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Diagnostic Microbiology: Viruses/Fungal/AFB/Parasitic

Saturday, October 11, 2014: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: The Pennsylvania Convention Center: IDExpo Hall BC

Target Audience: Academicians, Clinicians, Epidemiologists, Fellows, Health care workers, HIV clinicians, HIV specialists, Hospital epidemiologists, Infection preventionists, Infectious diseases pediatricians, Infectious diseases physicians, Lab personnel, Medical students and residents, Members-in-training, Microbiologists, Researchers, Scientists

Correlation of Cytomegalovirus Viral Load between a Laboratory-Developed Test and a WHO-Calibrated Commercial Assay in Transplant Recipients
Maria Dioverti, M.D. ; Brian Lahr, MS ; Joseph Yao, MD ; Thomas E. Grys, PhD ; D. Jane Hata, PhD ; Raymund R. Razonable, MD
High specificity of OraQuick® rapid HIV-1/2 antibody testing during dengue infection
Ayesha Verrall, MBChB, MBHL, DTMH, FRACP ; David Lye, MBBS ; MJ Khoo ; ESC Koay ; YS Leo ; Dale Fisher ; Sophia Archuleta, MD
Impact of Rapid Influenza PCR Testing on Inpatient Clinical Outcomes
Helen Y. Chu, MD MPH ; Jane Kuypers, PhD ; Timothy H. Dellit, MD ; Jeannie Chan, PharmD, MPH ; John B. Lynch, MD MPH ; Rupali Jain, PharmD ; Paul Pottinger, MD ; Emily Martin, BS ; Janet a. Englund, MD, FIDSA
Comparison of two multiplex PCR techniques for the study of respiratory viruses in Mexican children with pneumonia
Alejandra Pamela Gonzalez-Rodriguez, BSc ; Miguel Leonardo Garcia Leon, MSc ; Celia Mercedes Alpuche Aranda, MD DSc ; Irma Lopez Martinez, MSc ; Teresa Hernandez Andrade, BSc ; Jesus Gaitan Meza, MD ; Daniel Noyola ; Alberto Villaseñor Sierra, MD DSc ; Gerardo Martinez Aguilar, MD, MSc. ; Luis Fernando Perez Gonzalez, MD ; Oscar Alberto Newton Sanchez, MD, MSc. ; Veronica Firo Reyes, MD ; Carlos Nicolas Del Rio Almendarez, MD ; Jose Ignacio Santos Preciado, MD ; Rosa Maria Wong Chew, MD DSc
  • Philadelphia RV FINAL.pdf (1.3 MB)
  • Diagnostic Performance of a Multiplex PCR Assay for Meningitis in an HIV-Infected Population in Uganda
    Joshua Rhein, MD ; Joann Cloud ; Andrew Hemmert, PhD ; Nathan Bahr, MD ; Satya Bellamkonda ; Cody Oswald ; Eric Lo ; Henry Nabeta, MBChB ; Reuben Kiggundu, MBChB ; Andrew Akampurira ; Darlisha Williams, MPH ; David Meya, MMed ; David Boulware, MD, MPH
    Diagnosis of Latent Histoplasmosis Using Interferon-γ Release Assays
    Richard Larue Jr., MD, MS ; Kausik Datta, PhD ; Joshua Nosanchuk, MD, FIDSA ; Kieren a. Marr
    Clinical Effectiveness of Fungal Blood Cultures: A 10-year Retrospective Analysis
    Rosane Fernandez, MD ; Bert K. Lopansri, MD ; Kristin Dascomb, MD, PhD ; John Burke, MD ; Julia Shumway, MPH ; Edward Stenehjem, MD MSc
    An Optimized Procedure for Extracting DNA from Non- tuberculosis Mycobacteria for Genome-scale Epidemiologic Investigations
    Lindsey Nielsen, PhD ; Erik Snesrud, BS ; Roseanne Ressner, DO ; Lauren Fiske, MD ; Paige Waterman, MD ; Emil Lesho, DO
    Utility of X pert MTB/ RIF (CB-NAAT) for Diagnosis of Tuberculosis in a Tertiary Care Centre in Mumbai, India
    Falguni Parikh, MD ; Sweta Shah, M D ; Aamreen Kazi, MSc ; Namita Davar, PhD
    Detection and Differentiation of Babesia microti and Other Pathogenic Babesia Species by a Single-Amplicon, Dual-Probe Real-Time PCR Assay
    Brianne Couturier, Ph.D. ; Kimberly Kalp ; Christine Ginocchio, PhD ; Robert Schlaberg, MD, MPH

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