1250. Induced Human Intestinal Organoids (iHIOs) as Model Systems for Chemotherapy-associated Clostridium difficile (CD) Infections
Session: Poster Abstract Session: C. difficile: From the Bench to Bedside
Friday, October 6, 2017
Room: Poster Hall CD

Background:  Patients undergoing cytotoxic chemotherapy are ten times more likely to develop Clostridium difficile infections (CDI) than the general patient population. Efforts to outline pathophysiologic mechanisms underlying this disproportionate incidence have been limited by the lack of disease-representative experimental models. We hypothesized that iHIOs could serve as toxicity models to evaluate chemotherapy-associated CDI

Methods: Intact iHIOs were exposed to cytotoxic chemotherapy (melphalan) in gut media at therapeutic doses (9 mcg/ml; which is the equivalent of 140 mg/m2 human dose).

Cellular death was assessed by accumulation of the membrane permeant dye, Sytox-orange added at 5-days post treatment. iHIOs were also exposed to CD toxin A and B ( TcdA and TcdB respectively)  and epithelial barrier damage assessed by actin mislocalization and loss of E-cadherin. For controls iHIOs were exposed / microinjected with saline/PBS. Morphological and histological changes were then captured using light and confocal microscopy 

Results: Morphologic and histologic assessments demonstrated cell death and epithelial barrier damage

Conclusion:  iHIOs demonstrate cell death on exposure to CD toxins and melphalan chemotherapy. These properties could be harnessed in establishing toxicity models for evaluation of chemotherapy-associated CDI

Senu Apewokin, MD1, Suman Pradhan, Phd1, Michael Frerick, BSc2 and Alison Weiss, PhD1, (1)University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH, (2)university of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, OH


S. Apewokin, T2 biosystems: Investigator , Research support
Astellas: Scientific Advisor , Consulting fee

S. Pradhan, None

M. Frerick, None

A. Weiss, None

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