Poster Abstract Session:
51. Hand Hygiene in Healthcare Settings
Thursday, October 3, 2013: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: The Moscone Center: Poster Hall C


Discrepancy between Patientsí and Healthcare Workersí Perceptions of Patient Participation to Improve Hand Hygiene
Min-Kyung Kim, MD ; Eun Young Nam, MD ; Sun Hee Na, MD ; Chang Kyung Kang, MD ; Myoung Jin Shin ; Chung-Jong Kim, MD ; Nak-Hyun Kim, MD ; Pyoeng Gyun Choe, MD ; Kyoung-Ho Song ; Ji-Hwan Bang, MD, PhD ; Eu Suk Kim ; Sang Won Park, MD, PhD ; Nam-Joong Kim, MD, PhD ; Myoung-Don Oh, MD, PhD ; Hong Bin Kim
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    Healthcare Providersí Motivations for Hand Hygiene Compliance
    Annika Gomez ; Heather Limper, MPH ; Emily Landon, MD

    Alcohol-based Hand Rub Consumption in German Hospitals - Results of 6 Years of Surveillance
    Michael Behnke, PhD ; Petra Gastmeier, MD ; Christine Geffers, MD ; Christiane Reichardt, MD

    Rates of Patient Interactions and Hand Hygiene Opportunities in Acute Care Settings: Implications for Measuring Compliance with Product Usage
    Laura Goodliffe, MPH ; Kelsey Ragan, MPH ; Michael Larocque ; Emily Borgundvaag ; Sophia Khan ; Christine Moore, BSc, MLT ; Liz McCreight ; Allison Mcgeer, MD, MSc, FRCPC

    Hand Hygiene among Healthcare Personnel during a Mild (2011-2012) and Moderate (2012-2013) Influenza Season
    Amy Irwin, DNP, RN ; Derek Cummings, PhD ; Kevin Silva, BS ; Mary Bessesen, MD ; Cynthia Gibert, MD, MSc ; Ann-Christine Nyquist, MD, MSPH ; Trish M. Perl, MD, MSc, FIDSA, FSHEA ; Lewis Radonovich, MD ; Maria Rodriguez-Barradas, MD ; Michael Simberkoff, MD ; Connie Price, MD

    Hand Hygiene Compliance Rates in Intensive Care Units in Wuhan, China
    Lisa Sun ; Wenjing Zong ; Yaqing Xu, MD ; Ivy Morgan ; Brian Cooper ; Emily Landon, MD ; Renslow Sherer, MD
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    The Utility of Patient Observations to Measure Hand Hygiene Compliance of Health Care Workers
    Donnalee Pollack, RN, MSN, MPH ; Gary Holmes, MD ; Harold Kohl III, PhD

    The Hawthorne Effect in Hand Hygiene Compliance Monitoring
    Jocelyn A Srigley, MD, FRCPC ; Colin D. Furness, MISt, PhD ; Michael Gardam, MSc, MD, FRCPC
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    Hand Hygiene Compliance in Alberta Health Services
    Elizabeth Henderson, PhD ; Vanessa Shelley, MPP ; Jenine Leal, MSc ; Sue Lafferty, RN, BScN, CIC ; Janet Barclay, BScN ; Karen Hope, MSc ; Debra Doe, RN, BScN, MN ; Karin Fluet, BScN ; Nancy Alfieri, BScN ; Leanne Dekker, RN, MN, MBA ; A. Mark Joffe, MD

    Assessing an Automated Group Monitoring and Feedback System for Hand Hygiene
    Laurie Conway, RN, MPhil, CIC ; Linda Riley, RN, MEd, CIC ; Bevin Cohen, MPH ; Lisa Saiman, MD, MPH, FSHEA ; Paul Alper, BA ; Elaine Larson, PhD, RN, FIDSA, FSHEA
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    A prospective controlled trial of an Electronic Hand Hygiene Reminder System
    Richard T. Ellison III, MD ; Elke Rundensteiner, PhD ; Constance Barysauskas, MS ; Di Wang, Ph.D ; Bruce Barton, PhD

    Implementation of Hand Hygiene Video Monitoring System
    Ruth Keizer, BSN, RN, M.A. ; Larry Williams Jr., M.Ed ; Helen Rice, BSN, RN, CIC ; Martin Evans, MD ; Takako Schaninger, MD

    Reduction in Virus Transmission in Homes with Use of an Alcohol-Based Hand Rub
    Sarah Edmonds, MS ; Sheri Maxwell, BS ; Akrum Tamimi, PhD ; Charles Gerba, PhD

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