1570. Prospective Study and Analytical Performance of Serum (1->3)-β-D-glucan in Pediatric Patients
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Friday, October 28, 2016
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  • Background: Invasive fungal infections (IFIs) are important causes of morbidity and mortality among immunocompromised patients (pts). Culture and histopathology are considered the gold standard for laboratory diagnosis. The fungal cell wall biomarker, (1→3)-β-D-glucan (BDG), improves diagnosis of invasive candidiasis in adults; there is very limited data available in pediatric pts

    Methods: Between 2012 and 2015, pediatric pts (birth-21 yrs), admitted to New York Presbyterian Hospital/Weill-Cornell Medicine with confirmed positive fungal culture from a sterile site, were prospectively enrolled (Case Group). Low risk healthy pediatric pts were enrolled as a Control Group. BDG was obtained from Cases up to twice a week, preferably over 4 weeks, from time of diagnosis and once from Controls. Pts were classified by age cohorts, including preterms. Baseline (at diagnosis), maximum and median levels of BDG were determined. Demographics, predisposing conditions, immunosuppression, possible contaminants, site of isolation, type of yeast, antifungal prophylaxis, and therapy were recorded

    Results: 27 cases and 100 controls were enrolled. Candida (C.) parapsilosis was isolated in 8/27 (29.6%) cases, followed by C. albicans 6/27 (27%); there were 2/27 (7.4%) Trichosporon asahii. There was no statistical difference of BDG levels at diagnosis, maximum, and median by age group, type of yeasts, presence of neutropenia, corticosteroids, immunosuppression, and antifungal prophylaxis. Median BDG level differed for Candida (n=22) 371.97 pg/mL (range (R) 49.31, 26637.72) vs non-Candida yeasts (n=4) 64.6 pg/mL (R 35.7, 109.5), p=0.0371. There was no statistical difference among all control age cohorts (p=0.94) for median BDG level: 41.7 pg/mL (preterms); 65.4 pg/mL (birth-12 months); 55.9 pg/mL (1-3 yrs); 50.8 pg/mL (4-6 yrs), 50.4 pg/mL (7-12 yrs) and 77.4 pg/mL (13-21 yrs). Median BDG levels of Cases at Diagnosis were significantly elevated in comparison to those of Controls, 371.9 pg/mL (R 24.5, 17189.4) vs 56.5 pg/mL (R 2.0,1556.0) respectively, p=<0.0001). With 80 pg/mL cutoff, sensitivity, specificity, and NPV of BDG at Diagnosis were 77, 67, and 91.7% respectively; while with 100 pg/mL, specificity increased to 76% and NPV to 92.6%

    Conclusion: An 80 to 100 pg/mL breakpoint has sufficient NPV to exclude most IFIs in pediatric pts. BDG levels of low risk children are similar to those of adults.

    Christine M Salvatore, M.D.1, Ruta Petraitiene, MD2, Lemonia Sitaras, MA1, Hoda Hammad, MPH, MS3, Peter Leimena, MD4, Sima Toussi, MD1, Malcolm Finkelman, PhD5 and Thomas Walsh, MD, PhD (hon), FIDSA, FAAM6, (1)Division of Pediatric Infectious Diseases, Weill Cornell Medicine of Cornell University, New York, NY, (2)Internal Medicine, Transplantation-Oncology Infectious Diseases, Weill Cornell Medicine of Cornell University, New York, NY, (3)Department of Healthcare Policy & Research, Division of Biostatistics and Epidemiology, Weill Cornell Medicine of Cornell University, New York, NY, (4)Department of Pediatrics, Weill Cornell Medicine of Cornell University, New York, NY, (5)Clinical Development, Associates of Cape Cod, Inc., East Falmouth, MA, (6)Professor of Medicine, Pediatrics, Microbiology & Immunology, Weill Cornell Medicine of Cornell University/New York Presbyterian Hospital, New York City, NY


    C. M. Salvatore, None

    R. Petraitiene, None

    L. Sitaras, None

    H. Hammad, None

    P. Leimena, None

    S. Toussi, None

    M. Finkelman, Associates of Cape Cod, Inc.: Employee , Salary

    T. Walsh, Save Our Sick Kids Foundation: Scholar , Research support
    Henry Schueler Foundation: Scholar in Mucormycosis , Research support
    Sharpe Family Foundation: Scholar in Pediatric Infectious Diseases , Research support
    Astellas: Consultant and Grant Investigator , Research grant
    Novartis: Consultant and Grant Investigator , Research grant
    Merck: Grant Investigator , Research grant
    ContraFect: Consultant and Grant Investigator , Research grant
    Pfizer: Consultant , Research grant
    Drais: Consultant , Consulting fee
    iCo: Consultant , Consulting fee
    Methylgene: Consultant , Consulting fee
    SigmaTau: Consultant , Consulting fee
    Trius: Consultant , Consulting fee

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