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233. Clinical: Respiratory Track
Saturday, October 7, 2017: 12:30 PM-2:00 PM
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Health Outcomes Associated with Mild versus Moderate-to-Severe Laboratory-Confirmed Influenza in 6- to 35-month-old Children
Amber Hsiao, MPH; Philip O. Buck, PhD, MPH; Arnold Yee, MBA; John Hansen, MPH; Ned Lewis, MPH; Emad Yanni, MD, MSC; Rafik Bekkat-Berkani, MD; Deborah Nelson, PhD; Anne Schuind, MD; Nicola P. Klein, MD, PhD
Pediatric Bordetella parapertussis Emergence in the Era of Acellular Pertussis Vaccine
Rachel Lieberman, MD; Angela Myers, MD, MPH, FPIDS; Grant Hamill, MD; Jacob Ward, DO; Mary Anne Jackson, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS
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  • RSV disease burden among children under two years of age in the United States
    Carmen Arriola, DVM, PhD; Carrie Reed, PhD; Susan I. Gerber, MD; Gayle E. Langley, MD, MPH; Kristen Allen, MPH; Evan J. Anderson, MD; Kyle Openo, MPH; Ruth Lynfield, MD, FIDSA; Erica Bye, MPH; Arthur Reingold, MD, FIDSA; Pam Daily, MPH; Ann Thomas, MD, MPH; Courtney Crawford, MPH; Shikha Garg, MD, MPH; Sandra S. Chaves, MD, MSc
    Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) Hospitalizations of US Preterm Infants Born at 29-35 Weeks Gestational Age: Proportions by Chronologic Age and Birth Month
    Evan J. Anderson, MD; Eric A. Simões, MB, BS, DCH, MD; Michael L. Forbes, MD; Paul A. Checchia, MD; Joseph B. Domachowske II, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS; Leonard R. Krilov, MD; Natasha B. Halasa, MD, MPH, FPIDS; John P. Devincenzo, MD; Christopher Rizzo, MD, FAAP; Kimmie K. McLaurin, MS; Christopher S. Ambrose, MD, MBA
    High Mortality Associated with Parainfluenza Virus Infection in Hospitalized Adults
    Ivan F. N. Hung, MD FRCP; Justin Li, MBBS student; Kelvin Kw To, MD FRCPath; Anthony Tam, MBBS; Jasper Fw Chan, MBBS, FRCPath
    Decrease in PCV13 Serotypes in Adults Hospitalized with Pneumococcal Pneumonia Over Time: Evidence of Herd Immunity Effects from Childhood Vaccination
    Jason Leblanc, PhD; May Elsherif, MD; Lingyun Ye, MSc; Donna Mackinnon-Cameron, MMath; Todd Hatchette, MD FRCPC; Amanda Lang, PhD; Haley Gillis, BSc; Irene Martin, BSc; Ardith Ambrose, RN; Melissa K Andrew, MD, PhD; Guy Boivin, MD, MSc; William R. Bowie, MD, FRCPC, FIDSA; Karen Green, MSc, RN; Jennie Johnstone, MD; Mark Loeb, MD, MSc; Anne Mccarthy, MD, MSc; Allison Mcgeer, MD, MSc; Makeda Semret, MD; Sylvie Trottier, MD, PhD; Louis Valiquette, MD, MSc, FRCPC; Duncan Webster, MD; Shelly McNeil, MD, FRCPC, FIDSA
    Antimicrobial De-escalation Rates following Positive Cultures in Pneumonia
    Abhishek Deshpande, MD, PhD; Sandra S. Richter, MD; Sarah Haessler, MD; Kyle Brizendine, MD; Peter Lindenauer, MD, MSc; Pei-Chun Yu, MS; Marya D. Zilberberg, MD, MPH; Peter Imrey, PhD; Thomas Higgins, MD, MBA; Michael Rothberg, MD, MPH
    Neighborhood-Level Poverty, Poverty-Associated Factors, and Severe Outcomes among Adults Hospitalized with Influenza—United States, 2012–2015
    Rebekah Stewart Schicker, MSN, MPH, APRN; Kimberly Yousey-Hindes, MPH, CPH; Melissa a. Rolfes, PhD, MPH; Charisse Nitura Cummings, MPH; Evan J. Anderson, MD; Marisa Bargsten, MPH; Nancy Bennett, MD, MS; Seth Eckel, MPH; Krista Lung, MPH; Melissa McMahon, MPH; Lisa Miller, MD, MSPH; Maya Monroe, MPH; Ilene Risk, MPA; William Schaffner, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA; Ann Thomas, MD, MPH; James Watt, MD, MPH; Shelley M. Zansky, PhD; Carrie Reed, DSc, MPH; Alicia M. Fry, MD, MPH; Shikha Garg, MD, MPH
    Provider Compliance with Rapid Influenza Detection Testing Guidelines During the 2016-17 Influenza A Season
    E. Kent Korgenski, MT, MS; Krow Ampofo, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS.; Bert K. Lopansri, MD, FIDSA; Carrie L. Byington, MD, FIDSA; Jacob Wilkes, BS; Per Gesteland, MD; Andrew Pavia, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA, FPIDS
    Rhinovirus Detection in Children Hospitalized with Acute Respiratory Illness and Asymptomatic Outpatients
    Jennifer Schuster, MD; Dithi Banerjee, PhD; Ferdaus Hassan, PhD; Julie Boom, MD; Janet Englund, MD, FIDSA; Natasha Halasa, MD, MPH, FPIDS; Eileen J. Klein, MD, MPH; Monica Mcneal, MS; Pedro Piedra, MD; Mary A. Staat, M.D., M.P.H.; Geoffrey Weinberg, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS; John V. Williams, MD; Daniel Payne, PhD, MSPH; Brian Rha, MD, MSPH; Joana Yu, MPH; Susan Gerber, MD; Christopher J. Harrison, M.D., FAAP, FPIDS; Rangaraj Selvarangan, PhD
    RSV Epidemiology and Clinical Outcomes in Adults ≥60 Years of Age Seeking Outpatient Care for Respiratory Illness
    Jennifer King, MPH; Burney Kieke, MS; Joanna Pluta, MD; Ali Al-Hilli, MD; Vivek Shinde, MD, MPH; Edward Belongia, MD
    Treatment and Outcomes of Extensively Drug-resistant Pseudomonas aeruginosa Nosocomial Pneumonia
    Thana Khawcharoenporn, M.D., M.Sc.; Alan Chuncharunee, M.D.; Chailat Maluangnon, M.D.; Thitiporn Taweesakulvashra, M.D.; Pimsiri Tiamsak, M.D.
    Predicting Risk of Drug-Resistant Pathogens in Patients with Pneumonia
    Abhishek Deshpande, MD, PhD; Sarah Haessler, MD; Kyle Brizendine, MD; Sandra S. Richter, MD; Peter Lindenauer, MD, MSc; Pei-Chun Yu, MS; Marya D. Zilberberg, MD, MPH; Peter Imrey, PhD; Thomas Higgins, MD, MBA; Michael Rothberg, MD, MPH
    Streptococcus pneumoniae as a Cause of Community-Acquired Pneumonia: Changes Over the Past 100 Years
    Michael Abers, MD; Daniel Musher, MD, FIDSA; John G. Bartlett, MD, FIDSA
    Evaluating Symptom Severity of Influenza Viral Infection Using the Influenza Patient-reported Outcomes Instrument (FLU-PRO) in a Healthy Human Challenge Model
    Alison Han, MD, MS; Jiat Ling Poon, PhD; John H. Powers III, MD; Ren Yu, MA; Nancy K. Leidy, PhD; Matthew J. Memoli, MD, MS
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  • Predictors of Clinical Respiratory Virus Testing Among Adults Hospitalized with Acute Respiratory Illness (ARI) (2015-16)
    Courtney Strickland, MPH; Erin McSpadden, BS; Elif Alyanak, MPH; Emily T. Martin, MPH, PhD; H. Keipp Talbot, MD, MPH; Richard Zimmerman, MD, MPH; Balasubramani Goundappa K, PhD; Manjusha Gaglani, MBBS; Alicia M. Fry, MD, MPH; Jill M. Ferdinands, PhD, MSc
    A Cross-Sectional Surveillance Study of Acute Respiratory Illness (ARI) in Pregnant Women
    Anne Hause, MPH; Vasanthi Avadhanula, PhD; Maurizio Maccato, MD; Phillip Pinell, MD; Nanette Bond, PA-C; Patricia Santarcangelo, RN; Flor Munoz, MD; Pedro Piedra, MD
    Frailty Hinders Recovery From Acute Respiratory Illness in Older Adults
    Melissa K Andrew, MD, PhD; Caitlin Lees, MD, MA; Judith Godin, PhD; Karen Black, BSc; Janet McElhaney, MD; Ardith Ambrose, RN; Guy Boivin, MD, MSc; William R. Bowie, MD, FRCPC, FIDSA; May Elsherif, MD; Karen Green, MSc, RN; Scott A. Halperin, MD; Todd Hatchette, MD FRCPC; Jennie Johnstone, MD; Kevin Katz, MD, CM, MSc, FRCPC; Joanne M. Langley, MD, FRCPC, FSHEA; Jason Leblanc, PhD; Philippe Lagace-Wiens, MD; Mark Loeb, MD, MSc; Donna Mackinnon-Cameron, MMath; Anne Mccarthy, MD, MSc; Allison Mcgeer, MD, MSc; Jeff Powis, MD, MSc, FRCPC; David Richardson, MD; Makeda Semret, MD; Stephanie Smith, MD; Daniel Smyth, MD, FRCPC; Geoffrey Taylor, MD, FSHEA; Sylvie Trottier, MD, PhD; Louis Valiquette, MD, MSc, FRCPC; Duncan Webster, MD; Lingyun Ye, MSc; Shelly McNeil, MD, FRCPC, FIDSA
    Impact of Procalcitonin Guidance on Management of Adults Hospitalized with COPD Exacerbations 
    Derek Bremmer, PharmD, BCPS; Briana DiSilvio, MD; Crystal Hammer, MD; Moeezullah Beg, MD; Swati Vishwanathan, MD; Daniel Speredelozzi, MD; Matthew Moffa, DO; Kurt Hu, MD; Rasha Abdulmassih, MD; Jina Makadia, MD; Rikinder Sandhu, MD; Mouhib Naddour, MD; Noreen Chan-Tompkins, PharmD, BCPS - AQ ID; Tamara Trienski, PharmD; Courtney Watson, MPH; Thomas Walsh, MD
    Estimating influenza vaccination status among Medicare beneficiaries: Comparison of billing claims and vaccination data obtained from medical records and self-report
    Elif Alyanak, MPH; Alicia M. Fry, MD, MPH; Courtney Strickland, MPH; Jeffrey Kelman, MD MMSc; Yoganand Chillarige, MPA; Xiyuan Wu, MS; Michael Wernecke, BA; David Shay, MD, MPH; Jill M. Ferdinands, PhD, MSc
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  • Molecular Analysis of Respiratory Syncytial Virus (RSV) F and G Proteins In the OUTSMART Surveillance Program during the 2015-16 Winter Season in the United States
    Bin Lu, Ph.D.; Marla Chu, MS; David E. Tabor, PhD; Andrey Tovchigrechko, Ph.D.; Weijia Wang, MS; Fiona Fernandes, PhD; Seme Diallo, MS; Alexey Ruzin, Ph.D.; Qing Zhu, Ph.D.; Hong Jin, PhD; Mark T. Esser, PhD
    Clinical characteristics and outcomes of severe Klebsiella pneumoniae pneumonia patients admitted to intensive care unit compared with those of severe Streptococcus pneumoniae pneumonia patients: A prospective cohort study 
    Jeongmin Hong, MD; Seung Hyun Lee, MD; Byunghan Ryu, MD; Min-Chul Kim, MD; Min Jae Kim, MD; Sang-Oh Lee, MD, PhD; Yong Pil Chong, MD, PhD; Sung-Han Kim, MD, PhD; Yang Soo Kim, MD, PhD; Jun Hee Woo, MD, PhD; Sang-Ho Choi, MD, PhD
    Acute Hospitalizations for Pneumonia in Adults in the United States in 2014
    Jose Suaya, MD, PhD; Vannessa Harrison, MPH; John McLaughlin, PhD; Erica Chilson, PharmD; Jeffrey Vietri, PhD; Bradford Gessner, MD; David Swerdlow, MD; Raul Isturiz, MD
    Long-term respiratory complication in patients with Middle East Respiratory Syndrome: One year follow-up after the 2015 outbreak in South Korea
    Kang Il Jun, MD; Wan Beom Park, MD; Gayeon Kim, MD; Jae-Phil Choi, MD; Ji-Young Rhee, MD; Shinhye Cheon, MD; Jun-Sun Park, MD; Yeonjae Kim, MD; Joonsung Joh, MD; Bum Sik Chin, MD; Pyeong Gyun Choe, M.D.; Ji Whan Bang, MD; Sang-Won Park, MD, PhD; Nam Joong Kim, M.D., Ph.D.; Dong-Gyun Lim, MD; Yeon-Sook Kim, MD; Myoung-Don Oh, M.D., Ph.D.; Hyoung-Shik Shin, MD
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  • Impact of timing of diagnosis of respiratory syncytial virus (RSV) disease on hospital length of stay (LOS) in adults: final analysis from a retrospective chart review study
    Nelson Lee, MBBS, MD, FRCP(Lond), FRCP(Edin); Edward Walsh, MD, FIDSA; Ian Sander, PhD; Robert Stolper, AB; Jessica Zakar, BA; Guy De La Rosa, MD; Veronique Wyffels, PharmD; David Myers, BMath; Roman Fleischhackl, MD
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  • Evaluation of Antibiotic Prescribing for Acute Respiratory Tract Infections in the Ambulatory Care Setting
    Suzanne T. Molino, PharmD, BCPS; Paul M. Stranges, PharmD, BCPS, BCACP; Susan C. Bleasdale, MD; Nancy L. Shapiro, PharmD, BCACP; Katie J. Suda, PharmD, M.S.; Alan E. Gross, PharmD, BCPS-AQ ID
    Parainfluenza Virus in Hospitalized Adults: A Seven-Year Retrospective Study
    Elliott Russell, BS; Sydney Tardrew, BA; Michael G. Ison, MD MS, FIDSA
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  • Retrospective Cohort Study of the Efficacy of Azithromycin Versus Doxycycline as Part of Combination Therapy in Non-Intensive Care Unit Veterans Hospitalized with Community-Acquired Pneumonia
    Justin Spivey, PharmD, BCPS; Heather Sirek, PharmD; Robert Wood, PharmD, BCPS; Kalpit Devani, MD; Billy Brooks, DrPH, MPH; Jonathan Moorman, MD, PhD, FACP
    Co-circulation of Rhinovirus A and C during the EV-D68 Epidemic Period
    Amy Callear, MPH; Sydney Foote, BS; Hannah E Segaloff, MPH; Duane Newton, PhD; Nicole S. Stroufe, MD; Helena Wang-Flores, DO; Terri Stillwell, MD; Marc Hershenson, MD; Emily T. Martin, MPH, PhD
    Epidemiology and Outcomes of Mild-Moderate Immunosuppressed (MMI) Patients with Pneumonia
    Deeter Neumann, PharmD; Tejal Gandhi, MD; Scott Flanders, MD; Anna Conlon, PhD; Anurag Malani, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA; Jerod Nagel, PharmD, BCPS
    Incidence and Organism Specific Mortality Associated with Healthcare Associated Pneumonia Over a Six Year Period
    Gina Maki, D.O.; Yuan Xin, MPH; Nikhath Zeeshan, MD; Anthony Harris, MD; Steven J. Lawrence, M.D., M.Sc.; Andrew Masica, MD, MSCI; Lois Lamerato, PhD; Marcus Zervos, MD
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  • Evaluation of the Duration of Antimicrobial Therapy for Community-Acquired Pneumonia at a Large Academic Medical Center
    Lucy Hahn, PharmD; Norman Mang, PharmD; Jessica Ortwine, PharmD; Wenjing Wei, PharmD; Bonnie Prokesch, MD; Anita Hegde, MD
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  • Impact of Appropriate Empiric Antibiotic Therapy on Outcomes in Patients with Pneumonia and Positive Blood versus Respiratory Cultures
    Abhishek Deshpande, MD, PhD; Sandra S. Richter, MD; Sarah Haessler, MD; Kyle Brizendine, MD; Peter Lindenauer, MD, MSc; Pei-Chun Yu, MS; Marya D. Zilberberg, MD, MPH; Peter Imrey, PhD; Thomas Higgins, MD, MBA; Michael Rothberg, MD, MPH
    Characteristics of Patients Clinically Diagnosed with Respiratory Syncytial Virus Infection in the United States: a Retrospective Database Analysis.
    Veronique Wyffels, PharmD; Maartje Smulders, MSc; Sandra Gavart, MSc MBA; Roman Fleischhackl, MD; Hemanth Kanakamedala, BSc; Debasish Mazumder, PhD; Nikhil Gupta, BTech; Jonathan Nguyen-Van-Tam, DM
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  • A Novel Ordinal Endpoint is Proposed to Evaluate Clinical Status Over Time in Hospitalized Patients with Influenza
    Lesley Butler, PhD; Nitya Mathew, MS; Yifeng Chia, PhD; Elizabeth Newton, PhD; Priya Kulkarni, PhD; Jessie Randhawa, MD; Barry Clinch, PhD; Jorge Tavel, MD
    Etiology of Community-Acquired Pneumonia and Antibiotic Susceptibility in Hospitalized Patients 50 Years Old and above in a Tertiary Care Hospital in Mexico City: 2010-2016. 
    Edgar Ortiz-Brizuela, M.D.; M. Lourdes Guerrero, M.D., M.Sc.; Alfredo Ponce-De-León-Garduño, MD; Hilda Ortega-Gallegos, BA; Guillermo Ruiz-Palacios, MD, FIDSA
    Clinical Outcomes of Hospital-Acquired and Healthcare-Associated Pneumonia with and without Empiric Vancomycin in a Non-critically Ill Population
    Wenxi Liu, Pharm.D.; Dusten Rose, Pharm.D., BCPS (AQ-ID), AAHIVP; Theresa Jaso, Pharm.D., BCPS (AQ-ID); Brady Helmink, Pharm.D., BCPS; Kristin Mondy, MD
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  • Ceftaroline Fosamil for the Treatment of Intensive Care Unit Patients With Pneumonia: CAPTURE Study Experience
    Michael Nowak, PharmD; Jennifer M. Hayes, PharmD; Angelina Jiang, MS; Keith S. Kaye, MD, MPH; George Udeani, PharmD, DSc, FCP, FCCP
    Severe Influenza; Greece 2016-2017: Vaccine Failures in Type A Influenza and Risk Factors for Poor Outcome
    Theodore Lytras, MD, MPH; Agoritsa Baka, MD; Anastasia Andreopoulou, MSc; Elisavet Mouratidou, RN, MSc; Ourania Kalkouni, MD; Theano Georgakopoulou, MD, MPH, PhD; Sotirios Tsiodras, MD, MSc, PhD, FIDSA
    Epidemiologic Risk, Influenza Subtype, Clinical Severity and Viral Shedding as a Function of Baseline Influenza A Viral Load
    Christina Schofield, MD FACP, FIDSA; Wei-Ju Chen, PhD; Mary Fairchok, MD; Ryan Maves, MD, FCCP, FIDSA; John Arnold, MD; Patrick Danaher, MD, FIDSA; Robert Deiss, MD; Tahaniyat Lalani, MD; Michael Rajnik, MD; Timothy Burgess, MD, MPH; Eugene Millar, PhD; Christian Coles, PhD
    Evaluation of the Use of a Respiratory PCR Panel for De-Escalating Atypical Antibiotic Coverage
    Alexandria Hatzileris, Pharm.D.; Clinton Holder, MD; William Braun, Pharm.D.
    Incidence and Predictors of Fluoroquinolone-Associated Adverse Tendon Events among Veterans Affairs Patients with Community Acquired Bacterial Pneumonia
    Nimish Patel, PharmD, PhD; Jeffrey Clark, PharmD; Jacob Murray, PharmD; Jennifer Bowles, PharmD; Thomas P. Lodise Jr., PharmD, PhD
    Mycoplasma pneumoniae spread, persistence and resistance. Lessons from a single urban area
    Ayelet Michael-Gayego, PhD; Gal Almogy, PhD; Sharon Amit, MD PhD; Lewi Stone, PhD; Allon Moses, MD; Ran Nir-Paz, MD
    Clinical and laboratory findings between Legionella and Non-Legionella pneumonia in a Veteran population
    Shruti Puri, M.D.; Monique B. Kelly, Ph.D.; Jon D. Walker, Ph.D.; Cornelius J. Clancy, M.D.; Brooke K. Decker, MD, CIC
    Etiology and clinical characteristics of influenza-like illness in healthy adults by hospitalization status
    Ryan Maves, MD, FCCP, FIDSA; Wei-Ju Chen, PhD; Mary Fairchok, MD; Christina Schofield, MD FACP, FIDSA; John Arnold, MD; Patrick Danaher, MD, FIDSA; Robert Deiss, MD; Tahaniyat Lalani, MD; Michael Rajnik, MD; Leslie Malone, MS, MB(ASCP)CM; Elena Grigorenko, PhD; Donald Stalons, MPH, PhD, D(ABMM); Timothy Burgess, MD, MPH; Eugene Millar, PhD; Christian Coles, PhD
    High prevalence of macrolide resistant Mycoplasma pneumoniae among middle age pneumonia in Japan.
    Konosuke Morimoto, M.D., Ph.D.; Motoi Suzuki, M.D., Ph.D.; Lay-Mint Yoshida, MD; Le Nhat Minh, MD; Koya Ariyoshi, MD.PhD
    Effect of Stenotrophomonas maltophilia Treatment on Pulmonary Function in Pediatric Patients
    Maren Cowley, PharmD; Ana Nicho, PharmD; Elizabeth Hand, PharmD, BCPS
    Prevalence of Streptococcus dysgalactiae and Microbial Codetection in Patients Presenting with Pharyngitis
    Paul Dawson, MS; Leslie Malone, MS, MB(ASCP)CM; Elena Grigorenko, PhD
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  • Risk Predictive Markers for Severe Community-Acquired Pneumonia in Hospitalized Elderly Patients
    M. Lourdes Guerrero, MD, MS; Maria Barbara Castro-Corrales, MD; Mario Gonzalez-Gamez, MD; Hilda Ortega-Gallegos, BA; Kenia Melina Escobedo-Lopez, BS; Nora K. Mora-Suarez, BS; Monica Reyes-Romero, BS; Stefan Sieber-Acuña, MD; Mariana Luna-Lopez, MD; Maura Cecilia Gonzalez-Guerrero, MD; Arturo Galindo-Fraga, MD, MS; Alfredo Ponce-De-Leon, MD; Guillermo Ruiz-Palacios, MD, FIDSA
    Smoking and Opportunistic Infections Contribute to High Rates of Respiratory Symptoms Among HIV-Infected Smokers
    Matifadza Hlatshwayo, MD, MPH; Ageline Sahagun, Bachelor of Science; Jeffrey Atkinson, MD; Rachel Presti, MD, PhD
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