Poster Abstract Session:
252. Pediatric Virology
Saturday, October 7, 2017: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: Poster Hall CD

Tracks: Adult ID, Epidemiology and Infection Control, Global ID, HIV-STD-TB, Investigative ID, Pediatric ID, Trainee

2016 Acute Flaccid Myelitis Outbreak in Texas: Promising Outcomes
Rachel Quick, RN, MSN, CNS; Dawn Mcelvain, RN, MSN, CPNP; Bhairav Patel, MD; Ann Bailey, RNC-NIC, BSN, MBA, CIC; Donald Murphey, MD; Marisol Fernandez, MD; Jeffrey Kane, MD; Sarmistha Hauger, MD
Rapid virologic response to Brincidofovir in pediatric, CD34+ selected allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HCT) recipients with disseminated adenovirus infection.
Shuk-Ying Chan, MRCP(UK), FHKCP, FHKAM (Medicine); Susan Prockop, MD; Farid Boulad, MD; Genovefa Papanicolaou, MD; Yeon Joo Lee, MD, MPH
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  • Human Bocavirus Transmission and Illness Among Pregnant Mothers and Infants in Ugandan Households
    Emily T. Martin, MPH, PhD; Richard Evans, MS; Elizabeth M. Krantz, MS; Jane Kuypers, PhD; Stacy Selke, MS; Anna Wald, MD, MPH, FIDSA; Lawrence Corey, MD; Corey Casper, MD, MPH, FIDSA; Soren Gantt, MD, PhD
    The incidence of symptomatic congenital cytomegalovirus (CMV) infection in Korea; A 15-year Multi-center study
    Sae Rom Choi, M.D.; Kyung-Ran Kim, M.D.; Dong Sub Kim, MD; Yun Sil Chang, M.D., PhD; Eun Young Cho, M.D.; Mea-Young Chang, M.D., PhD; Yun-Kyung Kim, M.D., PhD; Dae Sun Cho, M.D., PhD; Jin Kyu Kim, M.D., PhD; Hye Kyung Cho, M.D., PhD; Su Eun Park, M.D., PhD; Kyung Hee Park, M.D., PhD; Hwang Min Kim, M.D., PhD; Byung-Kook Lee, M.D., PhD; Yae-Jean Kim, M.D., PhD
    Head Ultrasound or MRI? The Role of Neuroimaging in the Assessment of Symptomatic and Asymptomatic Infants with Congenital CMV infection
    Mina Smiljkovic, MD; Christian Renaud, MD, MSc, FRCPC; Bruce Tapiero, MD; Valerie Lamarre, M.D., FRCPC; Fatima Kakkar, MD, MPH
    “Targeted” Screening for Cytomegalovirus (CMV)-Related Hearing Loss: It’s Time for Universal CMV Screening in the NICU!
    Alexandra Medoro, MD; Prashant Malhotra, MD, FAAP; Masako Shimamura, MD; Gina Hounam, PhD; Ursula Findlen, PhD; Phillip Wozniak, BA; Nicholas Foor, BS; Oliver Adunka, MD, FACS; Pablo J. Sanchez, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS
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  • Monitoring Of Cytomegalovirus Infection In Non-Transplant Pediatric Leukemia During Chemotherapy
    Nonthapan Phasuk, MD; Nopporn Apiwattanakul, MD, PhD; Chonnamet Techaseansiri, MD; Usanarat Anurathapan, MD
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  • First Cluster of Acute Flaccid Myelitis Related to Enterovirus D-68 in Argentinean children
    Carolina Carballo, MD; Marcela Garcia Erro, MD; Nora Sordelli, MD; Gabriel Vazquez, MD; Daniel Cisterna, PhD; Alicia Mistchenko, MD; Claudia Cejas, MD; Manlio Rodriguez, MD; Cecilia Freire, PhD; María M Contrini, MD; Eduardo L Lopez, MD
    Enterovirus Infection in Young Infants: Prevalence, Clinical and Laboratory Characteristics in Columbus, Ohio
    John Feister, MD; Alexandra Medoro, MD; Cristina Tomatis Souverbielle, MD; Jason Campbell, BS; Gulsen Akkoc, MD; Octavio Ramilo, MD, FPIDS; Douglas Salamon, MB(ASCP)SV; Amy Leber, PhD; Guliz Erdem, MD
    Comparison of Prevalence, Clinical and Laboratory Characteristics of Enterovirus (EV) and Human Parechovirus (HPeV) Infections in Infants Less Than Two Months of Age in Columbus, Ohio 
    John Feister, MD; Cristina Tomatis Souverbielle, MD; Alexandra Medoro, MD; Jason Campbell, BS; Octavio Ramilo, MD, FPIDS; Douglas Salamon, MB(ASCP)SV; Amy Leber, PhD; Guliz Erdem, MD
    Prevalence, Genotypes, Clinical Manifestations and Outcomes Associated with Human Parechovirus (HPeV) Infections in Infants up to 2 Months old in Central Ohio.
    Cristina Tomatis Souverbielle, MD; Huanyu Wang, PhD; John Feister, MD; Jason Campbell, BS; Alexandra Medoro, MD; Asuncion Mejias, MD, PhD, MsCS; Octavio Ramilo, MD, FPIDS; Douglas Salamon, MB(ASCP)SV; Amy Leber, PhD; Guliz Erdem, MD
    Can We Distinguish between Human Parechovirus Type 3 and Enteroviruses Infection in Neonates and Young Infants Based on their Clinical and Laboratory Findings?
    Ryohei Izumita, MD; Yuta Aizawa, MD, PhD; Rie Habuka, MD; Kanako Watanabe, PhD; Taketo Otsuka, MD, PhD; Akihiko Saitoh, MD, PhD
    An Assessment of the Validity of the Comprehensive Severity Index (CSI) as a Measure of Severity of Influenza Infection in Children
    Dat Tran, MD, MS; Susan E. Richardson, MD, CM; Moshe Ipp, MD; Suzanne Schuh, MD; Ari Bitnun, MD, MSc; Andrew Paterson, MD
    Neurological Manifestations of Hospitalized Children with Influenza During the 2016-2017 Season
    Suchitra Rao, MBBS; Kevin Messacar, MD; Jan Martin, MD; M. Alex Ahern, MD; Christina Osborne, MD; Michelle Torok, PhD; Amanda Dempsey, MD, PhD, MPH; Teri Schreiner, MD; Samuel Dominguez, MD, PhD
    Single Dose IV Peramivir is Safe and Effective in the Treatment of Pediatric Influenza
    John Vanchiere, MD, PhD; Stephanie Plunkett, MD; Rajasekaran Annamalai, MD; Katie Julien, MD; James Peterson, MD; Marcy Goisse, MD; Shane Christensen, MD; Priyesh Mehta, DO; Stephen Coleman, MD; Flor Munoz, MD; Amy Flynt, PhD; Sylvia Dobo, MD; Eniko Nagy, MD; Deborah Kargl, BSc; Amanda Mathis, Ph.D.; Phil Collis, PhD; William Sheridan, MB BS
    A Systems Analysis Approach to Define the Protective Host Immune Responses of Children with Mild Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection
    Santtu Heinonen, MD, PhD; Victoria M. Velazquez, PhD; Fang Ye, PhD; Daniel M. Cohen, MD; Sara Mertz, BS; Bennett Smith, BS; Cristina Garcia-Maurino, MD; Octavio Ramilo, MD, FPIDS; Asuncion Mejias, MD, PhD, MsCS
    National Bronchiolitis Hospitalization Rates Among Preterm and Full Term Infants: 2010–2015
    Leonard R. Krilov, MD; Jaime Fergie, MD; Mitchell Goldstein, MD; Kimmie K. McLaurin, MS; Sally Wade, MPH; David Diakun, BS; Amanda Kong, MPH
    Human Rhinovirus Detection by PCR in Febrile Infants and Risk of Concomitant Bacterial Infection
    Anne J. Blaschke, MD, PhD, FIDSA, FPIDS; E. Kent Korgenski, MT, MS; Jacob Wilkes, BS; Angela Presson, PhD; Emily Thorell, MD, MSCI; Chris Stockmann, PhD, MSc; Elizabeth Knackstedt, MD, FAAP; Carolyn Reynolds, MS, APRN; Jeff Schunk, MD; Judy Daly, PhD; Carrie L. Byington, MD, FIDSA
    A varicella outbreak among preschool children despite one-dose vaccination
    Zafer Kurugol Sr., Professor; Sule Gokce, pediatrician
    Congenital Zika Syndrome (CZS) Phenotype Seen in Older Children
    Victoria Chu, MD; Lyle Petersen, MD, MPH; Cynthia Moore, MD, PhD; Dana Meaney-Delman, MD; Gregg Nelson, MD; D. Christian Sonne, MD; Carol Glaser, DVM, MPVM, MD; Sonja Rasmussen, MD, MS
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  • Evaluation of Pregnant Women, Fetuses and Infants with Zika Virus Exposure and Infection: Lessons Learned from the Congenital Zika Program at Children's National
    Roberta DeBiasi, MD, MS, FIDSA, FPIDS; Sarah Mulkey, MD, PhD; Caitlin Cristante, BS; Lindsay Pesecreta, RN; Gilbert Vezina, MD; Dorothy Bulas, MD; Adre duPlessis, MB, ChB
    Congenital Neurological Disorders in Children with Microcephaly Related to Exanthematous Diseases During Pregnancy: A Cohort Study
    Tabata De Alcantara, MD, MS; Kalyana E. Fernandes, MD; Jessika Thais Da Silva Maia, MS; Gleysson Rosa, RN , MD; Marcelo Rodrigues Zacarkim, MD, MS; Raquel Duarte Rolim, MS; Igor Thiago Queiroz, MD, PhD; David Aronoff, MD, FIDSA; A. Desiree Labeaud, MD, MS; Nilson N. Mendes Neto, MD
    Clinical and Epidemiological Profile of the Chikungunya and Zika Outbreak in Neonates 2014-2016, Cartagena-Colombia
    Cindy Arteta-Acosta, Master of Epidemiology; Wilfrido Coronell-Rodríguez, PhD Tropical Medicine, Infectious disease Pediatrician
    Evaluation of Mothers and Infants with Presumed Exposure to Zika Virus: A Look into the Lehigh Valley Experience.
    Jeanette Taveras, D.O.; Michelle Maron, RN, MSN, CIC; Tibisay Villalobos, MD, FAAP

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