Poster Abstract Session:
60. Hepatitis C
Thursday, October 27, 2016: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: Poster Hall

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Analysis of HCV Genotype 2 and 3 Variants in Patients Treated with Combination Therapy of Next Generation HCV Direct-Acting Antiviral Agents ABT-493 and ABT-530
Teresa Ng, PhD ; Tami Pilot-Matias, PhD ; Rakesh Tripathi, MS ; Gretja Schnell, PhD ; Thomas Reisch, MS ; Jill Beyer, BS ; Tanya Dekhtyar, MS ; Stanley Wang, MD, PhD ; Federico Mensa, MD ; Jens Kort, MD, PhD ; Christine Collins, PharmD
Lessons learned from HIV: creating a hepatitis C linkage to care program
Nancy Glick, MD ; Hilary Armstrong, MPH ; Audra Tobin, BA ; Kristi Allgood, MPH
Statistical and Data Mining Analysis to Identify Clinical, Biochemical and Pathological Features of Liver Fibrosis versus Metavir Score in a Cohort of 69106 Chronic Hepatitis C Patients in Egypt
Abubakr Awad, PhD Student in Computer Science ; Mahasen Mabrouk, MD ; Wafaa Elakel, MD ; Wahed Doss, MD ; Tahany Awad, MD ; Samar Kamal, MD
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    The Risk of Acute Liver Injury with Statin Use in Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection
    Dana Byrne, MD, MSCE ; Janet P. Tate, ScD ; Kimberly Forde, MD, MHS ; Jay R. Kostman, MD ; Jason Roy, PhD ; Vincent Lo Re III, MD, MSCE
    The Impact of Untreated Hepatitis C Infection on Progression of Renal Decline among Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease
    Sara Tartof, PhD, MPH ; Jean Marie Arduino, PhD ; Rong Wei, MA ; Jin-Wen Hsu, PhD ; Kevin Rubenstein, MS ; Haihong Hu, MS ; Michael Horberg, MD, MAS, FIDSA ; Stephen Derose, MD, MSHS ; Carla Rodriguez, PhD
    Electronic Medical Record-Based Liver Fibrosis Staging: Identification of High-Risk Patients at Time of Hepatitis C Diagnosis in the Emergency Department
    Julie Schexnayder, DNP, MPH, CRNP ; Ricardo Franco, MD ; Joshua Richman, MD, PhD ; James Galbraith, MD ; Deanne Guthrie, MSCS ; Michael J. Mugavero, MD, MHSc
    Effectiveness of DAA Regimens in Genotype 1 HIV/HCV Coinfected Patients: An Analysis of the VA National Clinical Case Registry
    Debika Bhattacharya, MD, MSc ; Pamela Belperio, PharmD ; Troy Shahoumian, MPH, PhD ; Timothy Loomis, PhD ; Matthew Bidwell Goetz, MD ; Larry Mole, PharmD ; Lisa Backus, MD, PhD
    Toll-Like Receptor 7 and Interferon Lambda 1 in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C: Relation to Virus Replication and Liver Injury.
    Hoda El Aggan, Professor of Medicine ; Nahla Farahat, Professor of Clinical Pathology ; Nevine El Deeb, Professor of Pathology ; Ahmed Zeid, Assistant Professor of Medicine ; Assem El Sandidi, Lecturer of Medicine
    The Impact of Chronic Kidney Disease on Hepatic and Extra Hepatic Outcomes among Patients with Hepatitis C Infection
    Carla V. Rodriguez, PhD ; Jean Marie Arduino, PhD ; Jin-Wen Hsu, PhD ; Rong Wei, MA ; Kevin Rubenstein, MS ; Haihong Hu, MS ; Michael Horberg, MD, MAS, FIDSA ; Stephen Derose, MD, MSHS ; Sara Tartof, PhD, MPH
    Innovative Linkage to Care for Patients with Hepatitis C Virus Infection
    Mariana Castrejon, BS ; Samantha Ramirez, RN ; Jeffrey Klausner, MD, MPH ; Marjan Javanbakht, MPH, PhD ; Sammy Saab, MD, MPH
    Prevalence of false-positive hepatitis C antibody tests in the National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES), 2007-2012
    Scott D. Holmberg, MD, MPH, FIDSA ; Anne C. Moorman, BSN, MPH ; Jan Drobeniuc, MD, PhD ; Saleem Kamili, PhD
    Does Adding Ribavirin to Newer DAA Regimens Affect SVR Rates in HCV-Infected Persons in Actual Clinical Settings? Results from ERCHIVES
    Adeel Butt, MD, MS ; Peng Yan, MS ; Kristen M. Marks, MD ; Obaid Shaikh, MD ; Kenneth Sherman, MD
    Impact of HCV treatment on liver transient elastography (TE): Prospective data from the CORE hepatitis cohort
    Oluwatoyin Adeyemi, MD ; Kerianne Burke, MPH ; Crystal Winston, BA ; Dan Taussig, MPH ; Benjamin Go, MD ; Sonia Vibhakar, PharmD ; Rebecca Golberg, RN ; Gregory Huhn, MD, MPHTM
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    Expanded HCV Testing and Linkage to Care: Program Implementation to Overcome Barriers to Engagement in Care
    Rebecca Eavou, LCSW ; Ellen Almirol, MPH, MA ; Randee Estes, MT (A.S.C.P.) ; Michelle Taylor, LCSW ; Mai Pho, MD, MPH ; David Pitrak, MD, FIDSA
    Hepatitis C Treatment Outcomes in People Actively Using Drugs in Dallas, Texas
    Jason Gillman, M.D. ; Patrick Clay, Pharm.D, AAHIVP, CPI, CCTI, FCCP ; Jialiang Liu, BS, MS ; Sumihiro Suzuki, Ph.D. ; Deanna Rogers, CCRC ; Lauren Rogers, CCRC ; Gary Sinclair, M.D. ; Gene Voskuhl, M.D.
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    Direct Acting Anti-Viral (DAA) Therapy for Chronic Hepatitis C Virus (HCV) Infection Leads to Regression of Liver Fibrosis, Assessed by Serial Transient Elastography (Fibroscan)
    Justin Chan, MD ; Neliswa Gogela, MD ; Hui Zheng, PhD ; Sara Lammert, MPH ; Tokunbo Ajayi, MD ; Zachary Fricker, MD ; Arthur Kim, MD, FIDSA ; Gregory Robbins, MD, MPH, FIDSA ; Raymond T. Chung, MD
    Mutation May Be Important in Second Generation DAA Treatment Failures
    Glen Abergel, MD ; Robert H K Eng, MD ; Sandra Kaminski, MS, PA-C ; Alexandra Sonyey, MD
    Universal Hepatitis C Screening: Prevalence and Linkage to Care Among Patients Presenting to a Large, Publically Funded Urban Emergency Department
    Michael Maurantonio, BS ; Ellie Carmody, MD, MPH ; Svetlana Duvidovich, BA ; Waridibo E. Allison, MBBS PhD ; Ada Rubin, BA ; William Chiang, MD
    Predictors of Loss to Follow-Up in Patients with Hepatitis C
    Anna Winston, B.S. ; Camilla Graham, MD, MPH ; Mary Lasalvia, MD, MPH
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    Costs of routine care for chronic hepatitis C virus infection: the case of Illinois Medicaid
    Mai T. Pho, MD MPH ; Yue Gao, MPH ; Joshua Salomon, PHD ; Elbert Huang, MD MPH ; Robert Nocon, MHS ; Jake Morgan, MS ; Laura White, PHD ; Benjamin Linas, MD, MPH
    The Effects of Syringe Exchange Program Access on Hepatitis C Screening Among People Who Inject Drugs
    Karli Hochstatter, MPH ; Ryan Westergaard, MD, PhD, MPH ; Timothy Hess, PhD ; Shawnika Hull, PhD ; Mary Peng, MS
    Predictors of Neurocognitive Impairment in Hepatitis C Viral Infection
    Badr Alhumayyd, MD ; Anya Umlauf, MS ; Scott Letendre, MD ; Allen Mccutchan, MD ; Ronald Ellis, MD, PhD ; Igor Grant, MD ; Ajay Bharti, MD
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    Increases in HCV among hospitalized children and the association with substance abuse
    Thomas Runge, MD, MPH ; Monica Schmidt, MPH, PhD ; A. Sidney Barritt IV, MD, MSCR ; Ravi Jhaveri, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS
    Hepatitis C Resistance Associated Variants Among People Who Inject Drugs Treated with Direct-Acting Antiviral-Containing Regimens
    Matthew Akiyama, MD, MSc ; Jacqueline Reeves, PhD ; Yolanda Lie, BA ; Linda Agyemang, MPH ; Alain Litwin, MD, MPH, MS
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    Increase in Hepatitis C Diagnosis and Opioid-related Deaths in Urban Versus Rural Areas of Louisiana from 2012-2015
    Chandra M Becka, MD ; Zack E Bryant, MD ; Dielda Robertson, BS ; Raoult Ratard, MD, MPH & TM, FACPM
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    The Implementation of a Novel, Multidisciplinary Hepatitis C Program in an Established HIV Program
    Deborah Kahal, MD, MPH ; Janice Heinssen, NP-BC ; Christopher James, PharmD ; Karen Kackenmeister, RN, MSN ; Marci Drees, MD, MS ; Digna Caceres, Admin Asst ; William Mazur, MD
    Hepatitis C in the Correctional-Community Continuum of Care: Poor Baseline Linkage Rates and Early Improvement with Care Coordination
    Matthew Akiyama, MD, MSc ; Ross Macdonald, MD ; Alison Jordan, MSW ; Fabienne Laraque, MD, MPH ; Devin Columbus, MA ; Michael Maurantonio, BS ; Jessie Schwartz, RN, MPH ; Vinh Pham, MD, PhD ; Ellie Carmody, MD, MPH
    Effect of Sorafenib on Hepatitis C Viremia in Cirrhotic Patients with Hepatocellular Carcinoma
    Jeff Hosry, MD ; Ahmed Kaseb, MD ; Minas P. Economides, MD ; Manal Hassan, MD ; Harrys Torres, MD, FIDSA
    Effects of Acid-Reducing Agents on Cure Rates for Hepatitis C Patients Treated with Ledipasvir and Sofosbuvir
    Cindy Banh, PharmD ; Rebecca Hluhanich, PharmD ; Kathleen Haight, PharmD ; Patricia Poole, PharmD
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    Acute Changes in APRI and FIB-4 Scores During HCV Treatment
    Christina Yek, MD ; Carolina De La Flor, MD ; Amit Singal, MD ; Beverley Adams-Huet, MS ; Mamta Jain, MD
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    Identifying Risk factors for Non-Birth Cohort Hepatitis C Testing in a Large Healthcare System
    Whitney Nichols, MS ; Alexander Geboy, MS ; Idene Perez, CMA ; Stephen Fernandez, MPH ; Peter Basch, M.D, MACP ; Dawn Fishbein, MD, MS
    Outcomes of Direct-Acting Antivirals for Hepatitis C in an Indigent Population
    Carolina De La Flor, MD ; Christina Yek, MD ; Amit Singal, MD ; Mamta Jain, MD
    Sofosbuvir-Based Therapy in Patients with Chronic Hepatitis C Virus Infection and Malignancies – A Prospective Observational Study of 60 Patients
    Minas Platon Economides, MD ; Parag Mahale, MBBS ; Jeff Hosry, MD ; Ying Jiang, MS ; Bruno Granwehr, MD ; Harrys Torres, MD, FIDSA
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    Outcome of Chronic Hepatitis C infection in HIV Co-infected with Sofosbuvir containing Regimens in HIV Primary Care Setting with Integration of New York State Department of Health Funding Support
    Madhuchhanda Choudhary, MD ; Shelley Gilroy, MD ; John Faragon, PharmD ; Zoe Kingsley, RN ; Joseph Cirabisi, Peer Advocate ; Peter Ells, MD
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