Poster Abstract Session:
230. Diagnostics: Mycology
Saturday, October 6, 2018: 12:30 PM-1:45 PM
Room: S Poster Hall

Tracks: Pediatric ID, Epidemiology and Infection Control, Adult ID

Predictors of 6-week mortality in patients with positive bronchoalveolar lavage (BAL) galactomannan (GM).
Zoe Weiss, MD; Nour Ismail, MD; Audrey Le, MD; David W. Kubiak, PharmD, BCPS {AQ ID}; Dimitrios Farmakiotis, MD, FACP; Sophia Koo, MD, FIDSA
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  • Incorporating T2Candida testing into rational antifungal (AF) management: A successful pilot study of diagnostic stewardship (DS) directed toward specific intensive care unit (ICU) patients (pts) at-risk for sepsis due to invasive candidiasis (IC)
    Ryan K. Shields, PharmD; Cornelius J. Clancy, M.D.; Rachel V. Marini, PharmD; Lara Groetzinger, PharmD; Ryan Rivosecchi, PharmD; Bonnie Falcione, PharmD, BCPS AQ-ID; Anthony Pasculle, ScD; M. Hong Nguyen, MD
    Natural Antibodies Affects the Formation of Titan Cells in Cryptococcus neoformans in vitro
    Nuria Trevijano Contador, PhD Biology; Liise-Anne Pirofski, MD, FIDSA
    Plasma (1→3)-β-D-Glucan Levels correlate with Neurocognitive Functioning in HIV infected Adults
    Martin Hoenigl, MD; Scott Letendre, MD; Malcolm Finkelman, MD; Sara Gianella, MD
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  • Utilization of the T2 Magnetic Resonance in the Early Detection of Invasive Candidiasis
    Sonal Patel, PharmD, BCPS; David Behrman, MD (2021); Andrew Chao, MD; Allison McMullen, PhD; Jose Vazquez, MD, FACP, FIDSA; Arni Sr Srinivasa Rao, PhD
    Invasive Mucormycosis Management: Mucorales PCR Provides Important, Novel Diagnostic Information
    Kyle Wilgers, BS; Joel Waddell, DO; Aaron Tyler, BS; Michelle Altrich, PhD; Allyson Hays, MD; Steve Kleiboeker, PhD; Dwight Yin, MD, MPH; Mark Wissel, PhD
    New York State 2016-2018: Progression from Candida auris Colonization to Bloodstream Infection
    Karen Southwick, MD, MSc; Eleanor H. Adams, MD, MPH; Jane Greenko, RN, MPH, CIC; Belinda Ostrowsky, MD, MPH; Rafael Fernandez, MPH; Rutvik Patel, MSW; Monica Quinn, RN, MS, CIC; Snigdha Vallabhaneni, MD, MPH; Ronald Jean Denis, BS; Richard Erazo, BS; Sudha Chaturvedi, PhD; Valerie B. Haley, PhD; Lynn Leach, MS; Yan Chun Zhu, MS; Rosalie Giardina, BS; Emily C. Lutterloh, MD, MPH; Debra S. Blog, MD, MPH
    Impact of T2 Candida Panel on Species Specific Anti-fungal De-escalation
    Zohra Chaudhry, MD; Amit Vahia, M.D., M.P.H.; Sally Askar, MPH; Noman Hussain, MD; Mujtaba Hameed, BS*; George Alangaden, MD, FIDSA
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  • T2-Candida (T2MR) versus Beta-D-Glucan (BDG) for Preemptive Antifungal Stewardship in the Intensive Care Unit (ICU)
    Christian Gill, PharmD; Laura Hencken, PharmD, BCCCP; Mark Mlynarek, RPh, BCPS; George Alangaden, MD, FIDSA; Linoj Samuel, PhD., D(ABMM); Rachel Kenney, PharmD; Susan L Davis, PharmD
    Utility of Serum Beta-D Glucan Assay for Diagnosis of Invasive Fungal Infections in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients
    Prakhar Vijayvargiya, MD; Zerelda Esquer Garrigos, MD; Omar Abu Saleh, MD; Mark P. Wilhelm, MD, FIDSA; Raymund R. Razonable, MD, FIDSA; M Rizwan Sohail, MD
    Pitfalls in the use of MALDI TOF Mass Spectrometry for the Identification of problematic yeast isolates from a historical collection.
    Monica Pachar, Medical Doctor; Violeta Chavez, PhD; Jose Rodriguez, MT; John Rex, MD; Peter Pappas, MD; Audrey Wanger, PhD; Luis Ostrosky-Zeichner, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA
    FungiScope™ – News on the Global Emerging Fungal Infection Registry
    Danila Seidel, PhD; Philipp Koehler, MD; Sibylle Mellinghoff, MD; Maria J. G. T. Vehreschild, MD; Jon Salmanton García, MSc; Hilmar Wisplinghoff, MD; Janne Vehreschild, Prof. Dr. med.; Oliver A. Cornely, MD
    Comparison Between Endpoint and Real-Time (RT) Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) for the Diagnosis of Pneumocystis Pneumonia (PCP)
    Shiwei Zhou, MD; Carol A. Kauffman, MD; Michael A. Bachman, MD, PhD; Marisa H. Miceli, MD
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  • Pneumocystis jiroveci Detection by Nested PCR in HIV-Infected Peruvian Patients
    Jimmy Camargo, MD; Beatriz Bustamante, MD; Edgar Neyra, PhD; Theresa Ochoa, MD; Fiorela Alvarez, MD; Coralith Garcia, PhD
    Plasma Next-Generation Sequencing for Pathogen Detection in Pediatric Patients at Risk for Invasive Fungal Infection
    Amy Armstrong, MD; Jenna Rossoff, MD; Romielle Aquino, BA; Desiree Hollemon, MSN, MPH; David Hong, MD; Sonali Chaudhury, MD; William Muller, MD, PhD
    Detection of Candida auris Among Previously Unidentified Yeasts Isolated from Ear Discharge Specimens in Japan
    Shigekazu Iguchi, MD, PhD; Ryo Mizushima, MD; Keisuke Kamada, MD; Yasutomo Itakura, MD; Atsushi Yoshida, MD, PhD, DTM&H; Yutaka Uzawa, M.T; Yuko Arai, MT; Takashi Umeyama, PhD; Yoshitsugu Miyazaki, MD, PhD; Tsuyoshi Sekizuka, PhD; Makoto Kuroda, PhD; Kouichi Makimura, MD, PhD; Ken Kikuchi, MD, PhD
    Performance of the Biofire Filmarray Meningitis/Encephalitis Panel in Cryptococcal Meningitis Diagnosis
    Morgan Walker, M.D.; Jeffery Sheets, MT; Diana Hamer, PhD; Catherine O'Neal, MD
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  • Tissue-based molecular diagnostics: A sensitive and specific way for the identification of invasive fungal infections in the combat-related setting
    Anuradha Ganesan, MD, MPH; Faraz Shaikh, MS; Philip Peterson, MD; William P. Bradley, MS; Brian Johnson, BS; Denise Bennett, MS; Leigh Carson, MS; Teresa Merritt, BS; Kevin S. Akers, MD, FIDSA; Justin Wells, MD; Ralf Bialek, MD; David R. Tribble, MD, DrPH; Brian Wickes, PhD
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  • Physician Responses to Positive Rapid Diagnostic Tests for Candida Fungemia in the Absence of Concomitant Positive Blood Cultures
    Tanaya Bhowmick, MD; Laura Jones, BS; Thomas Kirn, MD, PhD; Navaneeth Narayanan, PharmD, BCPS; Melvin Weinstein, MD
    Utility of Aspergillus Galactomannan Assay in Allogeneic Stem Cell Transplant Recipients
    Sabeen Dagher, PharmD; Katherine Medley, PharmD; Nina Haste, PharmD, PhD; Randy Taplitz, MD

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