1888. Influence of respiratory viruses on the evaluation of 13-valent pneumococcal conjugate vaccine effectiveness in children under 5 years old. A time-series study 2001-2014
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Saturday, October 10, 2015
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Background: Streptococcus pneumoniae is the main bacterial agent of radiologically confirmed consolidated pneumonia (RCCP). In 2012, the PCV 13 was added to the National Vaccination Schedule in Argentina for children <2 years old (2+1). Objective: To analyze viral influence on the effectiveness evaluation of the PCV 13 vaccine in relation with the RCCP hospitalizations.    

Methods: A time-series analytical observational study. All children hospitalized with a RCCP diagnosis according to WHO’s criteria were included within the Acute Lower Respiratory Infection Surveillance Program, from March to November 2001-2014. The virological diagnosis was carried out by indirect immunofluorescence of nasopharyngeal aspirates or RT-PCR. Time-series were performed comparing pre-vaccination periods (PreNV) 2001-2011 and post-vaccination (PostNV) 2013-2014 excluding intervention year (2012).

Results: From a total of 11,979 children under 5 years of age with ALRI 5,273 were included in the RCCP diagnosis. Total RCCP annual hospitalization: preVN 394.8 and PostNV 294.5 (-25.4%; CI95%:-18.7-31.5%; p<0.001). Non-viral RCCP annual hospitalization: PreNV 255.5 and PostNV 169 (-33.9%; CI95%: -25.9-40.9%; p<0.001). Viral RCCP annual hospitalization: PreNV 139.2 and PostNV 117 (-15.9% CI95%:3.6-26.7%; p=0.011). The decrease of total, non-viral and Viral RCCP annual hospitalization, was 34.2%; 40.5% and 31.6% respectively in children <1 year (p<0.001). 

Conclusion: A significant decrease of RCCP hospitalizations was observed after the introduction of the PCV 13 to the National Schedule, specially those with non viral etiology. A major reduction was seen in children <1 year. It is essential to continue with the epidemiological surveillance to assess the impact of this measure and the respiratory viruses’ behavior in relation with the RCCP.

Angela Gentile, MD1, Maria Del Valle Juarez, MD2, Maria Florencia Lucion, MD2, Ana Clara Martinez, MD2, Viviana Romanin, MD2, Norberto Giglio, MD3 and Julia Bakir, MD1, (1)"R. Gutierrez" Children Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (2)Epidemiology, "R. Gutierrez" Children Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (3)Epidemiology, Hospital de Niņos Ricardo Gutierrez, Buenos Aires, Argentina


A. Gentile, None

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