Poster Abstract Session:
72. They've Been Here a Billion Years! Pediatric Bacterial and Viral Infections
Thursday, October 27, 2016: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: Poster Hall

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Tracks: Pediatric ID, Investigative ID, Global ID

Pediatric Periorbital and Orbital Cellulitis Caused by Staphylococcus aureus from 2002-2015
Catherine Foster, MD ; Elizabeth Garland, PA-C ; Kristina G. Hulten, PhD ; Edward Mason Jr, PhD ; Sheldon L. Kaplan, MD, FIDSA
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    Increasing Numbers of Staphylococcal Scalded Skin Syndrome Cases at Texas Children's Hospital are Caused by ST121
    Kristina G. Hulten, PhD ; Melissa Kok, BS student ; Kathryn King, PA-C ; Edward O. Mason Jr., PhD, FIDSA ; Linda B. Lamberth, BS ; Sheldon L. Kaplan, MD, FIDSA
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    Continued Decline in Community Acquired Invasive MRSA Infections at Texas Children’s Hospital
    Kristina G. Hulten, PhD ; Edward Mason Jr, PhD ; Linda B. Lamberth, BS ; Sheldon L. Kaplan, MD, FIDSA
    Bacteremic Staphylococcus aureus osteoarticular infections: Observations on treatment and outcomes in a population with a high prevalence of MRSA
    Jonathon Mcneil, MD ; Kristina G. Hulten, PhD ; Edward O. Mason Jr., PhD, FIDSA ; Sheldon L. Kaplan, MD, FIDSA ; Jesus G. Vallejo, MD, FIDSA
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    A Decade of Antimicrobial Resistance of Staphylococcus aureus (SA) in Cystic Fibrosis (CF): A Widespread Problem!
    Claudia Vicetti Miguel, MD ; Asuncion Mejias, MD, PhD ; Amy Leber, PhD ; Pablo J. Sanchez, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS
    What is the Cost of Coagulase-Negative Staphylococcal Sepsis in the NICU?
    Joseph Cantey, MD, FIDSA ; Ram Kaligiri, MD ; Timothy Carder, MD ; Jessica Pruszynski, Ph. D ; Lea Mallett, PhD
    Emergence of Staphylococcus caprae in a Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU)
    Cullen Marshall, B.S. ; Elizabeth Ristagno, MD ; Lynette Boland, MSN CIC ; Gordon Stout, BS ; Alan Junkins, Ph.D. ; Charles Woods, MD, MS, FIDSA, FSHEA, FPIDS ; Kristina Bryant, MD, FPIDS
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    Access to Dental Care and Risk of Pneumonia: the Importance of Healthy Teeth
    Michelle Doll, MD, MPH ; Kristen Kelly, MSc ; Scott Ratliff, MS ; Norman Carroll, PharmD
    Dynamics of Colonization and Recolonization of Streptococcus pneumoniae Strains in Healthy Peruvian Children
    Kristin Nelson, MPH ; Carlos G. Grijalva, MD, MPH ; Sopio Chochua, MD, PhD ; Paulina Hawkins, MPH ; Ana Gil, MS ; Claudio Lanata, MD, MPH ; Marie R. Griffin, MD, MPH ; Kathryn Edwards, MD, FIDSA ; Keith Klugman, MD, PhD, FIDSA ; Jorge Vidal, PhD
    Severity of pneumonia in under five-year children from developing countries: multicentre prospective observational study
    Thomas Bénet, MD ; Valentina Sanchez Picot, DVM ; Shally Awasthi, MD ; Nitin Pandey, MD ; Ashish Bavdeka, MD ; Sonali Sanghavi, MD ; Anand Kawade, MD ; Annick Robinson, MD ; Mariam Sylla, MD ; Souleymane Diallo, PharmD ; Graciela Russomando, BSc ; Wilma Basualdo, MD ; Melina Messaoudi, MSc ; Florence Komurian-Pradel, PhD ; Hubert Endtz, MD ; Philippe Vanhems, MD, PhD ; Gláucia Paranhos-Baccalà, PhD
    Comparison of Population-Specific Cystic Fibrosis Antibiograms versus Hospital-Wide Antibiograms for Two Cystic Fibrosis Centers
    Victoria Konold, MD ; Kimberly Watts, MD, MS ; Denise Angst, PhD, RN ; Sarah M. Wieczorkiewicz, Pharm.D., BCPS (AQ-ID)
    Circulating Biomarkers of Endothelial Dysfunction Predict Mortality in Newborn Sepsis.
    Julie Wright, MD, MSc ; Kyla Hayford, MA, PhD ; Vanessa Tran, PhD ; Gulam Muhammed Al Kibria, MBBS ; Abdullah Baqui, MBBS, DrPH, MPH ; Arif Mahmud, MBBS, MIH ; Kevin Kain, MD ; Azadeh Farzin, MD
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    Impact of Rapid Diagnostic Testing on Antibiotic Prescribing in Hospitalized Children with Positive Blood Cultures
    Caroline Reuter, MD ; Rupal Patel, PharmD ; Xiaotian Zheng, MD, PhD ; Zena Leah Harris, MD ; Yusuf Chao, BA ; William Lewis, MD ; Zachary Aldewereld, MD ; Sameer Patel, MD, MPH
    Impact of a Program of rational antibiotic use and new technology for early detection and treatment of gram negative bacteremia in a pediatric referral hospital
    Silvina Ruvinsky, MD ; Moira Taicz, MD ; Soledad Martiren, MD ; Guadalupe Perez, MD ; Soledad Gonzalez, MD ; Vanesa Reijtman, Biochemical ; Alejandra Mastroianni, technician ; Romina Romero, MD ; Giannina Cinqui, Pharmacist ; Patricia Constanzo, Pharmacist ; Claudia Hernandez, Biochemical ; Rosa Bologna, MD
    The Utility of Procalcitonin to Support Clinical Decision Making in Critically Ill Pediatric Patients
    David Jacobs, PharmD ; Maya Holsen, PharmD Student ; Shirley Chen, PharmD Student ; Nicholas Fusco, PharmD ; Amanda Hassinger, MD, MS
    Exposure to Multiple and Unrelated Antimicrobial Agents is Associated with Bloodstream Infection due to Antibiotic Resistant Bacteria among Hospitalized Children
    Erin O'donnell, MD ; Heidi Andersen, MD ; Joshua Courter, PharmD ; Joel Mortensen, Ph.D. ; Lilliam Ambroggio, PhD, MPH ; David Haslam, MD
    Association between First Line Antibiotic Treatment of Abscesses and Persistence of Infection
    Anaam Mohammed, MPH, CCRC ; Trisha Parker, MPH, CCRC ; Shaaz Fareed, BS ; Elham Laghaie, BS, MS ; Lilly Immergluck, MD, MS
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    Gram-Negative and Fungal Infections Following Mupirocin-based MRSA Decolonization in Neonates
    Rebecca Pierce, MS, BSN ; Kristina Bryant, MD, FPIDS ; Alexis Elward, MD, MPH, FSHEA ; Justin Lessler, PhD, MHS ; Aaron M. Milstone, MD, MHS, FIDSA, FSHEA
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    Risk factors for Invasive Acinetobacter Infections in Children: A Case – Control Study
    Ishminder Kaur, M.D. ; Jennifer Vodzak, MD ; Jeffrey Yaeger, MD, MPH ; Alan T. Evangelista, PhD ; Sarah S. Long, MD ; Jane M. Gould, MD
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    Epidemiology, clinical manifestations, and outcomes of Bartonella henselae infection in children
    Meggie Hixson, MD ; Norma Quintanilla, MD ; Claire E. Bocchini, MD
    Risk factors and outcomes for children with carbapenem-resistant Enterobacteriaceae: a multicenter case series
    Kathleen Chiotos, MD ; Pranita D. Tamma, MD, MHS ; Kelly B. Flett, MD, MMSc ; Manjiree V. Karandikar, MD ; Adam Hirsh, BS ; Theoklis Zaoutis, MD, MSCE ; Lauren Farrell, MS, MLS(ASCP), CIC ; Jennifer Han, MD, MSCE
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    International Travel and Other Risk Factors for Extended-Spectrum β-Lactamase-Producing Enterobacteriaceae in Pediatrics
    Jonathan Strysko, MD ; Vidya Mony, DO ; Jeremiah Cleveland, MD ; Hanna Siddiqui, MD ; Peter Homel, PhD ; Christina Gagliardo, MD
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    Improving Bacterial Identification in Pediatric Acute Hematogenous Osteomyelitis
    Rachel Quick, RN, MSN, CNS ; Kathryn Merkel, PharmD, BCPS, AQ ID ; Patrick Boswell, BA ; Marisol Fernandez, MD ; Lynn Thoreson, DO ; Peter Cosgrove, MBBChBAO ; John Williams, MD ; Sarmistha Hauger, MD
    The Microbiology of Septic Arthirits in Young Auckland Children
    Mirjam Van Den Boom, MBChB ; Rachel Webb, MBChB ; Diana R. Lennon, MB, ChB ; Haemish Crawford, MBChB, FRACS ; Joshua Freeman, MBChB FRCPA ; Jennifer Castle, Microbiology ; Raakhi Mistry, MBChB
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    Comparative Effectiveness of Ceftriaxone plus Metronidazole Versus Antipseudomonal Antibiotics for Perforated Appendicitis in Children
    Rana F. Hamdy, MD, MPH ; Lori Handy, MD ; Evangelos Spyridakis, MD ; Daniele Dona, MD ; Matthew Bryan, PhD ; Areti Kyriakousi, PhD ; Jeffrey S. Gerber, MD, PhD
    Detection and Analysis of Antibiotic Resistance in Coliform Bacteria in Caribbean Coastal Water
    Radjin Steingrover, MD ; Shardelice Illidge, BSc ; Cerithsa Martina, MSc ; Liane Virginia-Cova, MSc ; Mark Vermeij, Phd
    Murine typhus in pediatric patients in Houston
    Juliana Da Silva, MD ; Timothy Erickson, BA, MPH ; Kristy Murray, DVM, PhD
    Congenital Syphilis: Management Dilemmas using Reverse Screening
    Michelle Sewnarine, MD ; Sujatha Rajan, MD ; Geoffrey Weinberg, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS ; Kenneth Bromberg, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS ; Sunil Sood, MD, FIDSA ; Lorry Rubin, MD, FIDSA

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