Poster Abstract Session:
151. HAI: Surveillance and Public Reporting
Friday, October 28, 2016: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: Poster Hall

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Tracks: Epidemiology and Infection Control, Adult ID

PathogenDB: A modular software suite integrating genomic clinical microbiology & epidemiology
Theodore Pak, AB ; Mitchell Sullivan, PhD ; Oliver Attie, PhD ; Elizabeth Webster, BS ; Andrew Kasarskis, PhD ; Harm Van Bakel, PhD ; Ali Bashir, PhD
Impact of Avoiding Central Vascular Catheter-Drawn Blood Samples for Culture in a Large Tertiary Care University Hospital
Carlos Santos, MD MPHS ; Teppei Shimasaki, M.D. ; Ekta Kishen, MPH ; Sarah Won, M.D. ; Amy Hanson, PharmD ; Gigi Marinakos, MPH ; Alexander Tomich, RN DNP ; Bala Hota, MD ; John Segreti, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA
Tracking Antibiotic Effectiveness Worldwide 1999-2014 Using the Drug Resistance Index
Suraj Pant, BA ; Eili Klein, PhD ; Sumanth Gandra, MD, MPH ; Ramanan Laxminarayan, PhD, MPH
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  • Visualizations to Improve Regional Situational Awareness of Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) Among Healthcare Professionals
    Casey Morrell, MPH ; Rebecca Meyer, MPH ; Raphaelle Beard, MPH ; Daniel Muleta, MD, MPH ; Loretta Moore-Moravian, RN/BSN, COHN-S/CM ; Marion Kainer, MBBS, MPH, FSHEA
    Do High-Performing Infection Control Hospitals Also Perform Well On Other Quality Outcomes? An Analysis of 20 Hospitals Across the United States
    Lyndsay O'hara, PhD, MPH ; Daniel Morgan, MD, MS, FIDSA, FSHEA ; Lisa Pineles, MA ; Shanshan Li, PhD, BS ; Anthony D. Harris, MD, MPH, FIDSA, FSHEA
    An analysis of hospital acquired bloodstream infection: How many cases can we prevent?
    Yuichi Katanami, M.D. ; Nozomi Takeshita, M.D., Ph.D. ; Kazuhisa Mezaki, M. T. ; Yoshikazu Mutoh, M.D ; Koh Shinohara, M.D. ; Motoyuki Tsuboi, M.D. ; Takehiro Hashimoto, M.D. ; Kei Yamamoto, M.D. ; Satoshi Kutsuna, M.D., Ph.D. ; Kayoko Hayakawa, M.D., Ph.D. ; Norio Ohmagari, M.D., M.Sc., Ph.D.
    Development of the Report Card for the Infectious Disease Service Line (IDSL)
    Ronald Nahass, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA ; Sharon Parrillo, BSRN, CIC ; Patricia Lafaro, BSRN, CIC ; Pauline Mcdounough, MS ; Salvatore Moffa, MD, MBA ; Luigi Brunetti, PharmD, MPH
    Carbapenem Resistance in Enterobacteriaceae: Trends from Active, Population-Based Surveillance Using Automated Testing Instrument Queries in Hennepin and Ramsey Counties, Minnesota, 2013 - 2015
    Brittany Vonbank, MPH ; Paula Snippes Vagnone, MT (ASCP) ; Ruth Lynfield, MD, FIDSA ; Medora Witwer, MPH ; Catherine Lexau, RN, MPH, PhD
    Global antibiotic use and resistance
    Eili Klein, PhD ; Sumanth Gandra, MD, MPH ; Suraj Pant, BA ; Nestor Mojica, MS ; Elena Martinez, MS, MPH ; Ramanan Laxminarayan, PhD, MPH
    National Prevalence of Multidrug-Resistant Acinetobacter baumannii (MDR AB) infections in the Ambulatory and Acute Care Settings, Including Carbapenem-Resistant Acinetobacter Infections, in the United States in 2015
    Holly Hoffman-Roberts, PharmD ; Patrick Scoble, PharmD ; Ying P. Tabak, PhD ; John Mohr, PharmD ; RS Johannes, MD, MS ; Vikas Gupta, Pharm.D., BCPS
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  • Capacity Building within the Microbiology Laboratory is Needed to Ensure Implementation of Strategies to Control the Spread of CRE
    Erin Epson, MD ; Sam Horwich-Scholefield, MPH, CIC ; Romney Humphries, PhD ; Janet Hindler, MCLS, MT(ASCP) ; Christina Hershey, BA ; Loren Miller, MD, MPH ; Job Mendez, RN, MD ; Jeremias Martinez, BS ; Dawn Terashita, MD, MPH ; Patricia Marquez, MPH, CIC ; Sandeep Bhaurla, MPH ; Marcelo Moran, MA, MPH ; Lindsey Pandes, MPH ; James a. Mckinnell, MD
    The Prevalence of Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA), Vancomycin-Resistant Enterococcus (VRE), Extended-Spectrum Beta-lactamase-producing Enterobacteriaceae (ESBL), Carbapenem-Resistant Enterobacteriaceae (CRE) and Clostridium difficile Infection (CDI) in Canadian Hospitals. A Comparison of Survey Results in 2010, 2012 and 2016.
    Philippe Martin, MD ; Victoria Williams, BSc, BASc, MPH, CIC ; Kathryn Bush, MSc ; Myrna Dyck, RN, BN, BSc, MSc ; Zahir Hirji, MSc ; Oscar E. Larios, MD ; Allison Mcgeer, MD, MSc ; Christine Moore, BSc, MLT ; Karl Weiss, MD, MSc, FRCPC ; Andrew E. Simor, MD, FRCPC, FACP
    Regional Differences in Carbapenem Non-Susceptibility in US Hospitals in 2015
    Eilish Mccann, PhD ; Vikas Gupta, Pharm.D., BCPS ; C. Andrew Deryke, PharmD ; Richard S. Johannes, MD, MS ; Daryl D. Depestel, PharmD, BCPS-ID ; Ying P. Tabak, PhD
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  • The Gastrointestinal Microbiome and the Enteropathogenetic Syndromes
    Roberto Angilletta, MD ; Silvia Corcione, MD ; Stefania Raviolo, MD ; Claudia Filippini, PhD ; Lucina Fossati, MD ; Rossana Cavallo, MD ; Anna Lucchini, MD ; Giovanni Di Perri, MD ; Francesco Giuseppe De Rosa, MD
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  • Economic Burden of Ventilator-Associated, Hospital-Acquired, Healthcare-Associated and Community-Acquired Pneumonia in the Hospital Setting
    Diana Sun, PhD, MS ; Vidya Moorthy, MS ; Shih-Chen Chang, PhD ; Nitya Mathew, MS ; David Oliveri, BS ; Stephanie Sassman, BA ; Amy Kindrick, MD, MPH

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