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149. Public Health
Friday, October 28, 2016: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: Poster Hall

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Tracks: Global ID, Epidemiology and Infection Control, Adult ID

An outbreak of Burkholderia cepacia complex infections in pediatric, non-cystic fibrosis, patients
Lucila Marquez, MD, MPH ; Katie Jones, MPH, CIC ; Tjin Koy, MPH, MT, CIC ; Elaine Whaley, MSN, CIC, RN ; James Dunn, PhD, D(ABMM) ; John Lipuma, MD ; Judith Campbell, MD
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  • "The Chikungunya Outbreak in The Bahamas: Epidemiology and Surveillance in 2014"
    Janelle Pickering, AsSc ; Nikkiah Forbes, MBBS, DM ; Sharon Weissman, MD ; Pearl Mcmillan, MBBS
    Molecular Epidemiology of Cryptosporidiosis — Idaho, 2012–2015
    Ahmed Kassem, MBBCh, MPH, PhD ; Kris Carter, DVM, MPVM ; Amanda Bruesch, MS ; Dawn Roellig, MS, PhD
    Elizabethkingia anophelis: Experience of an Academic Health System in Southeastern Wisconsin
    Carrie Johnson, RN, BSN, CIC ; Mary Williams, RN, BSN, CIC ; April Vanderslik, RN, BSN, CIC ; Carlos Figueroa Castro, MD ; Mary Beth Graham, MD, FIDSA ; David Letzer, MD ; Nathan Ledeboer, PhD, D(ABMM) ; Timothy Block, MT(ASCP) ; L. Silvia Munoz-Price, MD, PhD
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  • Current Epidemiology and Trends in Invasive Haemophilus influenzae Disease—United States, 2009–2014
    Heidi Soeters, PhD, MPH ; Amy Blain, MPH ; Brooke Doman, MPH ; Monica Farley, MD, FIDSA ; Lee Harrison, MD ; Ruth Lynfield, MD, FIDSA ; Lisa Miller, MD, MSPH ; Susan Petit, MPH ; Arthur Reingold, MD, FIDSA ; William Schaffner, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA ; Ann Thomas, MD, MPH ; Shelley M. Zansky, PhD ; Xin Wang, PhD ; Elizabeth Briere, MD
    HIV Infection and Legionnaires’ Disease in New York City, 2006–2015
    Stephanie Ngai, MPH ; Don Weiss, MD, MPH ; Robert Fitzhenry, PhD ; Sarah Braunstein, PhD, MPH ; Sharon Balter, MD
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  • Medically Attended Influenza A Cases in Clinics, an Emergency Department, and a Hospital are Preceded by Influenza A Detections in Schools
    Jonathan Temte, MD, PhD ; Shari Barlow, BA ; Amber Schemmel, BS ; Emily Temte, BA ; Maureen Landsverk, BS ; Brad Maerz, MS ; Ashley Fowlkes, MPH ; Yenlik Zheteyeva, MD, MPH ; Amra Uzicanin, MD, MPH
    Epidemiology of Lyme disease in Hispanics admitted to a tertiary medical center in Long Island
    Yasin Abul, MD ; Robert Chow, MD ; Amy Spallone, MD ; Benjamin Luft, MD, FIDSA ; Luis a. Marcos, MD, MPH
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  • Investigation of a Gonorrhea Outbreak in an Isolated Northern Alberta Community, 2015
    Jennifer Gratrix, RN, MSc ; Jonathan Edwin, MPH, BSc ; Joanna Foley, BScN ; Irene Martin, BSc ; Lindsay Bertholet, MN, RN ; Wadieh Yacoub, MD MSc FRCPC ; Petra Smyczek, MD, PhD, FRCPC
    Increasing Incidence of Measles in the United States, 2001-2015
    Nakia Clemmons, MPH ; Paul Gastanaduy, MD, MPH ; Gregory S. Wallace, MD, MPH, MS
    Mumps outbreak characterization before and after a 3rd dose MMR vaccination campaign in a large university, Iowa, July 2015—April 2016
    Minesh Shah, MD, MPH ; Cristina Cardemil, MD ; Andrew Weigel, CSW ; Jacob Riley, MSPH ; Lisa James, RN, MSN ; James Todd Patterson, BS ; Rebekah Stewart Schicker, MSN, MPH, NP-C ; Nakia Clemmons, MPH ; Nick Kalas, MPH ; Patricia Quinlisk, MD, MPH
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  • Laboratory Gram Stain Misidentifications of Neisseria meningitidis and Impact on Public Health Response to Meningococcal Disease
    Shrimati Datta, PhD, MPH ; Anthony Moore, BA ; Jennifer Zipprich, MS, PhD ; Kathleen Winter, MPH, PhD ; Kathleen Harriman, PhD, MPH, RN
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  • Meningococcal Disease Among Men Who Have Sex with Men – United States, 2012-2015
    Temi Folaranmi, MD ; Melissa Whaley, MS, MPH ; Hajime Kamiya, MD, MPH, PhD ; Jessica Macneil, MPH ; Cecilia Kretz, PhD ; Amy Blain, MPH ; Stephanie Ngai, MPH ; Kathleen Winter, MPH, PhD ; Massimo Pacilli, MS MPH ; Xin Wang, PhD ; Virginia Bowen, PhD ; Manisha Patel, MD, MS ; Stacey W. Martin, MS ; Lara K. Misegades, PhD, MS ; Sarah Meyer, MD, MPH
    Molecular Characteristics of Neisseria Meningitidis Carriage Strains Isolated from Korean Adolescents
    Han Wool Kim, MD, PhD ; Soyoung Lee, MD, PhD ; Daeho Kwon, PhD ; Seo Hee Yoon, MD, PhD ; Kyung-Hyo Kim, MD, PhD
    Norovirus outbreak aboard USNS Mercy during Pacific Partnership 2015.
    Phillip Perrinez, MD, PhD ; Drake Tilley, MD, MPH&TM
    Possible Transmission of St. Louis Encephalitis Virus Through Blood Transfusion — Arizona, 2015
    Heather Venkat, DVM, MPH ; Rebecca Sunenshine, MD ; Craig Levy, MS ; Tammy Kafenbaum, BSN ; Tammy Sylvester, RN, BSN ; Laura Adams, DVM MPH ; Kirk Smith, PhD ; John Townsend, BS ; Melissa Dosmann, RN, CCTC ; Hany Kamel, MD ; Roberto Patron, MD ; Janna Huskey, MD ; Hasan Khamash, MD ; Elizabeth Krow-Lucal, PhD ; Ingrid Rabe, MBChB, MMed
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  • Trends in Early and Late Onset Group B Streptococcus in New York State, 2000 -2014
    Jemma Rowlands, MPH ; Rachel Wester, MPH, RN ; Eva Pradhan, MPH, MHA ; Priscela Perez, MPH ; Shelley M. Zansky, PhD
    Utility and Limitations of an Aggregate Community Antibiogram, Dallas County, Texas, 2009 – 2015
    Senait Woldai, MPH ; Michelle Ward, MPH ; Sonya M. Hughes, MPH ; Taylor Sexton, MPH ; Judy Tran, MPH ; Wendy Chung, MD, MS
    20 Years of Sprout Related Outbreaks: FDA's Investigative Efforts
    Kathleen Gensheimer, MD, MPH, FIDSA ; Diane Gubernot, DrPH, MPH
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