Poster Abstract Session:
146. Enteric Infections and Diagnostics
Friday, October 6, 2017: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
Room: Poster Hall CD

Identifying Enteropathogens in Children with Acute Gastroenteritis Presenting With Isolated Vomiting – APPETITE Study
Bonita Lee, MD MSc (Epi); Xiao-Li Pang, PhD; Ran Zhuo, PhD; Brendon Parsons, PhD; Linda Chui, PhD; Jianling Xie, MD, MPH; Karen Lowerison, AHT; Lara Osterreicher, RN; Samina Ali, MDCM; Stephen Freedman, MDCM
Enteropathogen Identification by Multiplex PCR in Guatemalan Children with Acute, Non-bloody Diarrhea
Mario Melgar, MD; Molly Lamb, PhD; Diva M Calvimontes, MD; Edwin J Asturias, MD; Ingrid Contreras-Roldan, MD; Samuel Dominguez, MD, PhD; Christine C. Robinson, PhD; Stephen Berman, MD; James Gaensbauer, MD, MScPH
Appropriateness of a Rapid Multiplex Gastrointestinal Panel in the Investigation of Suspected Infectious Diarrhea After Implementation at an Academic Medical Center
Norman Beatty, MD; David Nix, PharmD; Jessica August, MD; Roberto Swazo, MD; Janame Kottey, MD; Kyle Mckeown, MPH; Mohannad Alshibani, PharmD; Wanda Petty, BS; Kathryn Matthias, PharmD; Mayar Al Mohajer, MD, MBA, CAQ, FACP
Clinical Predictors of Shigella and Campylobacter Infection in Children in the United States
Timothy Smith, DO; Xiangyang Ye, MS; Chris Stockmann, PhD, MSc; Daniel Cohen, MD; Amy Leber, PhD; Judy Daly, PhD; Jami Jackson, DO; Rangaraj Selvarangan, PhD; Neena Kanwar, PhD; Jeffery Bender, MD; Jennifer Dien Bard, Ph.D; Ara Festekjian, MD; Susan Duffy, MD; Chari Larsen, MD; Tanya Baca, MD; Kristen Holmberg, MS; Kevin Bourzac, PhD; Kimberle C. Chapin, MD; Andrew Pavia, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA, FPIDS; Daniel Leung, MD
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  • High Genetic Variability of Norovirus Leads to Diagnostic Test Challenges
    Xiaoli Pang, MD and PhD; Ran Zhuo, PhD; Yuanyuan Qiu, PhD; Brendon Parsons, PhD; Bonita Lee, MD MSc (Epi); Linda Chui, PhD; Stephen Freedman, MDCM
    Risk Factors and Clinical Outcomes of Cancer Patients with Clostridium difficile Associated Diarrhea Co-infected with a Second Enteropathogen.
    Harika Yalamanchili, DO; Andrew Chao, MD; Eduardo Yepez Guevara, MD; Samuel L. Aitken, PharmD; Micah Bhatti, MD, PhD; Pablo C. Okhuysen, MD, FACP, FIDSA
    Gastroenteritis Severity - A Prospective Cohort Comparison of Children in Emergency Department and Home Settings
    Otto G. Vanderkooi, MD; Jianling Xie, MD, MPH; Bonita Lee, MD MSc FRCPC; Samina Ali, MDCM; Xiao-Li Pang, PhD; Linda Chui, PhD; Daniel C. Payne, PhD, MSPH; Phillip Tarr, MD, FIDSA; Ran Zhuo, PhD; Brendon Parsons, PhD; Lara Osterreicher, RN; Kelly Kim, BSc; Stephen Freedman, MDCM
    Genetic Variation in Shiga toxin-producing Escherichia coli Recovered from Patients in Michigan and Connecticut
    Heather Selheimer, BSc; Rebekah Mosci, MS; James Rudrik, PhD; Shannon Manning, PhD
    Relationship between Enteropathogen and Acute Gastroenteritis Disease Severity: A Prospective Cohort Study
    Stephen Freedman, MDCM, MSc; Jianling Xie, MD, MPH; Alberto Nettel-Aguirre, PhD, PStat; Bonita Lee, MD MSc (Epi); Linda Chui, MD; Xiao-Li Pang, PhD; Ran Zhuo, PhD; Brendon Parsons, PhD; Otto G. Vanderkooi, MD; Phillip Tarr, MD, FIDSA; Samina Ali, MDCM; James A. Dickinson, MBBS, PhD; Evan Hagen, B.Sc.; Lawrence W Svenson, PhD; Shannon E. MacDonald, PhD, RN; Steven J. Drews, PhD; Raymond Tellier, MD, MSc; Tim Graham, MD, MSc; Martin Lavoie, MD; Judy Macdonald, MD
    Comparison of Antibiotic Regimens In Intra-abdominal Infections
    Imran Hasanoglu, MD, PhD; Rahmet Guner, Prof. Dr.; Ruveyda Bilmez, M.D.; Bircan Kayaaslan, MD PhD.; Turan Buzgan, Prof. Dr.; Mehmet A. Tasyaran, Prof. Dr.
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  • Microbiology of Infected Walled-off Necrosis Following Severe Acute Pancreatitis
    Shingo Chihara, MD; Nadav Sahar, MD; Richard Kozarek, MD; Michael Gluck, MD
    Risk factors for the development of bacteremia in previously healthy children with non-typhoidal Salmonella gastroenteritis
    Bethany Burdick, Medical Student; Ankhi Dutta, MD, MPH; Lauren Hess, MD; Charles Minard, PhD
    Clinically Important Resistance among Salmonella enterica Serotype Typhi Isolates—United States, 2003–2015
    Felicita Medalla, MD, MS; Louise Francois Watkins, MD, MPH; Kevin Chatham-Stephens, MD, MPH; Jared Reynolds, MPH; Amelia Bicknese, BS; Cindy Friedman, MD
    Impact of fecal microbiota transplantation on digestive tract colonization due to carbapenem-resistant enterobacteriacae and vancomycin-resistant enterococci
    Benjamin Davido, MD, MS; Rui Batista, PharmD; Hugues Michelon, PharmD, MS; Lelia Escaut, M.D; Hafedh Fessi, MD; Olivia Senard, MD; Morgan Matt, MD; Laurene Deconinck, MD; Pierre De Truchis, MD, PhD; Jérôme Salomon, MD, PhD; Aurelien Dinh, MD
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  • Frequency of Antimicrobial Resistance in Shiga Toxin-Producing Escherichia coli (STEC) and Non-Typhoidal Salmonella (NTS) Clinical Infections and Association with Epidemiological Factors
    Sanjana Mukherjee, MS; Rebekah Mosci, MS; Chase Anderson, -; Brian Snyder, BS; James Collins, MPH, RS; James Rudrik, PhD; Shannon D. Manning, PhD

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