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HIV Treatment: Outcomes, Adherence, and Toxicities

Saturday, October 11, 2014: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: The Pennsylvania Convention Center: IDExpo Hall BC

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Target Audience: Public health practitioners, Members-in-training, Infectious diseases physicians, HIV clinicians, Health care workers, Fellows, Epidemiologists, Clinicians, Academicians

Tracks: HIV-STD-TB, Global ID, Epidemiology and Infection Control, Adult ID

Factors Associated with the Selection of Initial Antiretroviral Therapy: Real-world Channeling
Michael Saag, MD, FIDSA ; Andy Westfall, Masters of Statistics ; Stephen Cole, PhD ; Mari Kitahata, MD, MPH ; Richard Moore, MD, MHS ; W. Christopher Mathews, MD, MSPH ; Elvin Genge, MD, MSPH ; Stephen Boswell, MD ; Sonia Napravnik, PhD ; Benigno Rodriguez, MD ; Richard Haubrich, MD ; Eric Maiese, PhD
Quality Improvement of Antiretroviral Therapy Errors at University Hospital
Jaimie Shah, MD ; Lucy Cheng, MD ; Jason Zucker, MD ; Shin-Pung Jen, PharmD ; David Cennimo, MD
  • ART error poster for IDSA.pdf (604.6 kB)
  • Impact of HIV Pharmacist Reconcilation on Correction of Antiretroviral Prescription Errors Among Hospitalized HIV-Infected Patients
    Rishi Batra, BS ; Jane Wolbach-Lowes, PharmD ; Susan Swindells, MBBS ; Kimberly Scarsi, PharmD ; Anthony Podany, PharmD ; Harlan Sayles, MS ; Uriel Sandkovsky, MD, FACP
  • HIVMedErrors IDSA.JPG (1.0 MB)
  • Clinico-demographic Profile and Treatment Outcomes of Pediatric Participants of a Large Outpatient HIV Clinic in Kigali, Rwanda
    Fidel Rubagumya, MD ; Gallican Nshogoza, MD ; Jean-Luc Nkurikiyimfura, MD, MMed ; Olivier Manzi, MD, MMed ; Onyema Ogbuagu, MD
  • 1558_IDWPOSTER.pdf (267.0 kB)
  • Clinical and Immunologic Correlates of Pregnancy among HIV-infected Women in Care --United States (U.S.)
    William Short, MD, MPH ; Madeline Sutton, MD, MPH ; Emma Frazier, PhD, MS ; Yunfeng Tie, PhD, MS ; Jacek Skarbinski, MD
    The Relationship Between Self-reported Adherence and Efavirenz Blood Levels on the Appearance of HIV Viral Load Blips
    Aaron Farmer, DO ; Thomas O'bryan, MD ; Anuradha Ganesan, MD ; Robert Deiss, MD ; Brian Agan, MD ; Kevin S. Akers, MD ; Jason Okulicz, MD
    The Influence of Co-infection with HCV on CD4 and B-cell Reconstitution in Human Immunodeficiency Virus (HIV)-infected Patients
    Michael S. Abers, BA ; Zeeshan Afzal, MD ; Jill E. Weatherhead, MD ; Charles G. Minard, Ph.D ; Maria C. Rodriguez-Barradas, MD
    HIV Low-Level Viremia: It's Only a Matter of Time
    Jay Sellers, MD ; Joseph Desimone, MD ; Kathleen Squires, MD
  • 1565_IDWPOSTER.pdf (122.7 kB)
  • Factors Associated with 10 Years of Continuous HIV Viral Load Suppression on HAART
    Kathryn Bello, DO ; Octavio Mesner, MS ; Thomas O'bryan, MD ; Tahaniyat Lalani, MBBS, MHS ; Anuradha Ganesan, MD ; Brian Agan, MD ; Jason Okulicz, MD
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  • Simplification to elvitegravir/cobicistat/emtricitabine/tenofovir DF from ritonavir-boosted protease inhibitor plus emtricitabine/tenofovir DF maintains HIV suppression and improves fasting triglycerides at week 48
    Douglas Cunningham, DO ; David Shamblaw, MD ; Christine Zurawski, MD ; William Robbins, MD ; Anthony Scarsella, MD ; Thai Nguyen, MD ; Jason Hindman, PharmD ; Ramin Ebrahimi, MS ; David Piontkowsky, MD
    The effects of frequency of CD4 monitoring on clinical endpoints in clinically stable HIV-infected patients with viral suppression
    Jin Young Ahn ; David Boettiger ; Matthew Law ; Nagalingswaran Kumarasamy ; Romanee Chiwarith ; Man Po Lee ; Benedict LH Sim ; Shinichi Oka ; Wingwai Wong ; Adeeba Kamarulzaman ; Pacharee Kantipong ; Praphan Phanuphak ; Oon Tek Ng ; Sasisopin Kiertiburanakul ; Fujie Zhang ; Sanjay Pujari ; Rossana Ditangco ; Winai Ratanasuwan ; Tuti Parwati Merati ; Vonthanak Saphonn ; Annette Sohn ; Jun Yong Choi
    Low rates of virologic failure among previously unmonitored patients in Malawi
    Sarah E. Rutstein ; Mina Hosseinipour, MD, MPH ; Alice Soko ; Memory Mkandawire ; Eva Stein ; Charles Mclendon ; Deborah Kamwendo ; Mary Kadiwa ; Eldee Paladar ; Abdoulaye Sarr ; Sundeep Gupta, MD, MPH ; Frank Chimbwandira ; Reuben Mwenda ; Ronald Mataya, MD
    Risk factors for Tenofovir-associated Renal Dysfunction in HIV-positive Patients
    Jasmine Riviere Marcelin, MD ; Melody Berg, BCPS AQ-ID ; Nathan W. Cummins, MD ; Stacey Rizza, MD
    Impact of Hyperbilirubinemia on Persistence and Adherence of Atazanavir among HIV Patients
    Lisa Rosenblatt, MD ; Helene Hardy ; Teresita Grasso ; Ying Fan ; James Burke, PhD
    Use of protease inhibitors is associated with higher selenium levels in treated HIV infection
    Jessica Kumar, MPH, DO ; Corrilynn Hileman, MD ; Norma J. Storer, RN ; Danielle E. Labbato, RN ; Gerald Combs, PhD ; Grace a. Mccomsey, MD
    Safety Profile of HIV-1 Attachment Inhibitor Prodrug BMS-663068 in Antiretroviral-Experienced Subjects: Week 24 Analysis
    Jacob Lalezari ; Gulam H Latiff ; Cynthia Brinson ; Juan Echevarría ; Sandra Treviño-Pérez ; Johannes R Bogner ; David Stock ; Samit R Joshi ; George J Hanna ; Max Lataillade
    A 28-day high-dose safety and pharmacokinetics study of raltegravir in healthy subjects
    Rajesh Krishna ; Matthew Rizk ; Valerie Schulz ; Jolanda Bruggencate-Broeders ; Ran Liu ; Patrick Larson ; Khalid Abou-Farha

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