Poster Abstract Session:
119. Respiratory Infections
Friday, October 4, 2013: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: The Moscone Center: Poster Hall C


Comparing Clinical Characteristics Between Hospitalized Adults With Laboratory-confirmed Influenza A and B Virus Infection, 2005-2012
Su Su, MSc, MPH ; Sandra Chaves, MD, MSc ; Alejandro Perez, MPH ; Tiffany D'mello, MPH, MBA ; Pam Daily, MPH ; Lisa Miller, MD, MSPH ; Kimberly Yousey-Hindes, MPH, CPH ; Monica Farley, MD ; Leslie Tengelsen, PhD, DVM ; Meghan Harris, MPH, MPA ; Patricia Ryan, MS ; Craig Morin, MPH ; Ruth Lynfield, MD ; Emily Hancock, MS ; Shelley M. Zansky, PhD ; Brian Fowler, MPH ; Kristy Bradley, DVM, MPH ; Ann Thomas, MD, MPH ; Ananda Bandyopadhyay, MBBS, MPH ; Vickie Horan ; William Shaffner ; Mary Lou Lindegren ; Alicia Fry, MD, MPH

Clinical Outcomes of Patients with Diabetes Mellitus Hospitalized with Community-Acquired Pneumonia: Results from the Community-Acquired Pneumonia Organization (CAPO) International Cohort Study
Ruby Gupta, MD ; Hadi Harati, MD ; Patricia Fernandez, MD ; Patricio Jimenez, MD ; Paula Peyrani, MD ; Timothy L. Wiemken, PhD, MPH, CIC ; Steve Burdettte, MD ; Phillip Schuetz, MD ; Sebastian Haubitz, MD ; Julio Ramirez, MD ; Jose Bordon, MD, PhD

Outpatient Proton Pump Inhibitor Therapy and Risk of Community-Acquired Pneumonia: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
Trevor Crowell, MD ; Jennifer Lam, MPH ; Cesar Ugarte-Gil, MD, MSc ; Julie Paik, MD ; M. Bradley Drummond, MD, MHS ; Allison Lambert, MD
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  • 891
    Does Bacterial Infection Cause Post-Obstructive Pneumonia (POP)?
    Daniel Musher, MD, FIDSA ; Rahul Sampath, MD ; Carlo Zuno, MD ; Michael Abers, MD ; Barcleigh Sandvall, MD ; Nancy Logan ; Charles Stager, PhD

    Burden of Community Acquired Pneumonia and Invasive Pneumococcal Disease amongst Hospitalized Canadian Adults: A Public Health Agency of Canada/Canadian Institutes of Health Research (PCIRN) Serious Outcomes Surveillance Network Study
    Shelly Mcneil, MD, FIDSA ; Ardith Ambrose, RN ; Melissa Andrew, MD, PhD ; Guy Boivin, MD ; William Bowie, MD, FRCPC ; May Elsherif, MD ; Karen Green, MSc ; Todd Hatchette, MD ; Jennie Johnstone, MD ; Jason Leblanc, PhD ; Mark Loeb, MD, MSc ; Donna Mackinnon-Cameron, MMath ; Thomas Marrie, MD ; Anne Mccarthy, MD, MSc ; Allison McGeer, MD, MSc, FRCPC, FSHEA ; Makeda Semret, MD ; Grant Stiver, MD ; Sylvie Trottier, MD ; Louis Valiquette, MD, MSc ; Hongyue Wang, MSc ; Duncan Webster, MD ; Lingyun Ye, PhD

    Treating Healthcare-Associated Pneumonia (HCAP) Requires Therapy Against P. aeruginosa and Methicillin-resistant S. aureus (MRSA)
    Stephen Vickery, PharmD ; Johnson James, PharmD ; James Beardsley, PharmD ; John Williamson, PharmD ; Christopher Ohl, MD ; Vera Luther, MD
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  • 895
    Macrolide Immunomodulation and Clinical Outcomes in Hospitalized Patients with Community-Acquired Pneumonia
    Forest W. Arnold, DO, MSc ; Julio A. Ramirez, MD ; Rafael Fernandez-Botran, PhD ; Madhavi Rane, PhD ; Silvia Uriarte, PhD ; Robert Kelley, PhD ; Timothy L. Wiemken, PhD, MPH, CIC ; Paula Peyrani, MD ; Jose Bordon, MD, PhD
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  • 896
    Experience with Legionella Pneumonia during a County Wide Outbreak
    Ami Patel, MD ; Eliahu Bishburg, MD ; Monica Shah, Pharm D ; Nelson Airewele, MD ; Christian Engell, MD

    Influenza-like illness, the time to seek health care, and influenza antiviral receipt among adults at high risk for influenza complications during the 2010–11 influenza season — United States
    Matthew Biggerstaff, MPH ; Michael A. Jhung, MD, MPH ; Carrie Reed, DSc, MPH ; Alicia Fry, MD, MPH ; Lina Balluz, ScD, MPH ; Lyn Finelli, DrPH, MS

    Incidence of Community-acquired Pneumonia (CAP) Hospitalizations among Children and Adults in the United States: Data from the CDC Etiology of Pneumonia in the Community (EPIC) Study
    Seema Jain, MD ; Sandra R. Arnold, MD ; Derek J. Williams, MD, MPH ; Krow Ampofo, MD ; Wesley H. Self, MD, MPH ; Christopher Trabue, MD ; Robert Balk, MD ; Sherene Fakhran, MD, MPH ; Anna M. Bramley, MPH ; Carrie Reed, DSc, MPH ; Evan J. Anderson, MD ; Carlos G. Grijalva, MD, MPH ; Yuwei Zhu, MD, MS ; Chris Stockmann, MSc ; Robert A. Kaufman, MD ; Anami Patel, PhD ; Weston Hymas, MS, MB(ASCP) ; James D. Chappell, MD, PhD ; Chao Qi, PhD ; Mark Courtney, MD ; David Hillyard, MD ; Dean Erdman, Dr PH ; Jonas M. Winchell, PhD ; Maria Da Gloria Carvalho, PhD ; Stephen Lindstrom, PhD ; Matthew Moore, MD, MPH ; Eileen Schneider, MD, MPH ; Lauri Hicks, DO ; Andrew Pavia, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA ; Jonathan A. Mccullers, MD ; Richard G. Wunderink, MD ; Kathryn Edwards, MD, FIDSA ; Lyn Finelli, DrPH, MS

    Influenza and other viral infections in outpatients with medically attended acute respiratory illness during the 2011-12 influenza season
    Richard Zimmerman, MD MPH ; Charles R. Rinaldo, PhD ; Mary Patricia Nowalk, PhD ; Balasubramani GK, PhD ; Mark Thompson, PhD ; Krissy Moehling, MPH ; Stephen Wisniewski, PhD

    Outcomes of Guideline-Concordant Therapy for Healthcare Associated Pneumonia
    Sarah Haessler, MD ; Michael Rothberg, MD, MPH ; Penelope Pekow, PhD ; Aruna Priya, MA, MSc ; Marya D. Zilberberg, MD, MPH ; Raquel Belforti, DO ; Daniel Skiest, MD ; Tara Lagu, MD, MPH ; Thomas Higgins, MD ; Peter Lindenauer, MD, MSc
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  • 902
    Development of the Patient-Reported Outcome (PRO) Instrument FLU-PRO to Standardize and Quantify Symptoms of Influenza
    John H. Powers III, MD, FIDSA ; Sonja Stringer, MPH ; Sarah Clifford, PhD ; Katherine Kim, MPH ; John Arnold, MD ; Christina Schofield, MD FACP ; Patrick Danaher, MD ; Karl Kronmann, MD, MPH ; Mary Fairchok, MD ; Michael Rajnik, MD ; Erin McDonough, BS ; Deepika Mor, MS ; M Lourdes Guerrero, MD ; Guillermo Ruiz-Palacios, MD ; Andrés Hernández, MD, MS ; Patricia Rodriguez Zulueta ; Arturo Galindo-Fraga, MD, MS ; Nancy Kline Leidy, PhD ; Eugene Millar, PhD ; Timothy Burgess, MD, MPH ; Michelande Ridore, BA ; Mark Kortepeter, MD, MPH

    Etiology of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Iceland, a One Year Population-Based Prospective Study
    Agnar Bjarnason, MD ; Johan Westin, MD, PhD ; Magnus Lindh, MD, PhD ; Lars-Magnus Andersson, MD, PhD ; Karl G. Kristinsson, MD, PhD ; Arthur Löve, MD, PhD ; Olafur Baldursson, MD, PhD ; Magnus Gottfredsson, MD, PhD

    Outpatient Antibiotic Prescribing for Community Acquired Pneumonia in the United States from 2001 to 2010
    Besu F. Teshome, PharmD ; Grace C. Lee, PharmD ; Kelly R. Daniels, PharmD ; Christopher R. Frei, PharmD, MSc

    Trends in Hospitalizations for Pneumonia in the United States, 2002-2010
    Brandon Wuerth, BS ; John Bonnewell, BA ; Forest Arnold, DO

    Impact on Patient Outcomes of Pan-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii Ventilator-Associated Pneumonia
    Elif Sahin Horasan, MD ; Eylem Sercan Ozgür ; Kerem Karaca ; Sibel Atis Nayci ; Gülden Ersöz ; Ali Kaya
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  • 908
    Risk factors for Inappropriate Treatment of Community-Acquired Pneumonia in the Emergency Department
    Scott Micek, PharmD ; Adam Lang, BS ; Nicholas Hampton, PharmD ; Marin Kollef, MD

    Antimicrobial Prescriptions for Veterans Affairs (VA) Influenza-Coded Encounters and Patients Tested for Influenza
    Patricia Schirmer, MD ; Russell Ryono, Pharm. D. ; Cynthia Lucero-Obusan, MD ; Renee-Claude Mercier, Pharm.D. ; Carla Winston, PhD ; Gina Oda, MS ; Mark Holodniy, MD

    Risk factors for prognosis and influence of mucA gene mutation in patients with Pseudomonas aeruginosa pneumonia
    Su Jin Jeong, MD/PhD ; Kang-Mu Lee, PhD ; Jin Young Ahn, MD ; Je Eun Song, M.D. ; Min Hyung Kim, M.D. ; Sun Bean Kim, MD ; Nam Su Ku, MD ; Sang Hoon Han, MD ; Jun Yong Choi, MD, PhD ; Dongeun Yong, MD, PhD ; Sang Sun Yoon, PhD ; June Myung Kim, MD ; Kyungwon Lee, MD, PhD

    Viral Infection as Risk Factor for Acute Lung Injury after Elective Cardiac Surgery
    Geert H. Groeneveld, MD ; Judith Van Paassen ; Ann C.T.M. Vossen, MD ; M. Sesmu Arbous ; J.T. Van Dissel, MD, PhD

    Analysis of Time to Being Dischargeable in Hospitalized Patients with Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) Using Data from the FOCUS Trials
    Thomas Lodise, PharmD ; Antonio R Anzueto, MD ; Andrew F. Shorr, MD, MPH ; David J. Weber, MD, MPH, FIDSA, FSHEA ; Min Yang, MD, PhD ; Alexander Smith, MS ; Qi Zhao, MD, MPH ; Xing-Yue Huang, BPharm, PhD ; Thomas M. File Jr., MD, MSc, MACP, FIDSA, FCCP

    Statin Use and Hospital Length of Stay in Adults Hospitalized with Community-Acquired Pneumonia (CAP) in the CDC Etiology of Pneumonia in the Community (EPIC) Study
    Fiona Havers, MD, MHS ; Anna M. Bramley, MPH ; Carrie Reed, DSc, MPH ; Lyn Finelli, DrPH, MS ; Wesley H. Self, MD, MPH ; Christopher Trabue, MD ; Sherene Fakhran, MD, MPH ; Robert Balk, MD ; Mark Courtney, MD ; Timothy Girard, MD, MSCI ; Evan J. Anderson, MD ; Carlos G. Grijalva, MD, MPH ; Kathryn Edwards, MD, FIDSA ; Richard G. Wunderink, MD ; Seema Jain, MD

    Relationship between Time to Clinical Response and Outcomes among PORT III and IV Patients (Pts) with Community-Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia (CABP)
    Evan Zasowski, PharmD ; Jill Butterfield, PharmD ; Louise-Anne Mcnutt, PhD ; Jason Cohen, DO ; Leon Cosler, PhD ; Joseph Gottwald ; Wen-Zhen Chen ; Thomas Lodise, PharmD

    Antimicrobial Susceptibility Observed Among Gram-Negative Pathogens, a Longitudinal Analysis from Patient Isolates in the United States; TEST Program 2004-2012
    Douglas Biedenbach, BS ; Meredith Hackel, PhD ; Samuel Bouchillon, MD ; Daryl Hoban, PhD ; Robert Badal, BS ; Heidi Leister-Tebbe, BS
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  • 917
    Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Improves Pathogen Identification from Pleural Fluid of Children and Adults hospitalized with Community Acquired Pneumonia (CAP): Preliminary Results from the Etiology of Pneumonia in the Community (EPIC) Study
    Krow Ampofo, MD ; Chris Stockmann, MSc ; Anne Blaschke, MD, PhD ; Maria Da Gloria Carvalho, PhD ; Anna M. Bramley, MPH ; Derek J. Williams, MD, MPH ; Wesley H. Self, MD, MPH ; Kathryn Edwards, MD, FIDSA ; Carlos G. Grijalva, MD, MPH ; Yuwei Zhu, MD, MS ; Evan J. Anderson, MD ; Richard G. Wunderink, MD ; Mark Courtney, MD ; Chao Qi, PhD ; Sandra Arnold, MD ; Jonathan A. Mccullers, MD ; Lauri Hicks, DO ; Dean Erdman, Dr PH ; Adam L. Hersh, MD, PhD ; Carrie L. Byington, MD ; Seema Jain, MD ; Andrew Pavia, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA

    Use of FilmArray® Respiratory Panel Test for Diagnosis of Influenza Like Illness in Immunocompromised Patients
    Amanda Guedes De Morais, M.D. ; Sherif Mossad, MD ; Nabin Shrestha, MD, MPH, FIDSA ; Debra Kohn, MT(ASCP) ; Belinda Yen-Lieberman, Ph.D.
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  • 919
    Clinical Evaluation of Influenza A Rapid Antigen Assay During 2012-2013 Season
    Catherine D. Bacheller, MD ; Carol Quinter, PhD ; Krista Snapp, MLS (ASCP)
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  • 921
    Clinical and Epidemiological Characteristics of Serotype 6D Pneumococcal Infections
    Joon Young Song, MD ; Moon H. Nahm, MD ; Tae Un Yang, MD ; Kyung-Wook Hong, MD ; Hee Jin Cheong, MD ; Woo Joo Kim, MD

    Impact of a multiplex PCR-based testing system on the management of severe nosocomial pneumonia
    Vincent Rotimi, MD, PhD ; Ebtehal Al Roomi, MD ; Lubna Abdulaziz, BSc ; Wafaa Jamal, MD, PhD

    Respiratory Manifestations of Scrub Typhus: A Study in a Teaching Hospital from South India
    Sakshi Sadhu, MBBS ; Danturulu Muralidhar Varma, MD ; Sudha Vidyasagar, MD ; Sagarika Nanda, MD

    Adverse Maternal Outcomes Following Influenza Infection and Vaccination During Pregnancy
    Stephanie Irving, MHS ; De-Kun Li, MD, PhD ; Sarah Ball, MPH, ScD ; Allison Naleway, PhD
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  • 925
    Serotype Distribution of Streptococcus pneumoniae Recovered Principally from Non-sterile Sites in Patients Aged ›18 years in the US (2009-2011)
    Rosalind C Hollingsworth, PHD ; Rodrigo E Mendes, PHD ; Andrew J Costello ; Dial Hewlett Jr., MD ; Ronald Jones, MD ; Raul E Isturiz, MD

    Streptococcus pneumoniae Serotype 3 Recovered Predominantly from Non-sterile Sites in Patients Aged ≥18 Years in the USA (2009-2011)
    Dial Hewlett Jr., MD ; Rosalind C Hollingsworth, PHD ; Rodrigo E. Mendes, Ph.D. ; Andrew J Costello ; Ronald Jones, MD ; Raul E Isturiz, MD

    Impact of respiratory viral infections on the serotype distribution of pneumococcal pneumonia
    Joon Young Song, MD ; Moon H. Nahm, MD ; Tae Un Yang, MD ; Kyung-Wook Hong, MD ; Hee Jin Cheong, MD ; Woo Joo Kim, MD

    Safety and Tolerability of Aerosolized Voriconazole
    Timothy J. Jancel, PharmD ; Alexandra F. Freeman, MD ; Steven Holland, MD ; Kenneth Olivier, MD, MPH

    Self-reported Severity and Impact of Laboratory-confirmed Influenza and Non-influenza Acute Respiratory Illness Among Healthcare Personnel, 2010-11
    Stephanie Irving, MHS ; Emily Henkle, PhD, MPH ; Manjusha Gaglani, MBBS ; Sarah Ball, MPH, ScD ; Mark Thompson, PhD ; Allison Naleway, PhD
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  • 931
    Knowledge of Healthcare Personnel about Appropriate Personal Protective Equipment in Outpatient Healthcare Settings
    Kelly Haines, MSW, MPH ; Laura Chopko, BA ; Martha Zorn, MS ; Mary Bessesen, MD ; Ann-Christine Nyquist, MD, MSPH ; Trish M. Perl, MD, MSc, FIDSA, FSHEA ; Connie Price, MD ; Lewis Radonovich, MD ; Nicholas G Reich, PhD ; Maria C. Rodriguez-Barradas, MD ; Michael Simberkoff, MD ; Cynthia Gibert, MD, MSc

    Guideline Compliance for Hospital-Acquired, Ventilator-Associated, and Health-Care Associated Pneumonia
    Asaf Shor, MD, MPH ; Timothy Jenkins, MD ; Michelle Haas, MD ; Bryan Knepper, MPH, MSc ; Connie Price, MD

    Comparison of Susceptibility Patterns for Gram-Negative Pathogens among Upper and Lower Respiratory Sources of Infection; TEST 2004-2012
    Samuel Bouchillon, MD ; Ian Morrissey, PhD ; Daryl Hoban, PhD ; Brian Johnson, BS ; Heidi Leister-Tebbe, BS
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  • 934
    Predictors of Poor Outcomes in Patients with Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) Pneumonia
    Jennifer Mcdanel, MS ; Eli Perencevich, MD, MS, FIDSA, FSHEA ; Daniel J. Diekema, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA ; Patricia Winokur, MD ; Jennifer Johnson, PhD ; Loreen A. Herwaldt, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA ; Tara Smith, PhD ; Elizabeth Chrischilles, PhD ; Jeffrey Dawson, ScD ; Marin Schweizer, PhD

    Ventilator-Associated Infections Due to Staphylococcus aureus: Incidence, Treatment and Outcomes
    Mohamed Ben Omran, MD ; Yuxiu Lei, Ph.D ; Donald Craven, MD, FIDSA ; Jana Hudcova, MD
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  • 936
    Mycoplasma pneumoniae infection associated with ICU admission: common or emerging disease manifestation?
    Tawfik Khoury ; Adi Nubani ; Avraham Abutbul ; Sara Hoss ; Sigal Sviri ; Abed El-Raouf Bayya ; Carlos Hidalgo-Grass ; Allon E. Moses ; Ran Nir-Paz
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  • 937
    Age-Specific Incidence of Parainfluenza Viruses Among Outpatients in the United States:  The Influenza Incidence Surveillance Project, 2010-2013
    Andrea Giorgi, MPH ; Elizabeth Bancroft, MD SM ; Steve Di Lonardo, MS ; Jose Lojo, MPH ; Jonathan Temte, MD, PhD ; Ruth Lynfield, MD ; Oluwakemi Oni, MPH ; Brett L. Whitaker, MS ; Glen Abedi, MPH ; Dean Erdman, Dr PH ; Lyn Finelli, DrPH, MS ; Ashley Fowlkes, MPH

    Rates of Pediatric Hospital and Intensive Care Unit Admissions for Lower Respiratory Tract Infections from MarketScan Data — United States, 2007-2011
    Adena Greenbaum, MD, MPH ; Jufu Chen, PhD ; Carrie Reed, DSc, MPH ; Suzanne Beavers, MD ; David Callahan, MD ; Lyn Finelli, DrPH, MS ; Alicia Fry, MD, MPH

    Ventilator-associated pneumonia caused by Stenotrophomonas maltophilia in pediatric patients
    Byung-Kee Lee, MD ; Joong Bum Cho, MD ; Soo Jin Kim, MD ; Soo-Han Choi, MD ; Kang-Mo Ahn, MD, PhD ; Hong Eo, MD, PhD ; So-Young Yoo, MD, PhD ; Ji Hye Kim, MD, PhD ; Nam Yong Lee, MD, PhD ; Yae-Jean Kim, MD, PhD

    In-Hospital Administration of Palivizumab in Children
    Neika Vendetti, MPH ; Jeffrey S. Gerber, MD, PhD ; Julia Shaklee Sammons, MD, MSCE ; Brian Fisher, DO, MPH, MSCE ; Theoklis Zaoutis, MD, MSCE ; Susan E. Coffin, MD, MPH

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  • 944
    Post-hospitalization impact of influenza on community-dwelling older adults
    Sandra S. Chaves, MD, MSc ; Alejandro Perez, MPH ; Tiffany D'mello, MPH, MBA ; Lisa Miller, MD ; Nancy M. Bennett, MD ; Ananda Bandyopadhyay, MBBS, MPH ; Monica M. Farley, MD ; Brian Fowler, MPH ; Emily B. Hancock, MS ; Pam Daily Kirley, MPH ; Ruth Lynfield, MD ; Patricia Ryan, MS ; Craig Morin, MPH ; William Schaffner, MD ; Ruta Sharangpani, MD, MPH ; Mary Lou Lindegren ; Leslie Tengelsen, PhD, DVM ; Ann Thomas, MD, MPH ; Mary Hill, MPH ; Kristy Bradley, DVM, MPH ; James Meek, MPH ; Shelley M. Zansky, PhD ; Lyn Finelli, DrPH, MS

    Laboratory-Confirmed Influenza-Related Hospitalizations in New Mexico, 2008–2012
    Emily B. Hancock, MS ; Melissa R. Pfeiffer, MPH ; Joan Baumbach, MD, MPH, MS

    Clinical Presentation, Risk Factors and Hospital Course in Children Infected With Human Bocavirus (HBoV) in South Texas
    Na Liu, MD ; Karla Araujo, MD ; Kevin Richman, BS, MT ; Charles Raven, BS, MT ; Jaime Fergie, MD
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