Poster Abstract Session:
131. Bacteremia and Endocarditis
Friday, October 5, 2018: 12:30 PM-1:45 PM
Room: S Poster Hall

Tracks: Pediatric ID, Investigative ID, Adult ID

Riad Khatib, MD; Mamta Sharma, MD, FIDSA; Mohamad G. Fakih, MD, MPH, FIDSA, FSHEA; Kathleen Riederer, MT; Leonard Johnson, MD
Evaluation of the Clinical Efficacy and Safety of Oral Antibiotic Therapy for Streptococcusspp. Bloodstream Infections
Amy Kang, PharmD; Cynthia Bor, BS; Jamie Chen, BS; Michelle Gandawidjaja, BA; Emi Minejima, PharmD
Epidemiology of Pneumococcal Bacteremia in a Large Tertiary Center
Aristotle Asis, MD; Esmeralda Gutierrez-Asis, MD; Ali Hassoun, MD FIDSA FACP
Clinical implications of emerging nonvaccine-serotype invasive pneumococcal disease among adults in the Republic of Korea in the era of protein conjugated pneumococcal vaccine
Jong Hun Kim, MD; Seung Hee Baik, MD; Joon Young Song, MD; In-Gyu Bae, MD; Hyo Youl Kim, MD, PhD; Dong-Min Kim, MD; Young Hwa Choi, MD, PhD; Won Suk Choi, MD, PhD; Y.H. Jeong, MD; Hyun Hee Kwon, M.D; Hye Won Jeong, M.D. Ph.D.; Yeon-Sook Kim, MD; Jeong Yeon Kim, M.D., Ph.D.; Jacob Lee, M.D.; Sae Yoon Kee, MD; Jin-Won Chung, MD; Moon H. Nahm, MD; Min-Ja Kim, MD., Ph.D
Babak Hooshmand, MD; Rebecca Witherell, MD; Kathleen Riederer, MT; Leonard Johnson, MD; Riad Khatib, MD
  • Hooshmand SJPHs.pdf (282.6 kB)
  • Etiology of sepsis; a systematic review of Emergency Department sepsis
    Ashley Husebye, MD; Caitlin Baxter, MBBS; Elizabeth Wesenberg, MT(ASCP); Glen Hansen, PhD
  • Husebye Bacteremia Poster .pdf (960.3 kB)
  • Cluster Analysis to define Distinct Clinical Phenotypes Among septic patients with bloodstream infections
    M Cristina Vazquez Guillamet, MD; Michael Bernauer, PharmD; Scott Micek, PharmD; Marin Kollef, MD, FACP, FCCP
    VENOUS 1: A Prospective Multicenter Cohort Study of Enterococcal Bacteremia
    German Contreras, MD MSc; Jose M Munita, MD; Katherine C. Reyes, MD, MPH; Pranoti Sahasrabhojane, MS; Helina Misikir, MPH; Heather Garza, MSc; Marcus J Zervos, MD; Samuel L. Aitken, PharmD; Samuel A. Shelburne, MD, PhD; Cesar Arias, MD, PhD, FIDSA
  • IDWEEK_Venous1.pdf (200.5 kB)
  • Effectiveness of Oral Antibiotics for Definitive Therapy of Gram-positive Bloodstream Infections
    Danya Roshdy, PharmD; Nick Quinn, PharmD; Jamie Sebaaly, PharmD; Megan Templin, MS; David Weinrib, MD
  • IDweek 2018 poster dgr.pdf (277.8 kB)
  • Sepsis and secondary hemophagocytic lymphohistiocytosis
    Farhan Fazal, MBBS, MD; Naveet Wig, MD; Manish Soneja, MD Medicine; Dipendra K Mitra, MD; Sk Panda, MD; Gita Satpathy, MD; Naval Kishore Vikram, MD; R.M Pandey, MD; P.K Chaturvedi, MD
    Group B streptococcus bacteremia in non-pregnant adults in a tertiary care hospital between 2008 and 2017 in Korea
    Jeong Eun Lee, MD; Sun Hee Lee, MD, PhD; Shinwon Lee, MD; Kye-Hyung Kim, MD; Soon Ok Lee, MD; YongKi Sim, MD
    If Blood Cultures Were Not Done Before Starting Antibiotics, Is It of Any Value to Obtain Them Later?
    Kenneth Rand, MD; Stacy Beal, MD; Brandon Allen, MD; Thomas Payton, MD; Gloria Lipori, MT, MBA; Kimberly Rivera, n/a
  • IDWeek 2018 Poster ver2.pdf (583.9 kB)
  • Microbiology and Outcome of Bloodstream Infections in Children with Intestinal Failure
    Talal Seddik, MD; Yvonne Maldonado, MD, FIDSA, FPIDS; Colleen Nespor, RN, CNS; John Kerner, MD; Hayley A. Gans, MD, FPIDS
    Alison G. Freifeld, MD; Andrea Zimmer, MD; Christopher Arnold, MD; John W. Baddley, MD; Pranatharthi Chandrasekar, MD; Zeinab El Boghdadly, MBBCh; Eileen K. Maziarz, MD; Jose G. Montoya, MD, FIDSA; Steven Pergam, MD, MPH, FIDSA; Kenneth V. Rolston, MD; Gowri Satyanarayana, MD; Shmuel Shoham, MD; Lynne Strasfeld, MD; Randy Taplitz, MD; Thomas J. Walsh, MD, PhD; Jo-Anne Young, MD; Yuning Zhang, Ph.D; Jane Meza, PhD
    Impact of Enterococcal Bloodstream Infection on Mortality in Patients with Acute Myelogenous Leukemia
    Julia Messina, MD; Marion Hemmersbach Miller, MD, PhD; Anthony Sung, MD; Barbara D. Alexander, MD, MHS; Nelson Chao, MD, MBA
  • IDSA Poster_9-26-18(1) .pdf (162.3 kB)
  • Prevalence of bacteremia/fungemia and pneumonia in remission induction chemotherapy for adult acute myeloid leukemia from 1987 to 2005: Japan Adult Leukemia Study Group (JALSG).
    Hideaki Kato, MD; Hiroyuki Fujita, MD; Nobu Akiyama, MD; Shun-Ichi Kimura, MD; Nobuhiro Hiramoto, MD; Naoko Hosono, MD; Tsutomu Takahashi, MD; Kazuyuki Shigeno, MD; Hitoshi Minamiguchi, MD; Junichi Miyatake, MD; Hiroshi Handa, MD; Yoshinobu Kanda, MD; Minoru Yoshida, MD; Shuichi Miyawaki, MD; Shigeki Ohtake, MD; Tomoki Naoe, MD; Hitoshi Kiyoi, MD; Itaru Matsumura, MD; Yasushi Miyazaki, MD
    Treatment outcomes for Enterococcus faecium bacteremia in solid organ transplant patients: implications for daptomycin
    Nicholas J Mercuro, PharmD; Rachel M Kenney, PharmD; George Alangaden, MD, FIDSA; Susan L Davis, PharmD
    Injection Drug Use-associated Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia in a Large Urban Hospital in Atlanta, Georgia
    David P. Serota, MD; Colleen Kelley, MD, MPH; Jesse T. Jacob, MD; Susan M. Ray, MD, FIDSA; Marcos C. Schechter, MD; Russell Kempker, M.D., M.Sc.
  • Serota ID week 2018 poster.pdf (160.7 kB)
  • A controlled-release prescription oral opioid can prolong S. aureus survival in injection drug preparation equipment and potentially increase bacteremia risk
    Katherine Kasper, PhD; Iswarya Manoharan, MD; Dresden Glockler-Lauf, MPH; Laura Ball, BSc, MPH; Brian Hallam, BA; Sharon Koivu, MD; John McCormick, PhD; Michael Silverman, MD, FRCP, FACP
    First Episode Infective Endocarditis in Persons Who Inject Drugs (PWIDs); a retrospective cohort study
    Laura Rodger, MD; Dresden GlockerLauf, MPH; Esfandiar Shojaei, MD; Adeel Sherazi, MD; Brian Hallam, BA; Laura Ball, BSc, MPH; Sharon Koivu, MD; Kaveri Gupta, MD, FRCP; Seyed Hosseini-Moghaddam, MD; Michael Silverman, MD, FRCP, FACP
    Trends in Infective Endocarditis During the Substance Use Disorder Epidemic at an Academic Medical Center
    Craig A. Martin, PharmD, MBA; Donna R. Burgess, RPh; Katie L. Wallace, PharmD, BCPS; Jeremy Vanhoose, PharmD, BCPS; Sarah Cotner, PharmD, BCPS; David S. Burgess, PharmD, FCCP, FIDP
    Outpatient Parenteral Antimicrobial Therapy (OPAT) in Injection Drug Users (IDUs): Is It Safe?
    Hira Rizvi, MD; Nathalie Baratz, MD; Hind Hadid, MD; Ana C. Bardossy, MD; Erica Herc, MD; Helina Misikir, MPH; Anne Chen, MD; Norman Markowitz, MD; Marcus J Zervos, MD
  • OPAT Poster_ID Week_Final.pdf (538.3 kB)
  • Outcome of Candida Graft Vascular Infection: results from a prospective cohort
    Thomas Caulier, MD; Olivier Robineau, MD; Armelle Pasquet, MD; Pier-Vito D'Elia, MD; Barthelemy Lafon-Desmurs, MD; Olivier Leroy, MD; Serge Alfandari, MD; Eric Senneville, MD, PhD
    Risk Predictive Model for Candida Endocarditis in Patients with Candidemia: A 12-year Experience in a single Tertiary Care Hospital
    Kap Sum Foong, MD; Ryan Kronen, B.A.; Ana S. Salazar, MD; Kevin Hsueh, MD; Charlotte Lin, MD; William Powderly, MD; Andrej Spec, MD
  • IDweek_poster_Sum_1030_V4.pdf (745.6 kB)
  • Nationwide Temporal Trends of Candidemia Incidence over 18 Years within the Veteran Health Administration System
    Hiroyuki Suzuki, MD; Eli Perencevich, MD, MS, FIDSA, FSHEA; Daniel Diekema, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA; Daniel Livorsi, MD, MSc; Marin Schweizer, PhD; Rajeshwari Nair, PhD, MBBS, MPH; Michael Ohl, MD MSPH; Kelly Richardson, PhD; Brice Beck, MA; Bruce Alexander, PharmD; Michihiko Goto, MD, MSCI
    A Case Series of Clostridium septicum Aortitis
    Bethany Lehman, DO; Ryan Miller, DO; George Keller, SM (ASCP); Sandra S. Richter, MD; Susan J. Rehm, MD, FIDSA
    Thinking Outside the Bowel - Clostridium difficile Bacteremia Case Series
    Adam Pettigrew, MD; Ripal Jariwala, PharmD; Kristen Zeitler, PharmD; Jose Montero, MD, FACP, FIDSA; Sandra Gompf, MD, FIDSA; John Toney, MD, FACP, FIDSA
  • ID Week Poster TGH 2018v4.pdf (362.2 kB)
  • Differentiation between True Infection and Contamination of Coagulase-Negative Staphylococci by Developing a Prediction Rule.
    Takahisa Fujino, MD; Takahiro Matsuo, MD; Mahbubur Rahman, MD, PhD, MPH; Nobuyoshi Mori, MD
  • CNS_ID week2018_TF_NM.pdf (272.9 kB)
  • Whole Genome Sequencing Analysis of a Large Cohort of Staphylococcus epidermidis Blood Culture Positive Isolates from a Multicenter Clinical Trial
    Rita Wilson Dib, MD; Xiqi Li, MS; Samuel Shelburne, MD, PhD, FIDSA; Anne-Marie Chaftari, MD; Ray Y. Hachem, MD; Ruth Reitzel, PhD; Nylev Vargas-Cruz, BS; Thomas L. Holland, MD; Vance G. Fowler Jr., MD; Issam Raad, MD
    Effect of Oral Step-down Therapy on Readmission Rates in Escherichia coli Bacteremia
    Julia Sessa, PharmD; Kelly M. Conn, PhD, MPH; Lisa Avery, PharmD, BCPS
    Edwardsiella tarda Bacteremia: Epidemiology, Clinical Features, and Outcomes
    Shinya Kamiyama, MD; Akira Kuriyama, MD; Toru Hashimoto, MD
  • ID WEEK 20181005 ver 2.pdf (823.2 kB)
  • Surveillance Blood Cultures Associated With Decreased Mortality in Gram Negative Bacteremia
    Stacey A. Maskarinec, MD, PhD; David Van Duin, MD, PhD; Felicia Ruffin, MSN, RN; Vance G. Fowler Jr., MD; Joshua T. Thaden, MD, PhD
    Comparative Characteristics of Patients with Pseudomonas Bacteremia Receiving Intravenous Only Versus Intravenous Followed by Oral Therapy
    Trung Vu, MD; Linda Yang, PhD; Teri Hopkins, PhD; Christopher R. Frei, PharmD, MSc; Jose Cadena, MD/ID; Elizabeth Walter, MD
    How Do healthcare Providers Approach Empiric Beta-lactam (BL) Treatment of Bloodstream Infections (BSI) Caused by Gram Negative Rods (GNRs)? Analysis of Escherichia coli (Ec) and Klebsiella pneumoniae (Kpn) BSI from the Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
    Roberto Viau, MD; Brigid Wilson, PhD; Scott R. Evans, PhD; Federico Perez, MD, MS; Henry F. Chambers, MD; Vance G. Fowler Jr., MD; Barry N. Kreiswirth, PhD; Robert A. Bonomo, MD
    Evaluation of Early Clinical Failure Criteria for Gram-Negative Bloodstream Infections
    Hana Rac, PharmD; Alyssa Gould, PharmD; P. Brandon Bookstaver, PharmD, FCCP, FIDSA, BCPS, AAHIVP; Julie Ann Justo, PharmD, MS; Joseph Kohn, PharmD, BCPS; Majdi N. Al-Hasan, MBBS
    Aztreonam (AZT) versus cephalosporin (CEP) therapy for the treatment of gram-negative bacteremia
    Sunish Shah, PharmD; Kyle Krevolin, MT; Tiffany Bias, PharmD, BCPS, AAHIVP
    Clinical and Microbiological Characteristics of Patients with Septicemia Caused by IMP-1-Producing Enterobacteriaceae in a Tertiary Hospital in Japan
    Nobuaki Mori, MD; Narito Kagawa, Mr; Kotaro Aoki, Mr; Yoshikazu Ishii, PhD; Kazuhiro Tateda, PhD, MD; Yasuko Aoki, MD
  • IDWeek2018_1046IMPppt.pdf (180.1 kB)
  • Beta-Hemolytic Streptococcal Infective Endocarditis: Characteristics and Outcomes from a Large, Multi-National Cohort
    Nuria Fernandez-Hidalgo, MD; Amal Gharamti, MD; María Luisa Aznar, MD; Vivian H. Chu, MD; Hussein Rizk, MD; Zeina Kanafani, MD
    Outcome and impact of empirical antimicrobial treatment in bacteraemia with Bacteroides species; a retrospective cohort study in a region of southern Sweden
    Johan Tham, MD, PhD; Karolina Kalin, MD; Fredrik Resman, MD, associate professor; Karin Holm, MD, PhD
  • Tham poster.pdf (457.0 kB)
  • Oral Antibiotics for the Treatment of Gram-negative Bloodstream Infections: Prescribing Practices and Outcomes at a Large Academic Medical Center
    Kimberly Claeys, PharmD, BCPS; Nora Loughry, BS; Sanjay Chainani, BS; Surbhi Leekha, MBBS, MPH; Emily Heil, PharmD, BCPS-AQID
  • ID Week 2018 GN PO BSI.pdf (776.6 kB)
  • Increased mortality in bacteremia by Enterobacter species with discordant imipenem and ertapenem susceptibilities
    Andrew Chou, MD; Vittoria Rossi, MS3; Richard Sucgang, PhD; Richard Hamill, MD, FIDSA; Lynn Zechiedrich, PhD; Barbara W. Trautner, MD, PhD, FIDSA
    Do Healthcare Providers De-Escalate Beta-lactam (BL) Antibiotic Therapy Based on Results of Antibiotic Susceptibility Testing (AST)? Analysis of Bloodstream Infections (BSI) Caused by Escherichia coli (Ec) and Klebsiella pneumoniae (Kpn) from the Veterans Health Administration (VHA)
    Roberto Viau, MD; Brigid Wilson, PhD; Scott R. Evans, PhD; Federico Perez, MD, MS; Vance G. Fowler Jr., MD; Henry F. Chambers, MD; Barry N. Kreiswirth, PhD; Robin Patel, MD, FIDSA, D(ABMM); Ritu Banerjee, MD, PhD; Robert A. Bonomo, MD
    Biofilm production and clinical characteristics of S. maltophilia causing persistent or relapsing bacteremia
    Seung Ji Kang, MD; Tae Hoon Oh, MD; Younggon Jung, M.D.; Seong Eun Kim, MD; Uh Jin Kim, MD; Hee-Chang Jang, MD; Kyung-Hwa Park, MD; Sook-In Jung, MD
    Biofilm Formation Among Escherichia coli Bloodstream Infection Isolates is Associated with Source of Bacteremia and Bacterial Sequence Type
    Carolyn Chang, BS; Felicia Ruffin, MSN, RN; Vance G. Fowler Jr., MD; Joshua T. Thaden, MD, PhD
  • cac idweek jtt_final.pdf (1003.7 kB)
  • Epidemiology and Mechanisms of Carbapenem Resistance in Recurrent Extended-Spectrum β-lactamase- Producing Enterobacteriaceae Bacteremia
    Samuel L. Aitken, PharmD; Micah Bhatti, MD, PhD; Pranoti Sahasrabhojane, MS; Jessica Galloway-Pena, PhD; Xiqi Li, MS; Frank P. Tverdek, PharmD; Cagney Reeves, PharmD; Patrick McDaneld, PharmD; David Greenberg, MD, FIDSA; Samuel Shelburne, MD, PhD, FIDSA
    Predicting central nervous system complications in Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia using clinical scoring system
    Chung-Jong Kim, MD, PhD; Kyoung-Ho Song, M.D., Ph.D.; Chang Kyung Kang, MD; Pyeong Gyun Choe, M.D.; Ji Yun Bae, MD; Hee Jung Choi, MD; Younghee Jung, MD; Seung Soon Lee, MD; Wan Beom Park, M.D., Ph.D; Ji Hwan Bang, M.D.; Eu Suk Kim, PhD; Sang Won Park, M.D., Ph.D.; Nam Joong Kim, M.D., Ph.D.; Myoung-Don Oh, M.D., Ph.D.; Hong Bin Kim, M.D., Ph.D.
    Treatment efficacy of ceftriaxone versus cefazolin for methicillin-susceptible Staphylococcus aureus infections
    Kavita Bhavan, MD; Anisha Ganguly, B.S., B.A.; Helen King, MD; Aurelia Schmalstieg, MD; Norman Mang, PharmD; Ryan Collins, PA
    Prognostic Biomarkers for Persistent Bacteremia and Mortality in Complicated S. aureus Bloodstream Infection
    Yi Cao, PhD; Alessander Guimaraes, PhD; Kyu Hong, PhD; Oleg Mayba, phD; Melicent Peck, MD, PhD; Johnny Gutierrez, PhD; Felicia Ruffin, MSN, RN; Montserrat Carrasco-Triguero, PhD; Jason Dinoso, PhD; A Asa Clemenzi-Allen, MD; Catherine Koss, PhD; Stacey A. Maskarinec, MD, PhD; Henry F. Chambers, MD; Vance G. Fowler Jr., MD; Amos Baruch, PhD; Carrie Rosenberger, PhD
  • Cao_IDweek.pdf (2.1 MB)
  • Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia treatment: results from pilot surveillance in four US states.
    Sarah Kabbani, MD MSc; Kelly Jackson, MPH; Lauren Epstein, MD, MSc; Anita Gellert, RN; Carmen Bernu, BS; Rahsaan Overton, MPH; Joelle Nadle, MPH; Ghinwa Dumyati, MD, FSHEA; Ruth Lynfield, MD, FIDSA; Susan M. Ray, MD; Erin Epson, MD; Isaac See, MD
    Risk Factors for Recurrent Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia
    Seong-Ho Choi, MD, PhD; Felicia Ruffin, MSN, RN; Lawrence Park, PhD; Batu K Sharma-Kuinkel, PhD; Maria Souli, MD PhD; Bobby Warren, MPS; Brenda Hansen, M.S.; Felix Mba Medie, PhD; Vance G. Fowler Jr., MD
    Comparison of the Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation (APACHE) II Score and the Pitt Bacteremia Score to Predict Mortality in Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia
    Sarah Jorgensen, PharmD, BCPS, AAHIVP; Evan J. Zasowski, PharmD, MPH; Trang D. Trinh, PharmD, MPH; Abdalhamid M. Lagnf, MPH; Sahil Bhatia, B.S.; Michael J. Rybak, PharmD, MPH, PhD
    Daptomycin/ceftaroline in combination versus vancomycin for the treatment of methicillin resistant Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia
    Matthew Fox, PharmD Candidate; Klarida Zeqollari, PharmD Candidate; Grant Lee, PharmD Candidate; Laura Pontiggia, PhD; Dana Byrne, MD, MSCE; Jessica Adams, PharmD, BCPS, AAHIVP; Madeline King, Pharm D; Lucia Rose, PharmD
  • CEFT_DAPTO_IDWEEK 2018.pdf (439.5 kB)
  • Impact of Rapid Organism Identification and a Standardized Algorithm on Antimicrobial Therapy in Patients with Bacteremia.
    Christina Koutsari, PharmD, PhD, BCPS; Krista Gens, PharmD, BCPS-AQ ID; Jessica Holt, PharmD, BCPS-AQ ID
  • IDWeek 2018 Poster_Koutsari.pdf (240.2 kB)
  • Evaluation of a Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia Treatment Checklist
    Hailey Soukup, PharmD; Jessica Holt, PharmD, BCPS-AQ ID
  • IDweek Poster.pdf (119.1 kB)
  • Adjuvant β-lactam therapy combined with vancomycin for methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) bacteremia: Does β-lactam class matter?
    Thomas J. Dilworth, PharmD; Anthony M Casapao, PharmD; Omar M. Ibrahim, PhD; David M. Jacobs, PharmD; Dana R. Bowers, PharmD; Nicholas D. Beyda, PharmD; Renee-Claude Mercier, PharmD
    Comparative Effectiveness of Nafcillin or Oxacillin, Cefazolin, and Piperacillin/tazobactam in Methicillin-Sensitive Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia
    Maya Beganovic, Pharm.D., MPH; Jaclyn Cusumano, PharmD; Vrishali Lopes, MS; Kerry LaPlante, Pharm.D., FCCP, FIDSA; Aisling Caffrey, PhD, MS
    Evaluation of Cefazolin versus Anti-Staphylococcal Penicillins for the Treatment of Methicillin-Susceptible Staphylococcus aureus Bloodstream Infections in Acutely-Ill Adult Patients: Results of a Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis
    Benjamin J. Lee, PharmD, BCPS; Janie K. Constantino-Corpuz, PharmD Candidate; Kristel Apolinario, PharmD Candidate; Sheila K. Wang, PharmD, BCPS; Barbara Nadler, MS; Marc H. Scheetz, PharmD, MSc, BCPS AQ-ID; Nathaniel J. Rhodes, PharmD, MSc, BCPS
  • IDWeek_2018_Benjamin_Lee.pdf (1.0 MB)
  • Predictive Factors for Metastatic Infection in Patients with Bacteremia Caused by Staphylococcus aureus
    Akihiro Shimizu, MD; Tetsuya Horino, MD; Yumiko Hosaka, MD; Tokio Hoshina, MD; Kazuhiko Nakaharai, MD; Kwangyeol Lee, MD; Makiko Miyajima, MD; Yasushi Nakazawa, MD; Masaki Yoshida, MD; Hiroshi Yoshida, MD; Seiji Hori, MD
  • poster 1069.pdf (339.7 kB)
  • Epidemiological and Clinical Features of Panton-Valenton Leukocidin Positive Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia: a Case-Control Study
    Humera Kausar, MD; Stephen Smith, BA; Ming Da Qu, MD; Peter G Lazar, BS; Aimee Kroll-Desrosiers, MS; Bruce Barton, PhD; Doyle V Ward, PhD; Richard T Ellison III, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA
  • Kausar idsa FINAL 092518.pdf (492.5 kB)
  • Impact of Standard versus Prolonged Courses of Antibiotics for the Treatment of Uncomplicated Staphylococcus aureus Bacteremia (SAB) in Patients with Hematologic Malignancies
    Edna Cheung, PharmD; Matt G. McKenzie, PharmD; Lydia Benitez Colon, PharmD, BCOP; Keith S. Kaye, MD, MPH; Lindsay Petty, MD; Emily T. Martin, MPH, PhD; Bernard L. Marini, PharmD, BCOP; Anthony J. Perissinotti, PharmD, BCOP; Gregory Eschenauer, PharmD, BCPS; Cesar Alaniz, PharmD; Katie L. Wallace, PharmD, BCPS; Twisha S. Patel, PharmD, BCPS
  • IDWeek Poster_SAB_final.pdf (578.2 kB)
  • Streamlining to oral beta-lactam versus fluoroquinolone as definitive therapy for Enterobacteriaceae bacteremia
    Karen Fong, PharmD, AAHIVP; Yanina Dubrovskaya, PharmD, BCPS (AQ-ID), AAHIVP; Justin Siegfried, PharmD, BCPS; John Papadopoulos, BS, PharmD, FCCM, BCCCP, BCNSP; Vinh Pham, MD, PhD; Shin-Pung (Polly) Jen, PharmD, BCPS (AQ-ID), AAHIVP
  • IDWeek Poster FINAL.pdf (190.5 kB)
  • Predictors of Vancomycin Switch or Escalation in Patients with Methicillin-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Bloodstream Infection
    Abdalhamid M. Lagnf, MPH; Sarah Jorgensen, PharmD, BCPS, AAHIVP; Evan J. Zasowski, PharmD, MPH; Trang D. Trinh, PharmD, MPH; Sahil Bhatia, B.S.; Susan L Davis, PharmD; Michael J. Rybak, PharmD, MPH, PhD
    Management and Outcomes of Infective Endocarditis due to Nutritionally Variant Streptococci
    Madiha Fida, MD; Tarab Mansoor, MBBS; Omar Abu Saleh, MD; Ahmed Hamdi, MD; Daniel C. Desimone, MD; Walter R. Wilson, MD, FIDSA; James Steckelberg, MD, FIDSA; Larry M. Baddour, MD; M. Rizwan Sohail, MD
    What is the positivity delay of blood cultures in Infective Endocarditis?
    Nahema Issa, MD; Olivia Peuchant, MD, PhD; Raphael Lecomte, MD; Irene Machelart, MD; Carine Greib, MD; Gaetane Wirth, MD; Fabrice Camou, MD
  • POSTER HEMOC IDWEEK 2018.pdf (818.0 kB)
  • Heart transplantation as salvage treatment for intractable infective endocarditis
    Pierre Tattevin, MD, PHD; Patricia Muñoz, PhD; Asuncion Moreno, PhD; Guillaume Hékimian, MD; François Delahaye, MD, PhD; Xavier Duval, MD, PhD; María Ángeles Castel, MD; Barbara Hasse, MD; Natalia Jamarillo, MD; Josip Vincelj, MD, PhD; Dannah Wray, MD; Carlos Mestres, MD, PhD; Jose Miro, MD, PhD
  • ID week 1077.pdf (447.3 kB)
  • When does a Trans-Esophageal Echocardiogram (TEE) change management of Staphylococcus aureus bacteremia (SAB)?
    John Lam, MD; Stephen Robinson, MD; Daniel Gregson, MD; Ranjani Somayaji, M.D.; John Conly, MD; Lisa Welikovitch, MD; Michael Parkins, MD
    Meta-Analysis of Survival Outcomes in People who Inject Drugs after Cardiac Surgery for Infective Endocarditis
    David Goodman-Meza, MD, MAS; Robert E. Weiss, PhD; Sebastián Gamboa, MS; Abel Gallegos, MS; Raphael J. Landovitz, MD, MSc; Alex A. T. Bui, PhD; Matthew B. Goetz, MD; Steven Shoptaw, PhD
    Long-term prognosis of 448 Infectious Endocarditis followed by an Endocarditis team
    Fabrice Camou, MD; Carine Greib, MD; Irène Machelart, MD; Marina Dijos, MD; Claire Cornolle, MD; Laurent Barandon, MDPhD; Olivia Peuchant, MD, PhD; Gaetane Wirth, MD; Nahema Issa, MD
  • POSTER EI IDWEEK 2018.pdf (548.2 kB)
  • Nocardia cyriacigeorgica Endocarditis
    Nikhil Bhayani, MD, FIDSA; Jaclyn Priest, PharmD
    Enterococcal Cardiac Implantable Electronic Device (CIED) Infections: Clinical Features and Outcomes.
    Timothy S Oh, BS; James E Peacock Jr., MD; Katherine Le, MD; M Rizwan Sohail, MD; Larry M Baddour, MD; Holenarasipur R Vikram, MD; Jose M Miro, MD, PhD; Jordan M Prutkin, MD, MHS; Arnold J Greenspon, MD; Roger G Carrillo, MD; Stephan B Danik, MD; Christoph K Naber, MD, PhD; Elisabeth Blank, MD; Chi-Hong Tseng, PhD; Daniel Z Uslan, MD
    Impact of Systematic Thoraco-Abdomino-Pelvic CT Scan on the Diagnosis of Infective Endocarditis
    Raphaël Lecomte, PhD; Nahema Issa, MD; Paul Le Turnier, resident; Benjamin Gaborit, MD; Colin Deschanvres, MD; Nathalie Asseray, MD, PhD; Fabrice Camou, MD; David Boutoille, MD, PhD
  • IDWEEK TDM TAP EI.pdf (2.9 MB)
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