Poster Abstract Session:
248. HIV: Sexually Transmitted Infections
Saturday, October 7, 2017: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: Poster Hall CD

Tracks: Adult ID, Global ID, HIV-STD-TB, Trainee

Primary Care Providers Have Limited Knowledge About STI Screening And HIV PrEP in Men Who have Sex with Men
Durane Walker, M.D; Jennifer Friderici, M.S.; Daniel Skiest, MD, FIDSA
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  • Incident Syphilis Infections in an HIV Population: Presentation and Care
    Raynell Lang, MD.; Ron Read, MD, PhD, FRCPC; Hartmut Krentz, PhD; John Gill, MD, MB, MSc, FRCPC
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  • Housing Insecure HIV Patients Have Higher Positive Gonorrhea and Chlamydia Test Results but Lower Testing Rates in a Primary Care Setting
    A Asa Clemenzi-Allen, MD; Wendy Hartogensis, PhD; Elvin Geng, MD, MPH; Katerina Christopolous, MD
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  • Earlier detection of latent syphilis: Every 3 month screening with MSM and HIV
    Kristin Carr, M.D.; Anandit Mu, D.O., MPH; Adriel Fajilan, M.D.; Melissa McCormick, MS-4; Gregory Aung, PharmD; Tony Chao, Pharm.D.; Brian Wong, M.D.; Michael Ing, MD
    Self-Testing is a Feasible and Acceptable Option for Identifying Extra-genital Gonorrhea (GC) and Chlamydia (CT) infections in HIV Infected Persons
    Anuradha Ganesan, MD, MPH; Dana Golden, BS; Robert Deiss, MD; Thomas O'Bryan, MD; Ryan Maves, MD, FCCP, FIDSA; Jason M. Blaylock, MD; Jason Okulicz, MD; Eric Garges, MD, MPH
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  • Clinical Characteristics and Outcomes of Patients with Otosyphilis and HIV Infection 
    Matthew J. Copeland, DO; Joseph G. Timpone, MD; H. Jeffrey Kim, MD; Princy N. Kumar, MD, FIDSA
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  • Risk Factors Associated with Sexually Transmitted Infections among Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis Users in an Urban Multi-Clinic Healthcare System
    Alexandra Abrams-Downey, MD; Ana Ventuneac, PhD; Bianca Duah, BA; Joaquin Aracena, MA; Hansel Arroyo, MD; Judith Aberg, MD, FIDSA; Michelle Cespedes, MD, MS
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  • High Rate of Asymptomatic Bacterial Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs) in Men who Have Sex with Men on Pre Exposure Prophylaxis (PrEP)
    Lucas La Fata, MD; Laurent Cotte, MD; Matthieu Godinot, MD; Aymeric Pansu, MD; Carole Groslafeige, MD; Djamila Makhloufi, MD; Andre Boibieux, MD; Tristan Ferry, MD; Christian Chidiac, MD
    Improving extra-genital GC/CT screening among HIV-positive patients at the University of North Carolina Infectious Diseases clinic
    Timothy Menza, MD, PhD; Anita Holt, RN; Trealve Hankins, CMA; Ellen McAngus, MSW; Amy Heine, MSN, FNP; Claire Farel, MD, MPH
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  • High-risk behavior among U.S. Military HIV-Infected Active-Duty and Retired Personnel
    Danielle Pannebaker, MD; Derek Larson, DO; Xun Wang, MS; Anuradha Ganesan, MD, MPH; Jason Okulicz, MD; Christina Schofield, MD FACP, FIDSA; Thomas O'Bryan, MD; Brian Agan, MD; Robert Deiss, MD

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