227. Three Serum Cytokine Biomarkers Predict Presence of Acute Otitis Media Infection and Recovery from Relevant Otopathogens
Session: Poster Abstract Session: Diagnostics: Use of Biomarkers
Thursday, October 27, 2016
Room: Poster Hall
Background: Accurate diagnosis of acute otitis media (AOM) is difficult, as there are no unique clinical manifestations which can be relied upon to diagnose the disease. Otoscopic examination of the tympanic membrane in the context of a suspected AOM infection often results in misdiagnosis, resulting in over-prescription of antibiotics. We assessed serum S100A12, IL-10, and ICAM-1 protein levels as predictors of AOM.

Methods: Serum samples were studied from 91 children 6-36 months old at healthy visits, during AOM, and after recovery 3 weeks later. Serum S100A12, IL-10, and ICAM-1 were measured by ELISA. Middle ear fluid permitted identification of otopathogens. A predictive model for infection, recovery, and causative otopathogen was developed.

Results: 225 samples were analyzed: 44 samples were collected at healthy visits when no otopathogen was detected, 41 at healthy visits when the child was asymptomatically colonized in the NP, but was not suffering an AOM, 90 at AOM visits and 50 at follow-Up visits. Seven possible combinations of biomarkers were considered in the analysis: S100A12 alone, IL-10 alone, ICAM-1 alone, S100A12 +IL-10, S100A12 + ICAM-1, IL-10 + ICAM-1 and S100A12 + IL-10 + ICAM-1. Child age and serum levels of S100A12, IL-10, and ICAM-1 were significantly predictive of AOM, recovery from AOM after treatment, and the specific causative pathogen.

Conclusion: For the first time we show that a biomarker risk score derived from serum cytokine levels can predict presence and recovery from AOM, and contributes to identification of the otopathogen.

This work was supported by NIH NIDCD R01-08671

Michael Pichichero, MD1, Matthew Morris, PhD1 and Anthony Almudevar, PhD2, (1)Rochester General Hospital Research Institute, Rochester, NY, (2)Biostatistics and Computational Biology, University of Rochester Medical Center, Rochester, NY


M. Pichichero, None

M. Morris, None

A. Almudevar, None

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