Poster Abstract Session:
155. HIV: Antiretroviral Therapy
Friday, October 28, 2016: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: Poster Hall

Tracks: Trainee, Pediatric ID, HIV-STD-TB, Adult ID

Efficacy and Safety of Tenofovir Alafenamide vs Tenofovir Disoproxil Fumarate in HIV-infected, Virologically Suppressed Black and Non-Blacks Adults Through Week 48: Subgroup Analysis of a Randomized Switch Study
Edwin Dejesus, MD ; Richard Elion, MD ; Moti Ramgopal, MD, FACP, FIDSA ; Barbara H. Wade, MD, FIDSA ; Louis Sloan, MD ; Howard Edelstein, MD ; Gerald Pierone Jr., MD ; Jihad Slim, MD ; Jeffrey Stephens, MD ; Mingjin Yan, PhD ; Cecilia Tran-Muchowski, BS ; Martin Rhee, MD
The HLA-B*53 / HLA-C*04 Haplotype is Strongly Associated with DRESS Syndrome during Treatment with Raltegravir.
Mark Thomas, MD ; Christopher Hopkins, MD ; Eamon Duffy, MPharm ; Pierre Loulergue, MD ; Diego Ripamonti, MD ; Daniel Lee, MD
Clinically Significant Drug Interactions Among HIV Positive Outpatients on Antiretroviral Therapy
Lea Monday, PharmD, MD Candidate 2016 ; Alison Van Dyke, MD, PhD ; Jennifer Veltman, MD
The Impact of Antiretroviral Tablet Burden and Polypharmacy on Viral Suppression in Treatment Naïve Patients
Anthony Mills, MD ; Jennifer Fusco, BS ; Kathy Schulman, MA ; Cassidy Henegar, PhD, MSPH ; Susan Zelt, DrPH, MBA ; Ronald D' Amico, DO, MSc ; Felix Carpio, MD, MPH
Cabotegravir(CAB) Safety Meta-analysis Update from 14 Phase I/IIa Studies
Yu Lou, MS ; Elizabeth Gould, BS ; Caifeng Fu, MS ; Allan Tenorio, MD ; William Spreen, PharmD ; Parul Patel, PharmD ; David Margolis, MD, MPH
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  • Actual versus perceived use of pharmacokinetic (primarily absorption) influential OTC agents and ART tolerability in a nationwide matched cohort of HIV patients and their healthcare providers
    Mark Gehrig, PharmD Candidate ; Patrick Clay, Pharm.D, AAHIVP, CPI, CCTI, FCCP ; Richard Perry, BSc ; Anna Hadfield, MChem ; Jialiang Liu, BS, MS ; Sumihiro Suzuki, Ph.D.
    Prevalence and Reasons of Antiretroviral Therapy (ART) Switch Among HIV Patients in a large Urban Center
    Mohammed Shaikhomer, MD ; Abdulhadi Gelaidan, MD, MPH ; Hatim Batawi, MD, MSPH ; Katelin Snow, Medical Student ; Alison Payson, Medical Student ; Nafeesa Chin-Beckford, PharmD ; Luis Espinoza, MD
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  • Characteristics of Treatment-Experienced HIV-1-Infected Patients Switching from Multi-Tablet to Single-Tablet Regimens in the Veterans Affairs Health Care System
    Maral Dersarkissian, PhD ; Kathy Schulman, MA ; Susan Zelt, DrPH, MBA ; Ronald D’Amico, DO, MSc ; Rachel Bhak, MS, BS ; Michael Hellstern, BA ; Antonia Altomare, DO, MPH ; Ellyn Ercolano, MS ; Mei Sheng Duh, ScD, MPH ; Yinong Young-Xu, ScD, MS, MA
    Variability in Population Characteristics among HIV+ ART-Naïve Patients Initiating on Single Tablet Regimens
    George Melikian, MD, MPH ; Jennifer Fusco, BS ; Kathy Schulman, MA ; Cassidy Henegar, PhD, MSPH ; Susan Zelt, DrPH, MBA ; Ronald D' Amico, DO, MSc ; Philip Lackey, MD
    Dolutegravir 50 mg + Rilpivirine 25 mg (DTV+RPV) Daily in Treatment-Experienced HIV-Infected Patients
    Christopher Saling, MD ; Maria Elaine Szabela, MD ; Melinda Brown, MD ; Tamara Johnson, MD ; Raymund Sison, MD ; Jihad Slim, MD
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  • Does Slow Efavirenz Metabolism Have Greater Impact on Outcomes of Older HIV+ Africans?
    Jessie Torgersen, MD, MHS ; Athena Zuppa, MD, MSCE ; Scarlett Bellamy, ScD ; Xiaoyan Han, MS ; Gregory P. Bisson, MD, MSCE ; Robert Gross, MD, MSCE
    Risk Factors for Low Immune Recovery Among Participants with CD4+ Counts > 500 cells/mm3 who Achieved Viral Suppression in the Immediate Antiretrovrial Treatment (ART) Group in Strategic Timing of AntiRetroviral Treatment (START) Trial
    Jeffrey Boatman, M.S. ; Jason Baker, MD ; Sean Emery, PhD ; David Mushatt, MD, MPH & TM, FIDSA ; Hansjakob Furrer, M.D. ; Dalibor Sedláček, MD., PhD. ; Jens Lundgren, MD, D.M.Sc, Professor ; James Neaton, PhD
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  • Switching Undetectables to Once Daily Selzentry®: The SUDS Study
    Stanley Lewis, MD ; Kenneth Degazon, MD ; Chymbeelyn Larisma, MD ; Katherine Asuncion, MD

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