Poster Abstract Session:
180. Fungal Infections
Saturday, October 5, 2013: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: The Moscone Center: Poster Hall C


Role of Pentaxrin 3 in differentiating invasive aspergillosis (IA) from Aspergillus colonization (Ac) in lung transplant recipients
Dima Kabbani, MD ; Lianne Singer, MD ; Taisa Pipkin ; Coleman Rotstein, MD ; Tony Mazzulli, MD ; Shahid Husain, MD, MS
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  • Candidemia Surveillance in Iowa
    Eiyu Matsumoto, MB ; Shailesh Tendolkar ; Jennifer Mcdanel, MS ; Linda Boyken ; Michael Pfaller, MD ; Daniel J. Diekema, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA
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  • Activity of echinocandins and triazoles against a contemporary (2012) worldwide collection of yeast and moulds collected from invasive infections
    Mariana Castanheira ; Shawn Messer ; Paul Rhomberg ; Rachel Dietrich ; Ronald Jones, MD ; Michael Pfaller, MD
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  • Phaeohyphomycosis in Immunocompromised and Immunocompetent Host: A Comparison of Characteristics and Treatment Outcome
    Siriorn Watcharananan, MD ; Alissara Anannub, M.D. ; Yingluck Visessiri, M.D. ; Ploysyne Rattanakaemakorn, M.D.

    Safety and Efficacy of Intravenous Voriconazole for Invasive Aspergillosis in Patients with Impaired Renal Function
    So-Youn Park, MD ; Hyo-Lim Hong, MD ; Sang-Oh Lee, MD ; Sang-Ho Choi, MD ; Yang Soo Kim, MD ; Jun Hee Woo, MD, PhD ; Sung-Han Kim, MD

    Time to Positivity of Blood Cultures of Different Candida species Causing Candidemia
    Song Mi Moon, MD ; Su Young Kim, M.D. ; Kang Lock Lee, M.D. ; Yoon Soo Park, M.D. ; Yong Kyun Cho, M.D.

    Overtreatment of Candiduria in an Academic Medical Center
    Marjorie Conant, MD ; Rex Lim, MD ; Kamaljit Singh, MD ; Caroline J. Thurlow, MD ; Christopher Crank, PharmD, ; Laurie Proia, MD
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  • Routine Electrolyte Supplementation Improves Survival During Amphotericin Therapy for Cryptococcal Meningitis in Resource-Limited Settings
    Nathan Bahr, MD ; Melissa Rolfes, MPH ; Abdu Musubire, MMed ; Henry Nabeta, MBChB ; Darlisha Williams, MPH ; David Meya, MMed ; David Boulware, MD, MPH
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  • The Effect of Therapeutic Lumbar Punctures on Acute Mortality from Cryptococcal Meningitis
    Melissa Rolfes, MPH ; Joshua Rhein, MD ; Katherine Huppler Hullsiek, PhD ; Henry Nabeta, MBChB ; Kabanda Taseera ; Charlotte Schutz ; Radha Rajasingham ; Darlisha Williams, MPH ; David Meya ; Conrad Muzoora, MD ; Graeme Meintjes, MD ; David Boulware, MD, MPH

    What is the currently effective treatment for human pythiosis: combination therapy, surgery, antifungal agents or immunotherapy?
    Nitipong Permpalung, M.D. ; Leilani Paitoonpong, MD, M.Sc. ; Rongpong Plongla, M.D., M.Sc. ; Navaporn Worasilchai, M.Sc ; Ariya Chindamporn, Ph.D.
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  • Epidemiology of Bacteremia in an HIV-infected Cohort with Cryptococcal Meningitis
    Radha Rajasingham ; James Scriven ; Darlisha Williams, MPH ; David Meya ; Graeme Meintjes, MD ; David Boulware, MD, MPH

    Severity of the Candidemia and Surveillance of Candida species in Critically Ill Patients
    Guadalupe Aguirre-Avalos, PhD, MD ; Mónica A. Camarena-Naranjo, MD ; Nancy G. Canela-Bautista, MD ; Adriana E. Rosas-Pérez, MD ; Pavel E. Aguilera-González, MD ; Fabio Carabez-Andrade, MD ; Julio C. Mijangos-Méndez, MD ; Antonio G. Rojas-Sánchez, MD ; Federico Corona-Jiménez, MD ; Hilario Coronado-Magaña, MD ; Gerardo Amaya-Tapia, PhD

    Cumulative Intravenous Lipid Emulsion Infusion and Infection Risk
    Mark Decerbo, PharmD, BCPS, BCNSP ; Michelle Lew, Pharm.D./MBA Candidate 2013 ; Monica Ramirez, Pharm.D. ; Debra Bowersox, Pharm.D. ; Mansi Shah, Pharm.D.

    Antifungal Prophylaxis Associated with Decreased Induction Mortality Rates in Children with New Onset Acute Myeloid Leukemia
    Brian Fisher, DO, MPH, MSCE ; Marko Kavcic, MD ; Yimei Li, PhD ; Alix Seif, MD, MPH ; Rochelle Bagatell, MD ; Yuan-Shung Huang, MS ; Theoklis Zaoutis, MD, MSCE ; Kari Torp ; Kateri Leckerman, MS ; Richard Aplenc, MD, PhD

    Posaconazole Serum Concentrations for Salvage Treatment and Prevention of Invasive Fungal Infections in Immunocompromised Patients
    Aimee Keegan, PharmD ; James Ito, MD ; Bernard Tegtmeier, PhD ; Sanjeet Dadwal, MD ; Jane Kriengkauykiat, PharmD

    Combination anti-fungal therapy is not associated with improved survival in patients with  invasive mucormycosis
    Maheen Abidi, MD ; Muhammad R. Sohail, MD ; Nathan Cummins, MD ; Mark Wilhelm, MD ; Nancy L. Wengenack, PhD ; Lisa Brumble, MD ; Harshal Shah, M.D. ; D. Jane Hata ; Ann E. McCullough, MD ; Amy Wendel Spiczka ; Shimon Kusne, MD ; Brian Lahr, MS ; Randall C. Walker, MD
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  • Histoplasmosis in patients with cell-mediated immunodeficiency:  HIV infection, organ transplantation, or TNF-? inhibition
    Keith Luckett, MD ; Lora Thomas, MD ; Geraldine Miller, MD ; Sydney Hester, MD ; Stephen Dummer, MD
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    Dimitrios Farmakiotis, MD ; Ana M. Ciurea, MD ; Dimitrios P. Kontoyiannis, MD

    Methylprednisolone (MP) Enhances the Growth of Exserohilum rostratum in Vitro and Increases Death in a Fly Model
    Peguy Saad, MD ; Nathaniel Albert, BS ; David Perlin, PhD ; Fazal Shirazi, PhD ; Dimitrios Farmakiotis, MD ; Emmanuel Roilides, PhD ; Thomas Walsh, MD, FIDSA ; Dimitrios Kontoyiannis, MD, ScD, FIDSA

    Fungal Phagosome Maturation is Controlled by the ß-1,3-glucan receptor, Dectin-1
    Michael Mansour, M.D., Ph.D. ; Jenny Tam, Ph.D. ; Jennifer Reedy, MD, PhD ; Nida Khan, B.S. ; Srav Puranam ; Zeina Dagher, PhD ; David Sykes, MD, PhD ; Anna Sokolovska, PhD ; Christine Becker, PhD ; Antoine Tanne, PhD ; Lynda Stuart, MD, PhD ; Jatin M. Vyas, M.D., Ph.D.

    Non-Candida Fungal Wound Cultures in a Regional Burn Intensive Care Unit, 2008-2012
    Parker Fillmore, MD, MPH ; Geeta Sood, MD ; Leigh Ann Price, MD ; Jonathan M. Zenilman, MD, FIDSA ; Zeina Khouri-Stevens, PhD, RN ; Stefan Riedel, MD, PhD ; Stephen Milner, MBBS, BDS, DSc (Hon), FRCS (Ed), FACS

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