Poster Abstract Session:
57. Global Health and Travel Medicine
Thursday, October 4, 2018: 12:30 PM-1:45 PM
Room: S Poster Hall

Tracks: Adult ID, Epidemiology and Infection Control, Global ID, HIV-STD-TB, Investigative ID, Pediatric ID, Trainee, Transplant ID

Babesiosis: Retrospective Review of 38 Cases from Upper Midwest
Madiha Fida, MD; Ahmed Hamdi, MD; Omar Abu Saleh, MD; John O'Horo, MD, MPH
Brucellosis Regimens Comparison in a Saudi Tertiary Academic Medical Center
Mai Alalawi, PharmD; Lana Basudan, PharmD; Shahad Alhejaili, PharmD; Rawan Al-Madfaa, PharmD; Khalid Eljaaly, PharmD, MS, BCPS; Abrar Thabit, PharmD, BCPS
Ten-year experience of Burkholderia pseudomallei infections in a Singapore Tertiary Hospital
Mark Mau Shin Poh, -; Justin Shuang Liu, -; Monica Chan, BMBS, BMedSci, MRCP, MCI; Yee-Sin Leo, MPH, FAMS, FRCP; Shawn Vasoo, MBBS, MRCP, D(ABIM), D(ABP)
Southern Arizona Town: Homes colonized by Kissing Bugs. Is Chagas Disease Being Transmitted?
Norman Beatty, MD; Nicole Bradley-Behrens, PhD; Maria Love, BS; Shannon Smith, MBA; Nafees Ahmad, PhD; Stephen Klotz, MD
Chikungunya in Solid Organ Transplant Recipients, a case series and literature review
Fernando Rosso, MD; Sarita Rodríguez, MD; Jorge Cedano, MD; Barbara Lucia Mora, MD
Post-chikungunya chronic disease and its impact on quality of life, depression, anxiety, fatigue and sleep quality: results from a 2-year follow-up comparative study of 62 patients in La Virginia, Risaralda, Colombia
Alfonso J Rodriguez-Morales, MD, MSc, DTM&H, FRSTM&H(Lon), FFTM RCPS(Glasg), FACE; Julio Cesar Gutiérrez-Segura, MD; Sabina Ocampo-Serna, MD; Oscar Mauricio Meneses-Quintero, MD; Sergio Andrés Ochoa-Orozco, MD; Diana Marcela Sánchez-Castaño, MD; Karol Liceth Hoyos-Guapacha, BSc; Geraldine Botero-Castaño, BSc; Jairo Daniel Corzo-Romero, BSc; Josie Ximena Erazo-Landázuri, BSc; Diana Fiorella López-Caicedo, BSc; Julian David Montoya-Bernal, BSc; Tomas Franco-Duque, BSc; Jairo Andrés Gonzalez-Ospina, BSc; Mario Marin-Peralta, BSc; Carlos Andrés Ramírez-Arango, BSc; Mario Suárez-Tabares, BSc; Juan Daniel Castrillón-Spitia, MD; José J. Londoño, MD; Héctor D. Bedoya-Rendón, BSc; Javier De Jesús Cárdenas-Pérez, MD; Jaime A. Cardona-Ospina, MD, MSc(c); Carlos J. González-Colonia, MSc; Guillermo J. Lagos-Grisales, MD, MPH
Mobile Phone Access and Comfort: Implications for HIV and Tuberculosis Care in India and South Africa
Sarah N. Cox, MSPH; Jessica Elf, PhD, MPH; Rahul Lokhande, MBBS; Yasmin P. Ogale, MSPH; Lisa DiAndreth, MSN, MPH; Elisa Dupuis, MSN, MPH; Minja Milovanovic, MPsych; Nthabiseng Mpongose, BSocSci; Neil Martinson, MBChB, MD, MPH; Vidya Mave, MD, MPH; Nishi Suryavanshi, PhD; Amita Gupta, MD, MHS; Jonathan E. Golub, PhD, MPH; Jyoti S. Mathad, MD, MSc
The first case reports of leptospirosis and melioidosis in the aftermath of Hurricanes Irma and Maria — Saint Thomas/Saint John District, U.S. Virgin Islands, September-October 2017.
Tai Hunte-Ceasar, M.D., M.S.P.H.; Irene Guendel, Ph.D.; Lisa Laplace Ekpo, M.P.H.; Cosme Harrison, M.P.H.; Brett Ellis, Ph.D.; Michelle Davis, Ph.D.; Esther Ellis, Ph.D.
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    Enhanced Malaria Surveillance in Greece, 2009-2017
    Danai Pervanidou, MD; Maria Tseroni, MSc; Agoritsa Baka, MD; Annita Vakali, MSc; Theano Georgakopoulou, MD, MSc, MPH, PhD; Elina Patsoula, PhD, Teaching and Research Fellow; Evdokia Vassalou, PhD; Vasilis Diamantopoulos, MD; Takis Panagiotopoulos, Prof; Marios Detsis, MD; Kostas Danis, MD; Sotirios Tsiodras, MD, MSc, PhD, FIDSA; Christos Hadjichristodoulou, Prof; Theofilos Rosenberg, Prof
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  • 433
    Impact of Malaria Prophylaxis on Risk of Travelers’ Diarrhea among International Travelers
    Kathryn Lago, DO; Kalyani Telu, MS; David R. Tribble, MD, DrPH; Anuradha Ganesan, MD, MPH; Anjali Kunz, MD; Charla Geist, DO; Jamie Fraser, MPH; Indrani Mitra, MS; Tahaniyat Lalani, MBBS, MHS; Heather Yun, MD, FIDSA
    Neurocysticercosis in Houston
    Megan McKenna, MD; Matthew Stampfl, Medical Student; Timothy Erickson, BS, MSPH; Jose Serpa, MD, MS
    A survey of Schistosomiasis and Strongyloidiasis among Eritrean immigrants to Israel
    Yael Paran, MD; Moaath Slimann, MD; Ronen Ben Ami, MD; David Shasha, MD; Tamar Grossman, PhD
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  • 437
    Spatial distribution of schistosomiasis after repeated praziquantel treatments in a rural community in Brazil
    Rafael Ponce Terashima, MD; Ronald Blanton, MD, MSc; Mitermayer Reis, MD, PhD
    The Masqueraders presenting a multi-system disease: unusual and atypical clinical features of Scrub Typhus in Fukushima, Japan
    Masashi Narita, M.D.; Kiwamu Nakamura, M.D.; Naota Monma, Ph.D; Kazuki Chiba, Ph.D; Rie Suzuki, Senior medical technical staff; Minoru Inoue, M.D.; Hiromi Fujita, Ph.D
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    The results of a primary care-based screening program for Trypanosoma cruzi in East Boston, Massachusetts
    Jennifer Manne-Goehler, MD, DSc, MSc; Jillian Davis, RN; Juan Huanuco Perez, MD; Katherine Collins, BA; Harumi Harakawa, BA; Natasha Hochberg, MD; Davidson Hamer, MD, FIDSA; Elizabeth Barnett, MD; Julia Köhler, MD
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    West Nile virus in humans in Greece, 2010-2017
    Danai Pervanidou, MD; Annita Vakali, MSc; Agoritsa Baka, MD; Theano Georgakopoulou, MD, MSc, MPH, PhD; Kostas Danis, MD; Marios Detsis, MD; Athanasios Tsakris, Prof; Anna Papa, Prof; Sotirios Tsiodras, MD, MSc, PhD, FIDSA; Takis Panagiotopoulos, Prof; Christos Hadjichristodoulou, Prof
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  • 444
    Zika Testing in a Large Academic Center During a Continental US Outbreak
    Lauren Leigh Smith, MD; Sabrina Taldone, MD, MBA; Maria Alcaide, MD; Paola Lichtenberger, MD
    Cross-Reactivity Between Zika and Dengue Virus: A Cross-Sectional Analysis in Rio Grande do Norte, Brazil
    Nilson N. Mendes Neto, MD; Jessika Maia, MD; Marcelo Rodrigues Zacarkim, MD, MS; Igor Thiago Queiroz, MD, PhD; A. Desiree Labeaud, MD, MS; David Aronoff, MD, FIDSA
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    Leveraging Partnerships to Care for Babies Born to Mothers after Maternal Zika Infection - U.S. Virgin Islands (USVI)
    Tai Hunte-Ceasar, M.D., M.S.P.H.; Braeanna Hillman, M.P.H.; Andra Prosper, C.P.T.; Derval Petersen, Ph.D.; Shana Cato, D.O.; Michelle Davis, Ph.D.; Nicole Fehrenbach, M.P.P.; Esther Ellis, Ph.D.
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    Infant microcephaly during the Zika Virus epidemic in Dominican Republic, 2016-2017.
    Farah Peña, MD; Raquel Pimentel, MD; Shaveta Khosla, MPH; Supriya Mehta, MHS, PhD; Maximo Brito, MD, MPH
    Can Electronic Clinical Notes Identify Travelers with Zika?
    Kelly Peterson, MS; Daniel Denhalter, MSPH; Olga V. Patterson, PhD; Makoto Jones, MD, MS
    Post-Hurricane Maria Surveillance for Infectious Diseases in the Veterans Affairs San Juan Medical Center, Puerto Rico
    Gina Oda, MS; Almea Matanock, MD; Jennifer C. Hunter, MPH, DrPH; Anita Patel, PharmD, MS; Satish Pillai, MD, MPH; Timothy Styles, MD, MPH; Sonia Saavedra, MD; Mirsonia Martinez, CIC; Makoto Jones, MD, MS; Carter Mecher, MD; Russell Ryono, Pharm. D.; Mark Holodniy, MD, FIDSA, FSHEA
    Using Geographical Information Systems to Interpret the Efficacy of Mass Drug Administration for Soil-Transmitted Helminthiasis in Rural Madagascar
    Emile Redwood, BA, MD candidate; Liana Langdon-Embry, BA, MD candidate; Annabelle Jones, BS, MD candidate; Benjamin Schwarz, BS, MD candidate; Ando Lvasoa Rakotoniaina, MD; Fara Nantenaina Rakotoarison, Midwife, Mobile Health Team; Andry Andriamiadanarivo, Cartographer; Patricia Wright, PHD; Ines Vigan-Womas, PHD; Peter Small, MD; Luis A. Marcos, MD, MPH
    High Frequency of Multi-Drug Resistant Organisms (MDRO) at University Teaching Hospital (UTH), Lusaka, Zambia
    Brenna Roth, MD, MPH; Alexandra Laps, BS; Kristen Stafford, PhD, MPH; Emily Heil, PharmD, BCPS-AQID; Lottie Hachaambwa, MBChB; Kaunda Yamba, MD, MSc; Mox Kalumbi, MSc; Devang Patel, MD; J. Kristie Johnson, PhD; Cassidy Claassen, MD, MPH
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  • 452
    Spectrum of respiratory pathogens detected by multiplex PCR in a study of respiratory tract infections among travelers
    Satoshi Kutsuna, MD, PhD; Maki Nagashima, PhD; Yuta Toda, Dr; Saho Takaya, MD, MSc; Kei Yamamoto, M.D.; Kayoko Hayakawa, MD, PhD; Norio Ohmagari, MD, MSc, PhD
    Barriers and Facilitators to Control of Hospital Acquired Infections in Jimma, Ethiopia
    Madeline Kenzie, BS; Nasia Safdar, MD, PhD; Alemseged Abdissa, PhD; Daniel Yilma, MD; Dawd Siraj, MD, MPH&TM
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    Epidemiological Surveillance in Points of Care for Refugees/Migrants: the 2016-2017 Experience in Greece
    Kassiani Gkolfinopoulou, RN, MPH, PhD; Theodore Lytras, MD, MPH; Eleni Triantafyllou, MPH; Kassiani Mellou, PHD; Danai Pervanidou, MD, MPH; Ourania Kalkouni, MD; Angeliki Lambrou, RN, MPH, ScD; Anthi Chrysostomou, RN, MSc; Anastasia Andreopoulou, Health Visitor; Stavroula Gouzelou, BSC, MSc, PhD; Panagiotis Katsaounos, BSC; Agoritsa Baka, MD; Sotirios Tsiodras, MD, MSc, PhD, FIDSA; Theano Georgakopoulou, MD, MSc, MPH, PhD; Takis Panagiotopoulos, Prof
    Discrepant Trip Experiences Among Travelers Attending a Tertiary Care Center Family Travel Medicine Clinic.
    Nancy Nashid, MD, FRCPC, FAAP; Jacqueline Wong, MD, FRCPC, FAAP; Lisa G. Pell, PhD, MPH; Michelle Science, MD, MSc, FRCPC; Ray Lam, MN; Debra Louch, RN; Shaun K Morris, MD, MPH, FRCPC, FAAP, DTM&H

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