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Friday, October 10, 2014: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: The Pennsylvania Convention Center: IDExpo Hall BC

Target Audience: Academicians, Clinicians, Epidemiologists, Hospital administrators, Hospital epidemiologists, Infection preventionists, Infectious diseases pediatricians, Infectious diseases physicians, Medical students and residents, Members-in-training, Public health practitioners, Researchers

Tracks: Adult ID, Epidemiology and Infection Control, Pediatric ID

How Do Hospitals Detect Outbreaks?
Meghan Baker, MD, ScD ; Susan S. Huang, MD, MPH, FIDSA ; Alyssa R. Letourneau, MD, MPH ; Rebecca E. Kaganov, BA ; Jennifer R. Peeples, MPH ; Marci Drees, MD, MS, FACP ; Deborah S. Yokoe, MD, MPH, FIDSA, FSHEA
Prospective evaluation of a cluster of Pseudomonas aeruginosa isolates identified by automated statistical software
Sean Cloonan, MD ; Anna Stachel, CIC ; Kristina Ernst ; Kenneth Inglima, MS ; Catharine Prussing, MHS ; Bo Shopsin, MD, PhD ; Hannah Rose ; Donald Chen, MD ; Jennifer Lighter, MD ; Maria Aguero-Rosenfeld, MD ; Michael Phillips, MD
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    Outbreak of Colistin-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii in Intensive Care Units in Detroit, Michigan
    Anupama Neelakanta, MD ; Shigehiko Karino, MD ; Nader Tashtoush, MD ; Emily Martin, MPH, PhD ; Vishnu Priya Kesani, MBBS ; Javar Jackson, MPH ; Pansy Awasthy, MS ; Thomas Chevalier, CIC ; Beth Dziekan, CIC ; Samran Haider, MD ; Robert Bonomo, MD ; Ryan Mynatt, PharmD ; Jason Pogue, PharmD ; Mary Robinson, BSBA ; Elaine Flanagan, CIC ; Keith S. Kaye, MD, MPH ; Sorabh Dhar, MD
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    Outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis Bloodstream Infections in a Nursing Home, New York, 2013
    Kara Jacobs Slifka, MD, MPH ; Jennifer C. Hunter, DrPH ; Nina Ahmad, MD ; Michelle L. March, MPH ; Kari Yacisin, MD ; Taryn Rand ; Eleanor Adams, MD, MPH ; Cassandra Harrison, MSPH ; Seth Schild ; Monica Quinn, RN, MS, CIC ; Haena Waechter ; Ulrike Siemetzki-Kapoor ; Heather Moulton-Meissner ; Matthew Wise, PhD ; Alison S. Laufer, Ph.D. ; Nimalie D. Stone, MD, MS ; Laura Gieraltowski, PhD, PMH
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    Pseudo-outbreak of Carbapenemase producing Enterobacteraciae (CRE) in a low prevalence acute-care hospital
    Michelle Doll, MD ; Ellen Asbury, RN, BSN, MS ; Mary-Claire Roghmann, MD, MS ; Daniel Morgan, MD, MS
    Impact of active surveillance program to control VRE in a university hospital with low endemic rates
    Luis Gustavo De Oliveira Cardoso ; Renata Fagnani ; Mirtes Leichsenring ; Sonia Dantas ; Luis Felipe Bachur ; Christian Hoffling ; Plinio Trabasso ; Maria Luiza Moretti
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    An Outbreak of Invasive Fusariosis in a Children’s Cancer Hospital
    Nadia Litvinov ; Mariama Tomaz Da Silva ; Larissa Oliveira ; Inneke Marie Van Der Heijden ; Liang Fung ; Maria Zilda Aquino ; Heloisa Helena De Sousa Marques ; Vicente Odone-Filho ; Heloisa Marques ; Silvia F Costa ; Anna Levin
    Outbreak of Mixed fungemia in a Children’s Hospital in the United States
    Duha Al-Zubeidi, MD ; Brian Lee, MPH, PhD ; Shawn Lockhart, PhD ; Cau Pham, PhD ; Nina Grossman, BS ; Rangaraj Selvarangan, PhD ; Robyn A Livingston, MD
    An Outbreak of Hepatitis C Virus Associated with Alleged Narcotic Diversion
    Meredith A. Black, MPH ; Polly Trexler, MS, CIC ; Sara Cosgrove, MD, MS, FIDSA, FSHEA ; Melanie S. Curless, RN, MPH ; Stuart Ray, MD, FIDSA ; David Thiemann, MD ; Alexandra Valsamakis, MD, PhD ; Lisa L. Maragakis, MD, MPH
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    Using Statistical-Derived Incubation Period Estimation in an Outbreak Investigation of Influenza A (H1N1) pdm09 in Operating Room Staff
    Pasri Maharom, MD, MPH ; Anugsumalin Sricharoon, BNS ; Duangkamol Chatngern, BNS, MS ; Kaimuk Thongyen, BNS ; Trish M. Perl, MD, MSc, FIDSA, FSHEA
    Can Instituting Enhanced Measures (EM) during Influenza Season Reduce Healthcare Associated Influenza Infections (HAIIs)
    Carlene Muto, MD, MS, FSHEA ; Janina-Marie Tatar, MT (ASCP) ; Ashley Querry, BS
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    An Outbreak Investigation of Influenza among Healthcare Personnel (HCP) in a Tertiary Care Hospital, Bangkok, 2014
    Pasri Maharom, MD, MPH ; Anugsumalin Sricharoon, BNS ; Duangkamol Chatngern, BNS, MS ; Kaimuk Thongyen, BNS ; Trish M. Perl, MD, MSc, FIDSA, FSHEA
    Management of a respiratory outbreak due to concomitantly circulating influenza A and parainfluenza 1 in a residential care facility
    Christopher F. Lowe, MD, FRCPC ; Victor Leung, MD, FRCPC ; Ted Pincock, RN, CIC ; Mazen Badawi, MD ; Reka Gustafson, MD, FRCPC ; Elisa Lloyd-Smith, PhD ; Marc G. Romney, MD, FRCPC, DTM&H

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