Oral Abstract Session:
206. Prevalence and Outcome of Respiratory Tract Infections
Saturday, October 29, 2016: 8:30 AM-10:00 AM
Room: 275-277

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Tracks: Adult ID

Moderators:  Edward Walsh, MD, FIDSA, University of Rochester Medical Center and Ann R. Falsey, MD, University of Rochester Medical Center

8:30 AM
Effect of Febrile Rhinovirus Illness During Pregnancy on Adverse Birth Outcomes in Nepal
Erin Philpott, DO ; Janet Englund, MD, FIDSA ; James Tielsch, PhD ; Joanne Katz, ScD ; Subarna Khatry, MBBS, DOMS ; Steven C Leclerq, MPH ; Laxman Shrestha, MBBS, MD ; Jane Kuypers, PhD ; Mark C. Steinhoff, MD, FIDSA ; Helen Chu, MD MPH
8:45 AM
Pertussis Infections in Hospitalized Patients – United States, 2010-2014
Sarah Meyer, MD, MPH ; Amanda Faulkner, MPH ; Christine Miner, MS ; Karen Edge, MPH ; Victor Cruz, Cruz ; Marisa Bargsten, MPH ; Kathy Kudish, DVM, MSPH ; Joan Coleman, RN, MPH ; Eva Pradhan, MPH, MHA ; Stepy Thomas, MSPH ; Stacey W. Martin, MS ; Tami Skoff, MS
9:00 AM
Pertussis Outbreak among Members of a Religious Community – Brooklyn, New York, 2014-2016
Robert J. Arciuolo, MPH, CPH ; Antonine Jean, BA ; Jane R. Zucker, MD, MSc ; Jennifer B. Rosen, MD
9:15 AM
Viral and Bacterial Co-detections in Influenza-Positive Patients Hospitalized with Severe Acute Respiratory Illness ­­— Minnesota, 2013-2015
Kate Russell, MD, MPH ; Ashley Fowlkes, MPH ; Ruth Lynfield, MD, FIDSA ; Hannah Friedlander, MPH ; Kathryn Como-Sabetti, MPH ; Dave Boxrud, MSc ; Anna Strain, PhD ; Sarah Bistodeau, BS ; Andrea Steffens, MPH ; Carrie Reed, DSc, MPH
9:30 AM
Influenza Antiviral Use among High-Risk Outpatients during Four Recent Influenza Seasons — United States, 2011–2015
Rebekah Stewart Schicker, MSN, MPH, NP-C ; Brendan Flannery, PhD ; Jessie Chung, MPH ; Manjusha Gaglani, MBBS ; Richard K. Zimmerman, MD MPH, FIDSA ; Lisa A. Jackson, MD, MPH, FIDSA ; Joshua G. Petrie, PhD ; Huong Q. Mclean, PhD, MPH ; Mary Patricia Nowalk, PhD ; Michael L. Jackson, PhD, MPH ; Arnold S. Monto, MD, FIDSA ; Edward Belongia, MD ; Heather Eng, BS ; Shikha Garg, MD, MPH ; Alicia M. Fry, MD, MPH ; Fiona Havers, MD, MHS
9:45 AM
Acute Respiratory Infections (ARI) among Outpatient Healthcare Personnel (HCP)
Amanda Krosche, BS ; Mary Bessesen, MD ; Derek Cummings, PhD ; Charlotte Gaydos, DrPH, FIDSA ; Cynthia Gibert, MD, MSc, FIDSA ; Geoffrey Gorse, MD, FIDSA ; Jenna Los, MLA ; Ann-Christine Nyquist, MD, MSPH, FPIDS ; Connie Price, MD ; Lewis Radonovich, MD ; Nicholas Reich, PhD ; Maria C. Rodriguez-Barradas, MD, FIDSA ; Michael S. Simberkoff, MD, FIDSA ; Trish M. Perl, MD, MSc, FIDSA, FSHEA

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