1765. Effectiveness of PCV13 Vaccine to Prevent Consolidated Pneumonia: Population-Based Study in Children Under 5 years
Session: Poster Abstract Session: Pediatric Bacterial Infections
Saturday, October 10, 2015
Room: Poster Hall
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  • Background: In January 2012, PCV13 was introduced into routine immunization program, in 2 + 1 schedule for children <2 years old, in Argentina. Vaccination coverage was high except the third dose in 2012 in the municipality studied. Objective: To evaluate the effectiveness of PCV13 for reducing the incidence of consolidated pneumonia (CP) in one municipality.

    Methods: A prospective population-based study. We included all outpatient and inpatient <5 years with clinical signs of pneumonia living in Pilar Municipality, attended in referral hospitals between Jan/12–Dec/14. Clinical and radiological evaluation was performed according to WHO criteria. The characteristics of the population and the annual incidence of CP from baseline period (2003-2005) and three years of vaccination period (2012-2014) were compared.

    Results: We included 897 patients with suspected pneumonia. CP was diagnosed in 45.9% of photographed radiographs (401/873). Four percent of them (16/401) were laboratory-confirmed bacterial CP (S. pneumoniae: 5, N. meningitidis: 4, S. aureus: 3 Other: 4); 50.6% (203/401) were female, 70.3% <2 years, 55.1% had underlying disease and 65.0%(141/217) of ≤2 years were vaccinated with PCV13.

    A significant reduction in CP incidence (per 105children <5 years) was observed between both periods from 750 (204/27209) to 561 (171/30475) in 2012, 453 (138/30475) in 2013 and 302 (92/30475) in 2014, effectiveness 25.2%, 39.6% and 59.7% respectively. Reduction for <1 year was 33.9% in 2012, 44.6% in 2013 and 56.3% in 2014 and in the group of 12-23 months was 57.9% in 2013 and 78.9% in 2014. For children 24-59 months the reduction was 53.3% in 2014. No significant differences in population characteristics were observed.

    Conclusion: After three years of PCV13 vaccine introduction into Argentina immunization schedule, a rapid and significant reduction in CP incidence was observed, mainly in infants <1 year old in 2012 and <2 years old in 2013. The effectiveness in older ages was evident in the third year of vaccine introduction.

    Angela Gentile, MD1, Julia Bakir, MD1, Laura Bialorus, MD2, Laura Caruso, MD3, Maria Isabel Fernandez, MD2, Diego Mirra, MD2, Celina Santander, Biochemistry2, Mabel Terluk, MD2, Pablo Zurdo, MD2 and Fernando Gentile, MD1, (1)"R. Gutierrez" Children Hospital, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (2)"F. Falcon" Pediatric Hospital, Pilar, Buenos Aires, Argentina, (3)"J. Sanguinetti" Hospital, Pilar, Argentina


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