiology and Early Clinical Presentations of Invasive Group A Streptococcal Diseases
    Roberto P. Santos, MD, MSc ; Nancy L. Spina, MPH ; Danielle S. Abraham, MPH, CSTE Fellow ; Debra A. Simmerly, RN CIC ; Shelley M. Zansky, PhD ; Sarah L. Elmendorf, MD

    Economic Impacts of Hospital-associated Acute Respiratory Tract Infections
    Pasri Maharom, MD ; Justin Lessler, PhD ; Trish M. Perl, MD, MSc, FIDSA, FSHEA
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