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Risk factors and outcomes of isoniazid hepatotoxicity in children  with latent  tuberculosis

Session: Poster Abstract Session: Mycobacterial Infection: Screening and Diagnosis
Saturday, October 11, 2014
Room: The Pennsylvania Convention Center: IDExpo Hall BC
Background: to determine the overall incidence of hepatotoxicity in children and risk factors such as age, gender, and their outcomes.

Methods: Patients who were admitted to the Pediatric Infectious Disease Clinic during the period from December 2009 through August 2013 with the diagnosis of

latent TB infection were included in this study. Isoniazid hepatotoxicity was classified according to the of WHO Toxicity Classification Standards.

Results: Among 1038 patients , Overall hepatotoxicity was observed in 23 patients  (2,2 %), while 5 patients (0,48 %) had moderate-severe hepatotoxicity; while other

18 patients had grade I-II hepatoxicity (1,73%). Age and gender were found to be not risk factors for hepatotoxicity. The median time for therapy rechallenge in

patients with grade III-IV hepatotoxicity was 21 days (ranging from 14 to 25 days) and 7 days (ranging from 5 to 21 days) in grade I-II hepatotoxicity and significantly longer

18 in grade III-IV hepatotoxicity (p= 0,02)


In conclusion, in children, INH hepatotoxicity is lower and generally reversible after ceasation of INH. The grade of hepatotoxicity affects the duration for

recovery of hepatotoxicity and restarting of INH therapy and at least 14 days were required for complete recovery of INH hepatotoxicity in children with severe


Ilker Devrim1, Huseyin Akturk2, Fatma Devrim3, Ahu Kara2, Nuri Bayram3, Demet Can3 and Hurşit Apa4, (1)Department of Pediatric Infectious Disease, Dr.Behcet Uz Childrens Hospital, izmir, Turkey, (2)Department of Paediatric Infectious Disease, dr.Behcet Uz Childrens Hospital, izmir, Turkey, (3)Dr.Behcet Uz Childrens Hospital, izmir, Turkey, (4)dr.Behcet Uz Childrens Hospital, izmir, Turkey


I. Devrim, None

H. Akturk, None

F. Devrim, None

A. Kara, None

N. Bayram, None

D. Can, None

H. Apa, None

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