Poster Abstract Session:
170. Stewardship: Targets for Intervention
Friday, October 6, 2017: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: Poster Hall CD

Tracks: Adult ID, Epidemiology and Infection Control, Global ID, Investigative ID, Pediatric ID

Age-specific Distribution of Antimicrobial Use Surveillance using National Database of Health Insurance Claims and Specific Health Checkups of Japan (NDB Japan) 2011-2013
Daisuke Yamasaki, PhD; Masaki Tanabe, MD, PhD; Yuichi Muraki, PhD; Genta Kato, MD, PhD; Tetsuya Yagi, M.D., Ph.D.
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  • Variation in Antibiotic Prescribing among Emergency Departments, Urgent Care Centers, and Retail Health Clinics in the United States, 2014
    Danielle Palms, MPH; Lauri Hicks, DO; Adam L. Hersh, MD, PhD; Monina Bartoces, PhD; David Hyun, MD; Rachel Zetts, MPH; Katherine Fleming-Dutra, MD
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  • Pharmacoepidemiology of Antibiotic Prescribing Among 135,000 Adult Outpatient Encounters in Northeast Ohio
    Vasilios Athans, PharmD, BCPS; Elizabeth Neuner, PharmD, BCPS (AQ-ID); Robert Curtis, MBA; Raymond Borkowski, MD; Cynthia Deyling, MD; Steven Gordon, MD; Thomas Fraser, MD
    Outpatient Antibiotic Prescribing Among Older Adults in the United States, 2011 to 2014
    Sarah Kabbani, MD MSc; Danielle Palms, MPH; Monina Bartoces, PhD; Nimalie Stone, MD MS; Lauri Hicks, DO
    Evaluating the Impact of Long-Term Outpatient Ertapenem (ETP) versus Ceftriaxone (CTX) on Clinical Success and Development of Resistance for Documented Enterobacteriaceae Infections
    Peggy Carver, PharmD, FCCP, FIDP; Craig Michael, Pharm.D.; Victoria Facchini, Pharm.D. Candidate; Anna Koseck, Pharm.D. Candidate; Corey Edge, Pharm.D.; Jerod Nagel, PharmD, BCPS
    Antibiotic Utilization and Antimicrobial Stewardship in Community Hospitals
    Abrar Thabit, PharmD, BCPS; Katherine Shea, PharmD, BCPS AQ-ID; Oscar Guzman, PharmD, BCPS; Kevin W. Garey, PharmD, M.S.
    Assesing Appropriateness of Antimicrobial Treatment in Hospitalized Patients; A Point Prevalence Study
    Sharon Reisfeld, MD; Mahdi Assali, MD; Elias Tannous, BSc. Pharm; Kamal Amarny, BSc. Pharm.; Michal Stein, MD
    A Multicenter Study to Optimize Carbapenem Use
    Amy Sherman, MD; Federico Palaco, MD; Tiffany Goolsby, PharmD; Jesse Jacob, MD; Jan Pack, PharmD; Krysta Johnson-Martinez, MD; Jordan Wong, PharmD; Mary-Elizabeth. Sexton, MD; Paula Frew, PhD, MA, MPH; Scott Fridkin, MD; Sheetal Kandiah, MD MPH; Vincent Fenimore, PhD; Robert Gaynes, MD
    The Management of Outpatient Cellulitis at The Moncton Hospital before and after the Initiation of a Clinical Treatment Pathway
    Andrew Dalziel, MD; Daniel Smyth, MD FRCPC; Ahmed Ghaly, MD FRCPC; Timothy MacLaggan, BSc Pharm ACPR; George Stoica, PhD
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  • The Impact of Respiratory Viral Testing in Hospitalized Adult Patients at a Tertiary Care Facility
    Emily Ciccone, MD, MHS; Vahini Chundi, MD; Melissa Miller, PhD; Lauren DiBiase, MS; David Weber, MD, MPH; Jonathan Juliano, MD, MSPH; Ravi Jhaveri, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS; Zachary Willis, MD, MPH
    Epidemiology of Polymyxin use in a tertiary care setting of South India
    Vidya Menon, MD, FACP; Payal Patel, MD, MPH; Vrinda Nampoothiri, PharmD; Anil Kumar, MBBS, MD; Zubair Umer Mohamed, MD, FRCA, FCARCSI, EDIC, FFICM, CCT; Sangita Sudhir, PharmD; Jason Pogue, PharmD; Sanjeev Singh, DCH, MD, PhD; Keith S. Kaye, MD, MPH
    Impact of Asymptomatic Bacteriuria (ASBU) Overtreatment During a Controlled Trial of Antimicrobial Stewardship (AS).
    Jeffery Semel, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA; Nirav Shah, MD, MPH; Jessica Ridgway, MD; Kamaljit Singh, MD; Becky Smith, MD; Mira Suseno, PharmD; Lance Peterson, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA
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  • Correlation between Tennessee Antibiotic Use Point Prevalence Survey and NHSN AUR Module in four acute care hospitals
    Christopher Evans, PharmD; Raphaelle Beard, MPH; Zina Gugkaeva, PharmD; Brooke Stayer, PharmD; Candice Simpson, PharmD; Pamela Talley, MD, MPH; Marion Kainer, MBBS, MPH, FSHEA
    Validation of NHSN Annual Hospital Survey questions: Do responses differ depending on the professional completing the survey?
    Kristi Kuper, PharmD, BCPS; Katharina Van Santen, MSPH; Amy Pakyz, PharmD, MS, PhD; Arjun Srinivasan, MD, FSHEA; Erin O'Leary, MPH
    Visual Analytic Tools for Automated Measurement and Tracking of Durations of Therapy for Pneumonia, Urinary Tract Infections, and Skin and Soft Tissue Infections
    Jesse Sutton, PharmD; Christopher J. Graber, MD, MPH, FIDSA; Matthew Goetz, MD; Karl Madaras-Kelly, PharmD, M.P.H.; Makoto Jones, MD, MS; Peter Glassman, MBBS, MSc; Emily Spivak, MD, MHS
    Exploring Visual Analytic Tools for Antimicrobial Stewardship Intervention across 8 Veterans Affairs Hospitals
    Jesse Sutton, PharmD; Christopher J. Graber, MD, MPH, FIDSA; Karl Madaras-Kelly, PharmD, M.P.H.; Makoto Jones, MD, MS; Peter Glassman, MBBS, MSc; Emily Spivak, MD, MHS; Matthew Goetz, MD
    Changes in Broad-Spectrum Antibiotic Use Following Implementation of the CMS Sepsis (SEP-1) Measure in Select Locations Reporting to NHSN’s Antibiotic Use Option
    Erin O'Leary, MPH; Jonathan R. Edwards, MStat; Katharina Van Santen, MSPH; Melinda Neuhauser, PharmD, MPH; Lauri Hicks, DO; Daniel Pollock, MD; Arjun Srinivasan, MD, FSHEA
    Meropenem Extended Infusion (EI) versus (vs) Standard Infusion (SI) in Critically ill Patients: Evaluation of Outcomes
    Nabeela Ahmed, PharmD; Shin-Pung (Polly) Jen, PharmD, BCPS (AQ-ID), AAHIVP; Diana Altshuler, PharmD; John Papadopoulos, BS, PharmD, FCCM, BCCCP, BCNSP; Vinh Pham, MD, PhD; Yanina Dubrovskaya, PharmD, BCPS (AQ-ID), AAHIVP
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