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75. Vaccines: Improving Delivery
Thursday, October 27, 2016: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: Poster Hall

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Tracks: Pediatric ID, Adult ID

Missed Opportunities for Rotavirus Vaccination from the 2013 National Immunization Survey
Bethany Sederdahl, BS ; Jumi Yi, MD ; Walter A. Orenstein, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS ; Evan J. Anderson, MD ; Robert Bednarczyk, PhD
Impact of a quality improvement initiative to increase vaccination of patients at high risk of influenza complications at a pediatric hospital
Roderick Jones, MPH ; Larry Kociolek, MD ; Anne Bobb, RPh ; Jeremy Hoge, N/A ; Arnold Butiu, MBA, BSN, RN-BC ; Lee Budin, MD ; Michael Kelleher, MD ; Jenifer Cartland, PhD
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    Do No Harm: Lessons Learned About Contextualizing Your Findings
    Kimberley Simmonds, PhD ; Larry Svenson, Ph.D. ; Christopher Bell, BSN ; Xianfang Liu, MPH ; Margaret L. Russell, MD PhD
    Effectiveness of Stepwise Perinatal Immunization Education: A Cluster Randomized Controlled Trial
    Aya Saito, RN, PHN, MSN, PhD ; Akihiko Saitoh, MD, PhD ; Isamu Sato, M.D., Ph.D. ; Tomohiro Shinozaki, M.P.H. ; Hajime Kamiya, MD, MPH, PhD ; Satoko Nagata, RN, PHN, PhD
    Dengue Vaccination: Public Health and Economic Impact Analysis in Paraguay
    Antonio Arbo, MD, MSc ; Celia Martinez-Cuellar, MD. MSc ; Agueda Cabello, ;MD ; Cynthia Vazquez, BS ; Gustavo Olivera-Botello, MD ; Judith Armoni, MD ; Laurent Durand, MD
    A Pragmatic Cluster-Randomized Trial to Increase Uptake of Vaccines during Pregnancy
    Sean O'leary, MD, MPH ; Jennifer Pyrzanowski, MSPH ; Sarah Brewer, MPA ; Carter Sevick, MS ; Juliana Barnard, MA ; Miriam Dickinson, PhD ; Amanda Dempsey, MD, PhD, MPH
    VaccineLink / La Salud Conexion: Successful Innovations with Vaccine Health Navigators (VHNs) to Identify and Overcome Vaccination Barriers In Underserved Communities
    Jamie Morano, MD, MPH ; Meghan Borysova, PhD ; Viviana Delgado, MA ; Coni Williams, MS ; Mimi Roopini Ghosh, MPH ; April Schenck, MBA ; Manuel Castro-Borobio, MD ; Dawood Sultan, PhD
    Maternal Immunization in Argentina: the importance of a safety profile analysis.
    Nathalia Katz, MD ; Silvina Neyro, MD ; Maria Eugenia Perez Carrega, MD ; Maria Del Valle Juarez, MD ; Carolina Rancaño, MD ; Marina Pasinovich, MD ; Analia Aquino, PharmD ; Carla Vizzotti, MD
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    Evaluation of Strategies for Improving Vaccination Coverage among Adults in the US: Can We Build Predictive Models?
    Cosmina Hogea, PhD ; Derek Weycker, PhD ; Gerry Oster, Ph.D. ; Girishanthy Krishnarajah, Ph.D.
    Adults’ Vaccination in Argentina: First-ever Assessment of Compliance through a Nationwide Survey
    Nathalia Katz, MD ; Daniel Stecher, MD ; Analia Urueña, MD ; María Del Valle Juárez, MD ; Analia Aquino, PharmD ; Sebastián Laspiur, MD ; Lucila Goldberg, MSc ; Victoria Odonnell, MSc ; Mariana Galante, MD ; Carla Vizzotti, MD
    Successful Implementation of an Electronic Pneumococcal Vaccine Protocol for Better Promotion of Pneumococcal Vaccine Administration and Compliance in a Tertiary Care Facility.
    Suganya Chandramohan, M.D. ; Amar Krishna, MD ; David Trupiano, PharmD ; Paru Patel, Pharm D ; Keith S. Kaye, MD, MPH ; Teena Chopra, M.D. M.P.H
    The Flu Vaccine: Why are our HIV-Infected Patients Saying NO?
    Loren Nunley, MD, MBA ; Karen Swanson, BSN, RN, CCRC, ACRN ; Susan Szabo, MD ; Marci Drees, MD, MS

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